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Beyond Iran: Gays, Human Rights & the State Dept.

04-08-2005 15:43

Documenting Antigay Human Rights Abuses

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OutRage!- Iranian Embassy demo 11Aug+ latest info.

04-08-2005 15:40

The lastest (Aug4th) Press/News Release from OutRage! regarding the 11 August demo at the Iranian Embassy and update on the info.
Let's see how long this posting remains before some IMC overly PC type deletes it without an explanation.

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Rapier missiles at Dover & Ch' Tunnel

04-08-2005 15:33

'Rapier' misiles have been installed near the Channel Tunnel and the Port of Dover in a 'supposed' training exercise.

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04-08-2005 15:24

against the violence at czechtek
26 kensington palace gardens

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Oil rich Mauritania: Coup against the US and Israel?

04-08-2005 14:12

The US gov't continues to deal with the old President of Mauritania: the oncoming clash is another guerilla war in Africa. Which has been 'robbed blind', but is blamed for not being able to see.

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Jan Benvie reports from Baghdad

04-08-2005 14:08

Jan Benvie is in the middle of the group of 5.
This is an 800 word report from Jan Benvie who is currently in Baghdad with Christian Peacemakers. One photo which features Jan is attached.

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Deportations to Zimbabwe suspended, but...

04-08-2005 13:39

I have just come from the Strand, leaving the Zimbabweans celebrating after the High Courts of Justice kept the moratoria on deportations to Zimbabwe in force until October. But whilst deportations to Zimbabwe have been temporarily suspended, deportations to other countries will now be on the increase.

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Asylum profiteers 'The Angel Group' are being investigated for fraud

04-08-2005 13:36

'The Angel Group' is a corporate housing provider contracted by the Home Office's National Asylum Support Service (NASS) to house refugees. The Angel Group earns millions of pounds annually through government contracts for housing asylum seekers around the country. The Angel Group also sponsor a week long event during Refugee Week in Birmingham called 'Celebrating Sanctuary' to the tune of £50,000.

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Defend Dale Farm: workshop and public strategy meeting

04-08-2005 13:06

Saturday, August 13th, 1 pm, Dale Farm near Basildon in Essex

Basildon council will shortly attempt to demolish homes at Dale farm,
where over 1000 travellers live. The council have budgeted between two and
three million pounds for this. Travellers and their supporters plan to
defend the homes there. For many, this is their last stand. On August
13th, we will be holding a public workshop in defense techniques and
strategy meeting at Dale farm.

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Dictatorship as Economic Advantage: China's Rise

04-08-2005 12:59

"Paul Samuelson questions the theory that existed for 200 years: the theory of free world trade..Wolfgang Hirn shows how China's rise to the omnipotent production nation leads to an increasing deindustrialization.. The 150-year old western dominance is obvikously coming to its end.."

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monsanto patent on pig farming

04-08-2005 12:58

monsanto put in a patent valid in 160 countrys allready, which has to do with pig farming/breeding

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Video Letter to Tony Blair from Loackleaze Day Centre, Bristol

04-08-2005 12:34

Video Some of the participants in the video letter
A short video letter (7mins 23 secs) to Tony Blair from the users of Lockleaze Day Centre, in Bristol. Elderly ad disabled people describe the effects of the Governments new F.A.C.S (Fair Access to Care) scheme is having on their lives.

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Cambridge Social Centre!

04-08-2005 11:41

Demolish this?
An embedded report to come sometime soon, in the meantime here's my personal 'Letter to our Neighbours'...

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04-08-2005 11:37

We have organsied a meeting for anyone who is intrested in getting involved in the Indymedia collective.
the meeting is
6pm Thursday 11th August
at Toxteth TV
37 - 45 Windsor Street
Toxteth, Liverpool
L8 1XE

see map at bottom of home page

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all roads lead to prague/praha

04-08-2005 11:35

as far as we can work out as to what is happening;

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Starvation in Niger: where we come in

04-08-2005 07:56

What has been in the west's involvement in the starvation crisis in Niger, and what can we do to help?

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04-08-2005 06:59

The Exclusion Zone
This map will help you determine where the zone is and its extent.

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Did July 7th bombs explode under trains?

04-08-2005 02:30

Victims of two of the three London tube explosions say the bombs went off under the trains. Their eyewitness accounts appear to contradict the theory that suicide bombers were responsible for killing 39 passengers on London's tube network that day.

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TESCO pickets in solidarity with sacked casual workers

04-08-2005 02:20


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Art Not Oil opens tonight at Oxford House, Bethnal Green

03-08-2005 23:09

indignation – inspiration – creation...solution?

at Oxford House, Derbyshire St., London E2 6HG
Bethnal Green tube