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TESCO pickets in solidarity with sacked casual workers

FWD: C/O SIMON JONES CAMPAIGN | 04.08.2005 02:20 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London


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>"In Tesco people were treated very badly. Used very much not as people but
>as a product. The target of work was increased all the time and there was
>no more pay for it, even when people worked harder than previously. Some of
>them do not agree with this situation and they will fight for the rights
>which they have."
>Pickets of Tesco are being organised across Ireland and Britain tomorrow in
>support of two Polish agency workers - Radek Sawicki and Zbyszek Bukala -
>sacked by Tesco's Dublin distribution centre for fighting casualisation.
>Sawicki and Bukala were sacked from their jobs as casual workers for Tesco
>for refusing to carry out backbreaking work for poverty pay. Tesco demand
>that casual workers meet ever higher productivity levels that present a
>danger to the health of the workers and sack workers who refuse.
>Following a wildcat strike at the Dublin distribution centre on July 29th,
>the Tesco Temps Defence Committee was formed to demand
>* the reinstatement of the two sacked workers
>* contracts for agency staff after three months
>* the reduction of productivity targets to a manageable level.
>Tesco is the UK's biggest retail chain. In 2005 Tesco made profits of
>£1.6bn - £4.4m a day - as much as Mark and Spencer, Sainsbury, Next and WH
>Smith combined.
>Pickets in support of the sacked workers are being organised at short
>notice across Ireland and Britain for 6pm on Thursday 4th. So far pickets
>have been called at
>DUBLIN Tesco Baggot Street (near Stephens Green)
>GLASGOW Tesco Argyle Street
>LIVERPOOL Tesco St Johns Shopping Centre
>LONDON Tesco Morning Lane, Hackney
>OXFORD Tesco Cowley Road
>Why not organise your own picket? Tesco are everywhere and every little
>helps! You can download campaign leaflets from
>Please send pictures and reports of any action to the Tesco Temps Defence
>Committee at wziemia at
>For more information on the dispute go to
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