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CPC Direct Action Bloc Meeting Point for Sundays Protests.

01-10-2010 18:44

I suppose we should start with the shite news, the squatted convergence space is looking very unlikely as police arrested those involved with taking the space earlier this week and confiscated tools. We are trying to co-ordinate with the few Brummies that we know to try and open another convergence space before the weekend but at this moment no guarantees.

Anyone who can offer floors to activists on the day who stay around for the evening activities please let us know. I know this is quite annoying but we simply don’t have the numbers in Brum beforehand to secure the space, if anyone wants to get down to Brum before and open a space let us know and we will put it on the site.

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Germany "One protester killed" - live stream now!!!!

01-10-2010 18:33

A horrific police attack yesterday on peaceful school students and pensioners leads to mass protests in Germany. Over 100.000 take to the streets in Stuttgart alone. Watch live:

Over 400 protesters were hurt. A speaker on the demo just anounced: "one protester died in hospital, one is in severe condition".

The protest is directed against a gigantic underground rail station, for which parts of the inner city of Stuttgart have to be pulled down. The costly project is supported by the conservative party and the socialdemocrats.

The significance of the protest is, that is based on ordinary people, without links to trade unions and the left.

The movement reminds many of the beginning of the revolution in East-Germany in 1989.

Watch dramatic events unfold live.

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TAKE ACTION: Ban BAE from campus this term!

01-10-2010 16:51

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has launched our Ban BAE counter-recruitment campaign across our Universities Networks. We are calling all interested activists to get involved in direct action against arms companies on university campuses. Education and arms companies should not mix so find out how you can get involved!

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The Persecution of Hoder

01-10-2010 16:48

Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, aka Hoder, has been sentenced in Iran to 19.5 years for being an 'anti-revolutionary blogger'.

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Job vacancies at Ecoworks

01-10-2010 11:24

Ecoworks delivers community environmental projects in Nottingham, particularly targeting those experiencing disadvantage. We have been providing environmental, educational, and health promoting activities from our community allotment gardens in St Ann's (the oldest and largest site of its kind in England), for 18 years.

We are currently recruiting for two positions, Finance and Admin Co-ordinator and Food Projects Co-ordinator.


Finance and Administration Co-ordinator

We are seeking an exceptional finance and administration co-ordinator to provide support to our diverse range of community projects. You will be responsible for managing Ecoworks' financial systems, and providing financial reports. You will support staff and management committee to carry out their respective roles, ensuring that office systems provide a strong backbone to our practical, hands-on community activities, and will manage our building and facilities. You will supervise volunteers and potentially an administrative assistant.

You will be an experienced and very well organised administrator, with knowledge of a range of computer programs. You will have excellent interpersonal skills and strong financial management skills.

Deadline for applications: 9.30am on Thursday 21st October.

Food Projects Co-ordinator

We are seeking an exceptional Project Co-ordinator with a demonstrated interest in healthy, sustainable food and communities. You will take responsibility for managing our food social enterprise projects and the staff that deliver these, alongside some educational projects with food as their main focus. As a member of Ecoworks' Management Team, you will also take an active role in the strategic and operational management of Ecoworks, and the development and management of some projects that may not have food as the primary focus, as needed. You will research and develop new projects, develop partnerships and secure funding in order to safeguard existing and develop new projects.

Closing Date for Applications: Tuesday 26th October

To find out more information, as well as links to download application forms, job descriptions and person specs please go to

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EdF documents show new nuclear safety risk

01-10-2010 09:22

Leaked documents passed on to a French campaign group show that the design and mechanics of the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) could lead to a Chernobyl-type accident.

The EPR is the reactor design proposed by EdF at Hinkley Point. The news breaks just as the second stage of the EdF consultation is about to close (on Monday).

The documents reveal that a combination of eighty-nine penetrations to the reactor pressure vessel and the type of metal used could produce leaks in the crucial component and lead to a devastating nuclear accident.

The revelations will cause more headaches for EdF. The reactor design has been criticised by UK, US, French and Finnish safety regulators over the complex control and instrumentation system which if impaired, could result in the failure of the shut-down system. EdF has also been slammed for its safety failures leading in one case to the contamination of a hundred nuclear workers.
100 Tricastin EdF workers contaminated, 15 at Saint Alban, another leak at Romans-sur-Iseres (most detailed report):

As the reactor would use high burn up fuel, the results of a serious accident could lead to the release of eleven times more radioactivity than from a standard Pressurised Water Reactor such as Sizewell B with obvious implications for public health.

Jim Duffy, Stop Hinkley Coordinator said: "EdF keep repeating their mantra about safety being their priority but actually these documents reveal they are prepared to allow a potentially dangerous reactor to be built. They were criticised two years ago for safety shortcomings that led to a hundred French workers being contaminated, leading to industrial unrest. I'm worried we'll see a repeat of these safety breaches over here."

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Police coup thwarted in Ecuador

01-10-2010 06:46

AN ATTEMPTED coup d'etat appears to have been thwarted in Ecuador, after police protests turned into an attempt to displace the centre-leftist President Rafael Correa.

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Save FTT Jobs at Reading University!

30-09-2010 23:29

Dear All

Staff and students in the Department of Film, Theatre and Television at Reading University have launched a website and online petition to oppose compulsory redundancies in their department.

Please help the campaign by signing the petition

and visit the website

You can also join the Facebook group 'Save FTT Jobs'

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Dialect - Life, Death and Washing Machines - Living with Dialysis

30-09-2010 23:22

plus the history of Bristol's elite Merchant Venturers
Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) podcast produced by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every week on Friday morning. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Sundays at 12 noon. Or listen live on the internet at
Life, Death and Washing Machines - Living with Dialysis

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lo-fi download/listen

Sally Reay Interview: 00:50
Life, Death and Washing Machines: 08:24
Julian Lee Jones Interview: 16:33
Rebecca Payton/Martin Bartelt Interview: 20:56
Katy Bauer Interview: 30:18
William Buvi Interview: 39:58
Tim Burroughs: 43:22
Jeff Sparks' What's On: 47:55

Producer: Lee Duffield
Studio Engineer: Ryan Hardman

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Animal Liberation: How Do We Get There?

30-09-2010 23:07

Words are useless unless they translate into action. We all know what the issues are. We do not need anymore masturbatory debates about welfare v. rights nor do we need to entertain the enemy by debating their insidiousness with them. They are all criminals and they all need to be stopped. If we start with that very simple premise, then we can easily shift the conversation toward one thing and one thing only: HOW?

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Solidarity Against the EDL in Leicester

30-09-2010 21:24

The EDL are planning to hold a demonstration in Leicester on Sat 9th Oct. We are confident that the people of Leicester will be able to defend our community against this racist provocation. However, we call on antifascists to come to Leicester and show solidarity. The EDL's recent Bradford shindig may have shown just what a joke they are but they are not finished yet. Come to Leicester and make sure the EDL are even more demoralised.

The wheels have really come off the EDL wagon in recent times. Their "big one" in Bradford turned out to be all talk, with only a few hundred turning up and many having to flee from the local youth. The previous softly, softly approach of the police and some sections of the public has hardened against them after their many violent drinking sprees. It seems that Leicestershire police are following this approach, calling for a ban of their march.

Not even the most gullible people believe the EDL's "peaceful protesters" line any more. Leicestershire police say they have had intelligence that the EDL intend to attack a mosque in Leicester before marching into Highfields, one of the city's biggest Muslim communities. We have to be sceptical about "police intelligence", and this is almost certainly some wanker mouthing off on the internet, but it gives you an idea of what some of the EDL want to achieve. It would certainly be amusing to watch the EDL try to invade Highfields but I don't think they would survive.

The other laughable myth that the EDL have invented about themselves is that they aren't racist. The evidence for this is that they have two (yes - two!) Asian members (a racist Sikh and a sectarian Glaswegian) and a handful of black members. The reality is that they are founded on racist ideas about Muslims and, as a result, attract large numbers of racists as well as neo Nazis. In Leicester they think that they will be able to divide and conquer by stirring up tension between Muslims and other Asians. Most Sikhs and Hindus understand that the EDL are their enemies, as shown by the EDL attack on a Hindu temple in Dudley. Leicester has good relations between communities and the EDL will fail yet again.

This is a call out for people in the Leicester area and beyond to come on the 9th and make sure there is an overwhelming presence of people opposed to the EDL. They suffered a big defeat in Bradford, and are almost universally hated, but they are still crawling on. Let's make sure they never come to Leicester again.

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EdF documents show new nuclear safety risk

30-09-2010 20:17

Leaked documents passed on to a French campaign group show that the design and mechanics of the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) could lead to a Chernobyl-type accident.

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Germany: "Civil war like events"

30-09-2010 18:56

German media report of "civil war like events" as police continue theit attac in Stuttgart, Germany

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Hit the Animal Supply - EcoTox Breeders

30-09-2010 18:49

Hit the Animal Supply - EcoTox Breeders

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Recording sex via spy cameras is getting a rise out of people

30-09-2010 18:17

Op/Ed article on the recent story regarding the spy camera in the college dorm and the uproar it crated when the sex video was sent out on line and the boy involved committed suicide.

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Germany: eyes blown out by police watercannon

30-09-2010 17:43

A man his eyes blown out of his head by a new-type police watercannon during protests in Germany.

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Palestine Today 09 30 2010

30-09-2010 17:37

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday September 30, 2010.

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Stop Nuclear Power UK gathering

30-09-2010 17:36

- Meet, make plans, take action -

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The Crude Awakening: Newsletter 3 - Blocs Revealed

30-09-2010 17:22

In this week’s newsletter…

1. Blocs revealed: Dirty Money Bloc, Building Bloc, Body Bloc
2. Sign up now!
3. Upcoming events
4. Travel and accommodation
5. South Coast video

In this week’s newsletter…
1. Blocs revealed: Dirty Money Bloc, Building Bloc, Body Bloc
2. Sign up now!
3. Upcoming events
4. Travel and accommodation
5. South Coast video


Your day’s adventure will be shaped by what bloc you choose to join. You can get as much or as little involved in the blocs as you want – from helping to make props in the run-up to bringing or wearing something specific on the day to just turning up. So sign up now and choose your own adventure.

Dirty Money Bloc, meeting at Euston Station, 10AM

The devastating global effects of the oil industry rely on company headquarters, banks, financial services and investment right here in London. Oil lubricates our whole economy – to stop oil, we must stop this dirty business.

After demonstrating examples of their dirty trade, the workers – ever-chained to their desks, imprisoned in the world of dirty money, finance and the oil industry – will gather, all suits and smarts; cuff-links and corruption; chanting shameless slogans, their placards and banners beating the morning sky. These advocates of avarice will be poised and ready to wreak more havoc on the earth, to take a hand in, direct and fund destruction.

Bloc aim: Business as usual.
Primary bloc activity: Expect oil spills, prospecting, extraction, desk based destruction and bags of dirty money.
Who should join this bloc: People ready to hold a space and beat the oil industry at their own game whilst doing it, a healthy amount of creativity and wit won’t hurt a bit.
What you should bring: Yourself, some warm clothes, waterproofs and enough food and water to last you for the day.

Ready yourselves for a day at the office, trading floor, well or refinery. Come dressed as a banker, oil worker/prospector, or just in a boiler suit etc. with the tools of your trade…brief cases, office furniture, drilling equipment, hard hats, oil (molasses/treacle), symbolic(!) chains, bags or wads of money etc. If you have a trowel, spade or other digging device and are happy to bring it, do so.

Building Bloc, meeting at Waterloo Station, 10 AM

As long as both the flow of oil finance and the flow of the black stuff continue unchecked our treacherous course towards catastrophic climate change continues. The building block will be there to stop the oil industries flow, helping construct a cleaner future for us all.

Bloc aim: To stop the flow of oil.
Primary bloc activity: Expect to build. A fence, a ladder, a dam, a windmill perhaps. What we need is a structure, a structure big and strong enough to stop the flow of oil and help us stand our ground for a brighter future.
Who should join this bloc: People ready to be active while holding a space and ready to beat the oil industry at their own game whilst doing it. You don’t need to be a builder, just have a desire to create, agitate and to claim and hold your space.
What you’ll need: You’ll need yourself, some warm clothes, waterproofs and enough food and water to last you for the day.

As with all constructive activities we’ll need tools and materials. Wood, screws and an electric screwdriver (with a fully charged battery). Chains, locks, sand bags (empty, unless you’re very strong!) and cable ties might also be useful. Gloves might also come in handy too. Avoid anything that might be conceived as a weapon though. We all know the police like to play that trick! And remember, whatever you bring must be transportable on the tube and light enough for you to carry with you while we make our way around the city.

Body Bloc, meeting at Victoria Station, 10 AM

We are putting our bodies inside the spaces many would rather put out of their minds. Bones joined to bones becoming bodies in a world that we will turn inside out. We will interconnect our bodies, raising ourselves as giants in the moment. All you need to bring is your body. Be the body bloc.

The Stilt Group will be part of the body bloc. This time we’re thinking big, we’re thinking high, we’re thinking tall…. and we’re going as a Stilt Group.


Choose your bloc and head on over right this minute to to sign up for it. Entering your email address will make sure you get all the juicy details running up to the 16th … but most important is your mobile number, which is needed to receive vital communication on the day.

Note: Even if you have already signed up on the website, you’ll need to do it again to get information specific to your bloc. As you might have noticed, the sign-up page has been gone for the past week or so while we sorted this out ;) We’re really sorry to make you do it again – but we’re pretty sure you’ll be glad you did!

And rest assured, your details will only be used for this action and we will never, ever pass them on to anyone else. Ever.


If you have been itching to get involved and get prepared then read on and come along to one or more of the following events….


*30 September. Crude Awakening Information and Film night, 6.30-8pm @ The Cowley Club, 12 London Road. Come and find out more details and practical info about the action and how you can get involved in the most exciting oil resistance event this Autumn! Short films on the theme of direct action and the oil industry
Hosted by The Climate Camp South Coast Collective. Followed by delicious food at 8pm.


*29 September. London planning meeting. 7PM – 9PM, LARC (London Action Resource Centre), 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES. Meet other people who will be there on the day, plan and co-ordinate publicity and outreach, suggest and discuss different possible scenarios for the action, check in on progress on legal, media, visuals and other preparations needed for the action.

*1 October. Catapult Party Fundraiser. 9PM till late. Secret venue! Dancing, groovey tunes and a whole load of fun and games to warm up in style for the Crude Awakening. Get there early for a hula hoop workshop from 9pm. Suggested donation (on the door): £10 waged, £5 unwaged, or whatever you can afford. All proceeds will go towards activists who got into a spot of bother last year. We’re running the bar too, so every beer you drink will be for a good cause. Secret venue, sign-up here to get details by text nearer the time: More info:!/event.php?...

*2-3 October. London preparation weekend extravaganza, open to all. Organised by London Climate Camp. Venue: Passing Clouds, 1 Richmond Rd., E8 4AA.
-Saturday 2 October, 10 AM – 4.30PM. Meet friendly faces, have a cup tea, find out more and get prepared and trained.
Workshops including: How to move in a big group; role play and training
Introduction to direct action (morning), practical ideas for holding a space (afternoon), and teach-in about oil and the oil economy. With short films and lots of energy! Bring a fluro-vest if you have one.
-Sunday 3 October, 11AM – 4PM. Day of creative making things: banners, props, puppets, costumes, fun with molasses and the like. For people who want to make the day beautiful. BRING YOUR OWN MATERIALS. There will be some stuff to share – but those fabric off-cuts, bits of ribbon and garden cane that you have been hording can find a good home here. Anyone interested in forming the Crude Awakening rapid response close formation bicycle squadron to deliver molasses across the city, bring your bike, especially if it has panniers. (But we have to be really careful to leave the place spick and span!)

*2-3 October, 10 AM – 6PM. Stilt making workshop for the stilt bloc. Venue to be announced very soon – check the website. We’re thinking big, we’re thinking high, we’re thinking tall…. and we’re going as a Stilt Bloc. This is a skill share weekend to build stilts and learn how to walk on them. It’s free and lunch is included. And even if you don’t want to be up high, each stilt walker will need a buddy staying on the ground so there’s a place for everyone, young and old, big or small, high or low…… we need you at this weekend too! Oh and its MEXICAN DAY OF THE DEAD theme….. More info and please RSVP so we know number:

*Weekend of 8-9 October. London Rabble Rouser_ Mass Capture the Flag. It’s a 3-way showdown between the three blocs – who will carry the day? Day, time, meeting point TBC.


*30 September. Cool Runnings’ Crude Awakening. 7PM, Manchester Met Students Union (The Second Floor Project). Catch up on what happened at Climate Camp in Edinburgh this summer as well as how you can get involved in the Crude Awakening. With guest speakers, discussions and video footage followed by DJs late into the night.!

*9 October. Public ‘dis’order training. 12 noon – 6PM. Manchester Students Union. Prepare for the Crude Awakening by doing your own action! Learn why and how to do mass direct action with workshops and affinity group building.


If you’re coming from the North, get yourself booked on transport leaving from Manchester. DEPARTS: Saturday 16th October at 6am. Returns: Saturday very late evening. To book your ticket email: manchester [@]

Plan to stay overnight in London on Saturday night if you can, ideally with a mate. If you need help finding accommodation, email

Courtesy of our friends at South Coast Climate Camp Idea Lab… should get you thinking!

That's all till next week... don't forget to sign up to your bloc!

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Local Protests Force BNP to Drop Planned moved to Stroud

30-09-2010 13:22

Looks like the local opposition to the BNP's plans has worked - the BNP had planed to open a 'communications centre' in the South West, in Stroud - but not now. Wonder where the next unlock place will be?

Finally - some NIMBY behaviour I can get behind!!
Here's the article:

The BNP has just announced that it is scrapping plans to move its national media office to a unit on the Salmon Springs trading estate near Stroud following opposition.

This statement was sent to the SNJ this morning.

"The local economy in Stroud and Painswick has been deprived of many thousands of pounds of ancillary business and a number of jobs after the British National Party announced that it was going to seek office accommodation elsewhere following protests organised by the local far left anti-democratic Socialist Party, Nick Griffin MEP has announced.

“Previously, the BNP had announced its intention of moving its national media department to a unit on the Salmon Springs Trading Estate between Stroud and Painswick."

The statement then goes on to refer to the Say No To The BNP protest meeting due to be held tonight, Wednesday, at the Space.

The statement continues: “The BNP is a recognised political party for which a million people have voted. We have five national offices across the country, and have many other accommodation possibilities open to us where we are welcomed by democratically-minded people.

"It is no problem to us, but is a blow to the local economy because all the office supplies, rates and taxes and ancillary business which employees in the area would bring, have now been lost to Stroud and Painswick."

The Say No To The BNP protest meeting is still going ahead at 7.30pm at the Space, Lansdown, Stroud tonight, Wednesday. Organisers fear the party may look for another location for its media operation in the Five Valleys.