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VIDEO: Multiple Israeli air strike on Rafah border with Egypt

International Solidarity Movement (ISM) Gaza Strip volunteers | 03.01.2009 21:20 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Repression | World

The e-mail message below from Rafah includes links to two files of videos of the carnage earlier today.

A week after 'Operation Cast Lead' began, attacks on the Gaza Strip are continuing. The Israeli military this evening carried out the second multiple air strike on the Rafah border within a week. Shortly after 5.00 pm local time, F-16 fighter jets were heard in the skies over Rafah and then the bombardment began. Four people were killed in this offence which was a repeat of a similar attack carried out on Sunday 28th December.

On both occasions over 10 missiles were fired in quick succession, targeting tunnels which have allowed a certain amount of food and other basic necessities into the besieged Gaza Strip. Residential neighbourhoods lie directly adjacent to the border with Egypt and have been the scene of mass home demolitions in the past. During the past week there have been a number of air strikes on the refugee camps in the border area, destroying several homes.

ISM Gaza Strip volunteers filmed both attacks as they happened:

* 28th December 2008

* 3rd January 2009

International Solidarity Movement (ISM) Gaza Strip volunteers