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Students and staff fighting cuts at University of Sussex

05-12-2009 15:39

Whilst Vice Chancellor Michael Farthing is sitting pretty on a salary of £227,000.
Sussex University’s budget for 2009/10 seeks to reduce costs by £3m, with additional savings of up to £5m in 2010/11. These cuts will take the form of (among others), 115+ staff redundancies, the closure of the creche and the closure of the sexual health advice centre.

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We're camping.

05-12-2009 15:13

We're camping

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The UN of the arms dealers: The most disreputable and yet profitable business

05-12-2009 14:39

The five veto powers and permanent members of the Security Council have corrupted the the work of the UN. Applying double-standards, and disregard for law - they have made the organization primarily serve their best interests rather than serve its mandate.

I refer to the five most dangerous Member States that together manufacture and sell some 85% of military arms, including nuclear weapons, and so called weapons of mass destruction. This is the UN of the arms dealers - the most disreputable and yet profitable business on earth.

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NoDalMolin in Oslo for the Peace Nobel Prize to Obama

05-12-2009 14:08

A large delegation of “Vicentini” will fly to Oslo on Monday, Dec 7th 2009. The goal is to protest against Pres. Barack Obama, who will be receiving the Peace Nobel Prize for his war policy, materialized in Vicenza with the construction of a new and devastating military base.

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Stormin the Dáil

05-12-2009 13:57

When they try to introduce "the Budget from hell" this Wednesday let's make their life hell. There should be non-stop pickets and protests outside the Dáil from midnight Wednesday the 9th to midnight Thursday the 10th.

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The Wave + COP Out Camp Out

05-12-2009 13:51

The first batch of images..

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Action Against Casa Pound

05-12-2009 13:38


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Provo, Autonomy, and Ludic Politics December 10 London

05-12-2009 11:38

One night event on Provo, the legendary Dutch anarchist movement of the 60s, to take place at the Foundry in London on December 10th. WIll involve several members of the original movement talking about their experiences.

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Response to EDL's Duty vs Our Antifa Duty

05-12-2009 10:35

EDL's Duty? Protect and server the ruling class
Screenshots from the latest EDL Nottigham promo, counter posed with an autonomous antifa message.

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Thursday April 1 2010

05-12-2009 10:29

WITH public outrage still bubbling away over the bankers' bail-out and bonuses, and the recession far from over, it would definitely be worth doing another Financial Fools' Day in the spring.

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Anarchist Prisoner News

05-12-2009 00:39

7.5 years to anarchist comrade Elias Nikolaou! (Greece)
Jurgen and Paolo are free! (Belgium)
Solidarity with Mindaugus Lenartavicius - Smash RBS (UK)
Arrests in Milan and Verona (Italy)
Solidarity with Toby (Germany)

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Venezuela: Philosophic historic glimpses of a possible Fifth International

05-12-2009 00:01

Internationalism is part and parcel of one's own life process. We live the international, we are the International.

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Issue 5 of 'Turbulence: Ideas for Movement' Out Now

04-12-2009 23:32

A new issue of 'Turbulence: Ideas for Movement' is out now, for free in print and online.

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Anti-BNP Crown Court Demo - Liverpool, 9th December

04-12-2009 23:29

Merseyside BNP's Peter Tierney is appearing at the Crown Court in Liverpool next Wednesday regarding his assault on an anti-fascist student in April. He will enter a plea and, if he pleads not guilty, a trial date will be set.

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London Antifascists Answers International CallOut

04-12-2009 23:09

Londonbased Sharp's, R.A.S.H and Antifascists gather at the International Brigade.

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Confronting the EDL - our historic duty!

04-12-2009 22:31

The EDL, despite their claims, are a fascist mob. It is the historical duty of "alternative" types to stop them on the streets.

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Smashing Smash EDO update

04-12-2009 20:59

Past, on-going and future Smash EDO update...With lots of ways to participate!

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Weatherspoons warned not to host EDL

04-12-2009 20:55

Weatherspoons were telephoned earlier today by concerned nottingham types and they were asked if they understood the potential political and cultural significance of allowing the EDL to openly demo in their pub near the canal this coming Saturday.

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Film: Slingshot Hiphop - Palestine / Gaza - Entry by donation

04-12-2009 20:17

“The culture of hip hop and rap is at its most powerful and yet its most tender in Slingshot Hip Hop” – Chuck D, Public Enemy

“Profoundly uplifting… It’s a refreshing take on the conflict” – NOW Toronto

Slingshot Hip Hop (2009)
A Film About Hip Hop & Resistance In Palestine

Wednesday 9th December – 7pm

Lecture Theatre A, Nuffield, Highfield

Entry By Donation

(supporting Gaza Freedom March)

“The culture of hip hop and rap is at its most powerful and yet its most tender in Slingshot Hip Hop” – Chuck D, Public Enemy