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Deportations to Zimbabwe suspended, but...

chiara lauvergnac | 04.08.2005 13:39 | Migration | Repression

I have just come from the Strand, leaving the Zimbabweans celebrating after the High Courts of Justice kept the moratoria on deportations to Zimbabwe in force until October. But whilst deportations to Zimbabwe have been temporarily suspended, deportations to other countries will now be on the increase.

My joy is shadowed by sorrow. It appears to me, and not to me only, that for people from other nationalities it has now become even more difficult to avoid deportation. According to the logic of numbers, the Home Office will have to pick on other nationalities to meet their quotas for removals.

Angolans seem to be particularly targeted now, and the situation in Angola is the worst one can imagine.
Afghanis also seem to be particularly targeted, currently many are detained in Campsfield awaiting the next chartered flight. See:
Ugandans seem to be particularly targeted, the women are now on their second week on hungerstrike. See:

In saluting this victory for the Zimbabweans I call for us all to be doing more now to support the Ugandans on hungerstrike and to campaign really hard to have deportations suspended to all countries where people's lives are in danger. I really cannot understand how we let this happen in the first place, when they began deporting scores, and then hundreds of people to war torn countries and countries where the worst human rights violations occur. The High Court has shown good will, if only we could influence them to have a moratoria on deportations to other coutries too!

The Zimbabwean hungerstrike is a luminous example of how people can succesfully fight back, hope it does not remain an isolated episode.


chiara lauvergnac