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Gaza invasion starts: Refugee camp with ISMers in it shelled by tanks

Johnny Mathis | 03.01.2009 20:44

Ground operation started an hour ago. IMC users fone Gaza. IMSers drive ambulances under shrapnell fire.

At 20:19 a blogger on IMC Germany called his friends in Gaza (Beit Hanoun in the North) as the tanks were moving in, the invasion had just begun and then the line went dead. All other fones he tried down.

Other user called ism in Jabalya, Gaza approx twenty Minutes ago. Jabalya under fire by tanks from outside border. Jabalya is refugee camp 2 qkm, ca. 100 000 inhabs.

No calls possible to ) Beit Janoun and Beit Lahiya.

From 18:14 h:

Activists ask to spread to public that they are accomp ambalances. Ambulances get shelled. Shrapnell into Red Crescent station Djabalja.

Among helpers are following ISM activists:
Alberto Acre (Spain)
Sharon Lock (Australia)

Please notify public that foreign human rights activists drive ambulances.

Johnny Mathis


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