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Kick foie gras out of Bath - contact the sellers!

29-11-2008 23:06

Afer a year of joint operations by Bath Activist Network, Bath Animal Action and Bristol Animal Rights Collective, the foie gras trade in Bath is left in tatters. What was once a roaring trade has been reduced to a few isolated resteraunts.

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Norwich RT Spoof E.on Stall

29-11-2008 21:08

Today six activists from Norwich Rising Tide set up a spoof E.on stall on the Royal Bank of Scotland’s doorstep (RBS is one of E.on’s core sources of funding).

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Norwich Rat Race

29-11-2008 20:14

Leaflet Front
To mark Buy Nothing Day, activists from Norwich Rising Tide held a Rat Race in the Norwich city centre.

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ICTR: Dallaire "failed in his mission"

29-11-2008 19:22

A French military historian testifying as an expert witness before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda has attacked the Canadian General who commanded the UN Force in Rwanda in 1994. "Dallaire failed in his mission", said the witness..

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Colossal Financial Collapse: The Truth behind the Citigroup Bank "Nationalizatio

29-11-2008 19:13

"The scale of the hidden losses of perhaps the twenty largest US banks is so enormous that if not before, the first Presidential decree of President Barack Obama will likely have to be declaration of a US ‘Bank Holiday’ and the full nationalization of the major banks, taking on the toxic assets and losses until the economy can again function with credit flowing to industry once more."

"The health of Citigroup is not the only gripping crisis that must be dealt with. At this point, political and ideological bickering in the US Congress has so far prevented a simple emergency $25 billion loan extension to General Motors and other of the US Big Three automakers—Ford and Chrysler. The absurd spectacle of US Congressmen attacking the chairmen of the Big Three for flying to the emergency Congressional hearings on a rescue loan in their private company jets while largely ignoring the issue of consequences to the economy of a GM failure underscores the utter lack of touch with reality that has overwhelmed Washington in recent years."

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The Bologna Declaration: Critical Notes - Part 1

29-11-2008 19:06

After nearly ten yeas, the effects of the Bologna Declaration in shaping European Higher Education (HE) along neo-liberal lines are becoming evident

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Demo called at Amey HQ

29-11-2008 19:01

No Borders and Campaign against Immigration Controls have called a demo at Amey HQ in Oxford in response to their sacking of several cleaners for trade union involvement, and their general attempt to force worse conditions and pay on the workers, using intimidation and deportation.

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APPO prisoner on hunger strike

29-11-2008 18:50

Following harrassment and beatings of several political prisoners in Oaxaca, a hunger strike has been commenced to demand their release.

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"Free Socks!" "Why? Who's holding him?"

29-11-2008 18:44

Freeconomy stall and banner
In Wrexham town centre this morning, the local Freeconomy group held a Sock (FREE) Shop - that's socks for free, not a shop free of socks or even freeing Sock. Hundreds of pairs of warm socks were distributed in subzero temperatures to people with cold feet - and hands - along with leaflets explaining what Freeconomy Wrexham does and inviting people to get involved in the happy world of giving and sharing.

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Foie Gras In yale college wrexham

29-11-2008 18:16

Foie Gras in wrexham college

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as seen on BBC1 ITN Channel 4 Arsenal architects in "28 Days Later Lab"!

29-11-2008 18:06

The architects HOK who are desgining the notorious "28 Days Later" lab in Camden are the same architects who designed the Arsenal Stadium!!! If you are an Arsenal fan do you find this shocking? The lab is opposed by local people and business in Camden who want council homes & community facilities on the site. The lab has been criticised by MI5 and will be next to St Pancras International.

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The Omen

29-11-2008 14:59

The potentially sinister developments concerning the arrest of MP Damian Green have highlighted the precarious nature of the democracy to which we are subject. Now might be the best time to move forward.

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LRT visit E.on at FA HQ

29-11-2008 10:37

On Friday 28th November London Rising Tide visited the FA Headquarters to protest about E-on's strive for new coal in the UK.

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E.on Shenanigans and Street Party in Bristol

29-11-2008 10:28

E.on 20quid
Bristol Rising Tide and activists from in and around Bristol had a day of
shenanigans directed at the Royal Bank of Scotland, E-on and new coal.

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Local newsletter

29-11-2008 02:46

Local news from The Marches

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No Foie Gras in Camden! Foie Gras? No ta!

29-11-2008 00:49

A letter has appeared in Camden New Journal warning that a number of Fench restatraunts have sprung up in the borough and that many of them are selling Foie Gras......

Time for action!

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Mumbai attacks... keep watching...

28-11-2008 23:55

What scares me most about the Mumbai attacks is the following:

1. They are not over yet.
2. We don't know who did it.
3. At this level of sophistication I would expect the capacity for a "follow-on" in the near future. If the intent of the attack is to put the United States completely out of business it will have to do so quickly.
4. The United States still has enormous military power which might be viewed in some DoD circles now as "Use it or lose it." They too can see the writing on the Imperial wall.
5. The attackers have made no demands.
6. To even publicly breathe that it might be state-sponsored puts us (i.e. all mankind) a hair trigger away from nuclear conflict in any off our theaters tactically and on a MAD basis strategically.
7. The logistics and C3 (Command, Control and Communications) for this looks state-sponsored.
8. This is an absolutely brilliant and potentially fatal blow aimed precisely at the weakest spots we have mapped in "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil" and at "From The Wilderness".

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Israel's Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine

28-11-2008 21:14

Today starving Gazans won't be silenced. They keep protesting, and according to Hamazah Mansur, head of the Jordanian-based Islamic Action Front's six-member parliamentary bloc: If conditions in the Territory worsens, "Arab rulers should expect an earthquake that would shake their countries and regimes." It's high time something shook them out of their silent complicity with decades of slow-motion genocide, now worse than ever in Gaza under siege.

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Anti-Starbucks Demo in Brighton (Sat Nov 29 midday-2pm)

28-11-2008 19:28

The world's largest coffee chain is guilty of corporate greed. It serves only 4% Fairtrade and has a branch in Guantanamo Bay. Whenever it sets up it seeks to wipe out competition and put smaller independent cafes out of business. Stand up to corporate corrupters...

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St Modwen the UK's Leading Degeneration Specialist!

28-11-2008 18:21

St Modwen the UK's Leading Degeneration Specialist!
A St Modwen hoarding in Walthamstow has been subverted to tell the truth.