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Israel stops Palestinians from commiting another Passover massacre.

Dan | 17.04.2003 11:03

Palestinians monsters.

Palestinians planned another Passover massacre. I guess they wanted to butcher more eldery people. April 17, 03
Two Suicide Terrorists Captured

IDF anti-terror troops captured Tuesday night two Arab terrorists who were preparing to depart for suicide attacks. An explosives belt that was to be used by one of the Arabs was confiscated.

The first arrest occurred at the IDF’s Tamun checkpoint, some 28 miles east of Netanya. The terror suspect was identified as Mohammed Besharat of the Islamic Jihad group. IDF Intelligence sources say that Besharat’s explosives belt was found several hours before his arrest. The belt included 15 explosive charges surrounded by over 1,000 nails, packed in to increase injury.

The second arrest took place in the Nur a-Shams neighborhood of Tul Karm, located 10 miles east of Netanya. Abbed El Rachman Achmud of the Hamas terrorist organization was apprehended and according to military officials, he too was preparing for an attack in a nearby Israeli city.



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