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Escalation Day for the Cambridge Students' Occupation.

03-12-2010 21:41

Silent Protest, including two activists locked on to Step Ladders.
It's been a very busy day for activists here in Cambridge, as the student collective who have now been occupying a room in Cambridge University's Old Schools building decided to escalate things and take their fight against the proposed exorbitant rise in University Tuition Fees to the next level, in response to the wall of silence from University management.

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Southend lecturers say hands off EMA

03-12-2010 21:15

The South Essex College branch of the lecturers union UCU are campaigning to save the education maintenance allowance (EMA). The allowance is set to be cut by the coalition government in spending cuts and has been one of the focal points for recent student demonstrations across the country.

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Party at Philip Green's place. Maybe stop off to top up our phones...?

03-12-2010 19:46

UKuncut, the group that recently targetted Vodafone, are holding large scale protests against tax avoidance will take place across the country on the 4th of December. The Oxford protests will start at 12 noon on Saturday 4th at Carfax Tower.

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Antifascist Films in Bradford this Saturday Dec 4th

03-12-2010 18:50

A benefit for antifascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman.

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International Solidarity Call by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Greece)

03-12-2010 18:43

International Revolutionary Front


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Cardiff Critical Mass

03-12-2010 18:13

Meet at the steps of the National Museum in Cardiff on Saturday at 11am

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Euphoria at UCL/Slade Occupation

03-12-2010 17:55

Eviction hearing postoned - hugs, high fives and the message CU Next Tuesday delivered to UCL management

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Vegan Free Food Give-Away in Nottingham

03-12-2010 17:43

Free Vegan Food Give-Away 11/12/10 stick in diaries NOW!!

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The persecution of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

03-12-2010 17:42

"The documents obtained by WikiLeaks—only a small fraction of which have been released so far—help expose what is a permanent conspiracy against the democratic rights of the world’s population: from covering up US bombings of civilians in Yemen, to working behind the scenes to obstruct the prosecution of CIA agents guilty of torture, to spying on UN officials in violation of international treaties.
Those who are leading the campaign against WikiLeaks are themselves responsible for horrific atrocities. In the face of allegations from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that WikiLeaks had placed lives in danger, Assange gave an appropriate response in an interview with Time magazine. WikiLeaks, he noted, “has never caused an individual … to come to any sort of physical harm or to be wrongly imprisoned and so on. That is a record compared to the organizations that we are trying to expose who have literally been involved in the deaths of hundreds or thousands or, potentially over the course of many years, millions.”

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Ecoshock: Surviving Now and Then

03-12-2010 17:32

After "The Long Emergency", author James Howard Kunstler imagines the future without oil, in his new book "Witch of Hebron." Tracy Mayor on "Armageddon Mama, Parenting toward the Apocalypse." Plus: Critical Mass biker Chris Carlsson talks urban gardening in America.

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Notts SOS - Newsletter No.2 - Dec 2010

03-12-2010 17:24

Notts Save Our Services have published Notts SOS Newsletter no. 2 for December 2010.

We've produced the second of our newsletters in two-page format to make it easier to print off. We'll also be distributing these on Notts SOS stalls. Hope you like it. Get in touch if you'd like to contribute to the next, or just send us a short article or information about your anti-cuts activities.

Notts SOS aims to defend jobs, services, welfare & education against cuts in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Visit our website: for a Word version and for back issues.

Visit our facebook page:

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Wikileaks: New backup domain names

03-12-2010 17:23

Whilst the attack on Wikileaks currently underway on behalf of the US government continues, efforts are being made to keep the site available and in the public domain.

Earlier today, the DNS (Domain Name) entry "" was shut down by the US company with which it was registered.

A new entry "" was set up, but has apparantly also become unavailable.

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Life Is Too Short to be Controlled

03-12-2010 17:22

London Indymedia got London No Borders to tell us about the up coming action 'Life Is Too Short to be Controlled' at last weekends Anarchist Bookfair. 'Life Is Too Short to be Controlled' takes place this Saturday afternoon, 30th October, at Picadilly Circus at 3pm.

Read the Part 1's report here

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Bookfair 2010: Int. with John Pilger

03-12-2010 17:22

An interview with the legendary John Pilger at this years Anarchist Bookfair, covering topics on his new film, "The War You Don't See" and discussing news media on the internet and what effect the financial crisis will have on current imperialist wars and military adventures.

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Life is too short: Demo arrives in St.Pancras

03-12-2010 17:22

"Life is too short to be controlled - part II" , 30th October 2010, short video snippet of the demo arrives in St.Pancras International Terminal.

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St Pancras out of control

03-12-2010 17:22

The demonstration eventually made it to Kings Cross, and it quickly moved into the Eurostar terminal. It kept moving around the terminal until it eventually made its way to the check-in desks and border control. A group of people managed to go throgh the check in and into the border area, which provoked a quick, and quite freaked-out, response from the security personnel. After a while people decided to leave the terminal in a group, at which point the Transport Police turned up. One protestor got arrested.

Related reports from IMC-London wires:


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Bookfair 2010 - Croatian Anarchist

03-12-2010 17:22

Chat with Marko, a member of the anarchist collective Ispod Plocnika from Zagreb, Croatia, visiting the 28th Anarchist Bookfair in London, 2010.

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Bookfair 2010 - Interview with Bookfair Collective

03-12-2010 17:22

Short Interview with member from the organising group of the Anarchist Bookfair, on this years event, the bookfairs future, and the London Anarchist Bookfairs growing importance in the anarchist calendar.

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Bookfair 2010 - Chat about Neurodiversity

03-12-2010 17:22

A Chat with Paul & Luke at the 28th Anarchist Bookfair on the subject of Neurodiversity and Anarchy and how neurodiversity can benefit the anarchist movement. Neurodiversity includes such medical 'handicaps' such as 'ADHD', 'Asperger’s syndrome', 'Autism' and other 'brain differences'.