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Eye in the sky surveillance at climate camp

16-08-2007 15:31

Thurs 16th - a police helicopter drones overhead circling the camp while since the morning a large crane / cherry picker has had cctv cameras mounted on it and hoisted high over the camp.

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Blow Off the Arctic Ice Melting....Let's Drill for More Oil

16-08-2007 15:28

The Arctic ice is melting at an accelerating pace, with this year already showing record retreat. There is still a month or so left of summer heating, but the record minimum ice melt has already been reached. "It is therefore almost certain that the previous 2005 record will be annihilated by the final 2007 annual minima closer to the end of this summer."(1)

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Chalk4Peace2007 SEPT 15 -23 - The Global Street Art Event

16-08-2007 15:07

The pavements are an untapped media resource through which we ordinary peace loving folk can share our messages, hopes, dreams, ideas and create a new momentum towards peace - at a certain point there is critical mass in the cultural conversation which transforms into ACTION

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Climate chaos action at Bristol airport today

16-08-2007 14:39

Climate chaos action at Bristol airport today:
Endangered gorilla in last stand shock!

An endangered gorilla has been sighted outside Bristol airport this afternoon on top of the towering monument to progress on the roundabout. The clearly agitated creature is reportedly attempting to swat planes out of the sky as some sort of protest against climate chaos. Photo opportunity from 3:30pm. More details to follow…

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Fascism of the Heart

16-08-2007 14:15

Tolerance is learned, not inate. The disabled have practically no lobby. Their interests and their rights are simply ignored. The logic of the National Socialist annihilation policy was the logic of the reduction of the person to his/her economic function.

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The strategy of tension in Europe and America

16-08-2007 13:38

In this excerpt from his powerful new book, The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press), UC Berkeley professor emeritus Peter Dale Scott asks whether there is a connection between America’s historical use of terror as a political weapon and the recent moves by the Bush administration to suspend the Constitution and create a “shadow government” in the wake of the next terrorist attack.

See also:

How the FBI protected Al Qaeda’s 9/11 Hijacking Trainer
Dr. Peter Dale Scott

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Anglo American: Profiting from Conflict

16-08-2007 13:19

British mining company Anglo American is profiting from a pattern of global abuse and brutality against poor people, including the murder of opponents who say the firm’s mining operations threaten their livelihoods.

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Indymedia centre at Climate Camp

16-08-2007 12:55

Couple of pics of the IMC public access terminals at the climate camp.

The tent is open for a total of four hours a day, over two main time slots and is running on a mixture of wind and solar power.

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CLIMATE CAMP - happy days are here again!

16-08-2007 12:50

Putting the wind up a clown!
To read the news coming out of Climate Camp you'd think it was all doom and gloom. Police blockade roads, supplies have to be carried along the lane, police invade the site, police set up traps and police lead campers into the injunction zone.

There's a thread running here of course, and it's that the cops and their bosses are doing their very best to intimidate the camp and depress the mood.

Well I'm delighted to report they're failing miserably. Everything they throw at us brings us closer together.

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Russian Nazis execute two immigrants

16-08-2007 12:22

Russian Nazis behead and shoot two immigrants video taping it all!

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URGENT: Don't Deport Pegah Emambakhsh

16-08-2007 11:23

Pegag Emambakhsh is an Iranian national who sought asylum in the UK in 2005. Her claim failed despite appeals and she was arrested in Sheffield on Monday 13th August and is being taken to Yarlswood detention centre from where she will be deported tomorrow, Thursday 16th August.

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Our nearest friendly neighbours having to deal with police oppression

16-08-2007 10:13

Biggin up the local Sikh temple next door to the Climate Change camp

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El Salvador Permaculture Institute benefit night

16-08-2007 09:48

Benefit disco for the Permaculture Institute of El Salvador

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Brighton Community Group funds building of 'illegal' School in Occupied Palestin

16-08-2007 09:39

Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group Press Release

Brighton Community Group funds building of 'illegal' School in Occupied Palestine

For more info email, tel 07845039980

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Business flights blockaded by climate activists

16-08-2007 08:04

Two independent groups of campaigners from the Camp for Climate Action
have this morning stopped carbon-intensive private jets fom operating at
two airports in the south east.

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Four horsemen arrive at Terminal 4 to coincide with Climate Camp

16-08-2007 03:50

Four drivers from the Meltdown Chauffeur Agency went to Heathrow Terminal 4 as requested by their clients and waited patiently for them at the Arrival gate.

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Labeling of the Revolutionary Guards: Another step toward military confrontation

16-08-2007 01:05

The unprecedented move by the United States to designate a branch of another sovereign nation's armed forces, in this case Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a "terrorist" organization, is only the latest episode of a menacing plan that has taken years to implement.

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Climate Camp 15.08 collected pics

15-08-2007 22:58

Activisted arrested trying to abstruct FIT police photographer
One arrest and action at Heathrow

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Carry on climate camping

15-08-2007 22:48

Grounded: protesters dressed as cabin crew Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA
Carry on climate camping
Peter Lockley
August 15, 2007

Direct action may undermine public support for the protesters at Heathrow, but somehow the message about more flights needs to get through.

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Call for solidarity with the struggling people of Sebokeng

15-08-2007 21:23