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Indiscriminate police brutality at Anti-Israel Protests

03-01-2009 21:34

A demonstration that began non-violantly and in high spirits became the scene of chaos and violence as police unleashed indiscriminate violence and brutality against demonstrators in what appears to be a coordinated attack in a tunnel away from public view. Unknown numbers of protestors arrested and numerous injuries including one case requiring hostpital treatment.

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VIDEO: Multiple Israeli air strike on Rafah border with Egypt

03-01-2009 21:20

The e-mail message below from Rafah includes links to two files of videos of the carnage earlier today.

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shrewsbury peace rally Gaza

03-01-2009 21:13

30 minute silence for Gaza

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Gaza invasion starts: Refugee camp with ISMers in it shelled by tanks

03-01-2009 20:44

Ground operation started an hour ago. IMC users fone Gaza. IMSers drive ambulances under shrapnell fire.

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Brighton Demonstration Against Slaughter in Gaza

03-01-2009 20:44

A crowded Churchill Square
One of the largest demonstrations Brighton & Hove have ever seen took place today. Organised by word of mouth and e-mail in a few days, the energy and numbers took us all by surprise.

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Israel is Guilty of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity

03-01-2009 19:48

I cannot and will not respect anyone, especially a colonial population of genocide survivors, who in turn have the nerve to practice genocide. Jewish Nazism is still Nazism, even if brief passages from the Talmud are tucked under the yarmulkes of the murderous gunmen of the IDF.

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Labour councillor addresses Gaza demo 3 jan 2009

03-01-2009 19:46

Afzal Khan, former Labour mayor of Manchester addressed the Gaza demo in Albert square, Manchester today.

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Cambridge shows solidarity with Palestine.

03-01-2009 19:33

Video Braving the freezing weather...
While hundreds of thousands of people across the planet showed their solidarity today with the Palestinians currently being outgunned and massacred by a misguided Israeli government by taking to the streets of many cities, for those that couldn't join the massed ranks of protestors in London, they braved the freezing weather today in the middle of Cambridge to join an extremely well attended vigil.

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Manchester: thousands march in disgust at Israeli attacks

03-01-2009 19:09

3rd January 2009: thousands march through central Manchester in protest against Israeli air strikes on Gaza, and a feared ground offensive. For a pertinent critique of such marches, see

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1988 - 2088: at least 13,341 deaths at the borders of Europe

03-01-2009 18:41

According to the blog Fortress Europe at least 13,341 people have died since 1988 along the european frontiers. Among them 5,131 were missing in the sea. (these are only deaths that were recorded by press agencies, the real number is not known but is certanly higher.)

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Lancaster Gaza Solidarity Protest Sat 3rd Jan

03-01-2009 18:16

All around the world people are taking to the streets in spontaneous outrage against the Israeli state massacre of people in Gaza. In the small northwest English city of Lancaster, people also made their own protest...

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Migrant killed by Morocco police

03-01-2009 17:12

Police in Morocco have shot dead an African migrant who was among 80 people trying to force their way into the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

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Contact Embassies 07941552542

03-01-2009 16:53

There are plans to build a vast animal testing lab and virus containment facility on a Camden council house estate alongside St Pancras Eurostar behind the British Library. Please oppose planning permission by writing to Camden council. Please also ask all European Embassies to oppose planning permission. Will AR Josie Dread please also contact Mandy on 07941552542.

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Portsmouth Free Palestine Demonstration

03-01-2009 16:32

On 3rd of January 2009 about 300 protesters showed up at Guildhall Square in Portsmouth to voice their anger at the Israeli bombing and siege of the Gaza Strip. A raliegh was held with several speakers, two of them Palestinians, followed by a march through the city center to a Tesco's store where leaflets were distributed to shoppers.

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Mass riot outside Israeli embassy, Kensington High street!

03-01-2009 16:04

Get down to Kensington High Street now! There is a mass riot involving thousands of people going on right now and the Israeli embassy is very close to being stormed. This is an event not to be missed!

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Rahabar-i-azam Sir Chhotu Ram - angel for farmer community, said Naresh Kadyan

03-01-2009 15:53

Sir Chhotu Ram became angel for landlord farmer communities & contribute a lot in the research work along with other prominent writers, I salute them & thankfull for their contributions as mentioned below in details... credit goes to them only.The photographs & sketches are assests for us....thanx a ton to those people who save them to pass on to the next generations yet to come.

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Photos: Sheffield Protest Against Gaza Slaughter

03-01-2009 15:34

Hundreds protested and marched through Sheffield on Saturday 3rd January 2009 against the Israeli onslaught against Gaza.

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Support ISM Palestine's work in Gaza and the West Bank

03-01-2009 13:30

***Please circulate widely***

Dear Friends

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Gaza-Demos Friday: 7000 Vienna, 2500 Berlin

03-01-2009 13:29

Angry Gaza Solidarity-Demos. No leftwing support in Germany. Infowar of pro-Israel groups. Berlin pics by Bernd Kudanek

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The Palestinian (PLO) flag

03-01-2009 12:44

Since the latest Israeli airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza, which have killed hundreds of Hamas fighters and dozens of civilians, parts of the British Left have been attending (and calling for) solidarity demonstrations where many protestors carry the Palestinian flag, while some burn the flag of Israel.

The text below, first published on Israel Indymedia, argues against all kinds of nationalism.