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Anti Depleted Uranium Demonstration

17-04-2003 12:20

Saturday 3rd May, 1pm

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Berlin: Upcoming Eviction!

17-04-2003 11:41

Eviction Alert!!!

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ISRAEL: Two more conscientious ojectors in prison

17-04-2003 11:30

Two more conscientious objectors in prison in Israel!

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SERBIA&MONTENEGRO: Conscientious objector went into hiding

17-04-2003 10:45

A Serbian conscientious objector left the military barracks and went into hiding on 11 April 2003.

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Space Cadet- British troops on LSD

17-04-2003 10:45

Mental health alternatives

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Petersburg, Russia: antiwar protest violently disrupted by the police

17-04-2003 10:28

Police brutality in Petersburg

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17-04-2003 10:23

8,000 people take on 20,000 cops in a militant anti-war demonstration in Athens, Greece yesterday pelting police with stones, bottles and Molotov cocktails.

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Did the anti-war movement get it wrong?

17-04-2003 09:33

The war over in two weeks, casulties were at a minimum, Saddam's regime crumbled almost immediatly. All this was against the terrible predictions that the anti-war movement had been saying for months before the war. So did the anti-war movement get it wrong?

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Syria backs anti-WMD resolution in U.N.

17-04-2003 09:24

Syria on Wednesday introduced in the U.N. Security Council a draft resolution calling for a ban on weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. It was seen by many diplomats as a move principally aimed at nuclear weapons believed held by Israel.

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Athnar and Tony Blear weelcomed in Athens

17-04-2003 09:11

Athnar and Tony Blear weelcomed in Athens
Wellcome to you all !!!!! (article 1)

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Hedgehogs being killed

17-04-2003 09:06

Hedgehogs being killed
I know that this is a relatively trivial story compared to other news .... In the Outer Hebrides, the hedgehogs are being killed by Scottish Natural Heritage as part of a programme to conserve bird populations. These two hedgehogs, along with around 40 others, have been rescued.

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Depleted Uranium in Iraq - effects

17-04-2003 08:18

Atleast 100 tons of uranium weapons have been used in Iraq, A short guide to DU, its effects and the weapons it's used in,

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Depleted Uranium

17-04-2003 08:17

Atleast 100 tons of uranium weapons have been used in Iraq, A short guide to DU, its effects and the weapons it's used in,

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17-04-2003 07:12

make peace & love.
power to the people.

pleae read website.


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They Beat Journalists Don't They? IMCista Brutalized, Captured On TV

17-04-2003 04:57

Footage from the NBC affiliate in DC.

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Lament for America

17-04-2003 04:48

Should Americans die in terror attacks now, they will themselves be responsible for baiting their enemies. Why? The U.S. Administration is overwhelmingly supported by the American people. Americans have supported the ruling junta, giving up many of their most basic liberties for some temporary security...this is time to lament what America has become....

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Jose Couso murdered

16-04-2003 23:59

Press release read by the brothers of José Couso Permuy at the end of the meeting. Madrid (Spain), 10 of april 2003, day ot the General Strike against the war.

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US bans media from protests

16-04-2003 23:54

US forces tried to stop the media from covering anti-American protests by Iraqis.

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HackneyNot4Sale news

16-04-2003 22:39

1. Events and developments at Clapton Library including talk by Ken Worpole, 22 April.
2. Haggerston Pool Email Bulletin
3. HEF/Eco-ACTIVE Public Forum - Re-vitalising local economics and neighbourhood shops - 29 April