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Voices Of The People Of Sharrow [save the sheffield street piano!!]

25-06-2006 10:26

Following the council's sellotaping of an eviction order on Sheffield's very own Free Community Street Piano in Sharrow Vale Road, people have been attaching their own little messages of support, written on scraps of paper. These have been typed up below.

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Saturday upate: The Square

25-06-2006 10:01

Saturday Update at The Square

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New World Order Stealing All Blind via secret Giga funds

25-06-2006 09:19

The US, London & The City Group: "While the country is preoccupied with terrorism, the war in Iraq and 9/11, thugs controlling the takeover of America are stealing citizens blind to the tune of $55 to $300 trillion dollars, according to an undercover financial report by the London-based International Currency Review."

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Open Letter From Mother of Lt. Ehren Watada, Resister of Illegal War

25-06-2006 04:16

By Carolyn Ho
t r u t h o u t | Statement

Thursday 22 June 2006

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Day of protest against rendition flights at British airports

24-06-2006 23:11

This is a 630 word piece about the protest against so-called rendition flights which took place at Edinburgh airport on Saturday 24th June 2006. 14 photos are attached.

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Hunger striker mom on the road

24-06-2006 20:57

Mother of a 19 year old protests her son joining and signing enlisting contract with the USA War Machine with a hunger strike.

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Wal Mart up to it's anti-union tricks again?

24-06-2006 16:03

An article has appeared in the Sunderland Echo where workers were being photographed entering the Washington depot. The article suggests that it was the GMB doing this, which they deny... as we know the surveillence and intimidation of workers when the Union is about is classic WalMart.

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Britain: Threat of national postal strike

24-06-2006 15:03

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has warned Royal Mail that unless it agrees to a “platform for meaningful discussions” over a union-management efficiency agreement it will consider strike action.

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The Square.....still there!

24-06-2006 12:26

The Square Social Centre.
The Square successfully defended against no cops or bailiffs.

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Report: Experts Continue to Expose the 9/11 Fraud

24-06-2006 03:58

Even the mainstream media has acknowledged the recent growth in serious doubt about the Conspiracy Theory put forth by the War Criminals who LIED their way into a slaughter in Iraq.

They may send their goons to shower Disinformation on the rapidly-growing 911 Truth Movement, but until they can answer its questions, their effort only hilights the emptiness of the Bush/PNAC Regime's fable ...

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Protest War

24-06-2006 02:42

Oct. 5, 2006: A Day of Mass Resistance
Plan To Make October 5, 2006 the day the whole world comes to know there is a Force in all Counties Determined to Drive Out the Bush Regime.

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24-06-2006 00:15

Today from 7pm. As part of the "festival of resistance" @ "the square" we will have the chance to listen and talk with Alejandro Cerezo about the repression of activists, indigenous peoples, and anyone else who organizes and struggles for a better future.

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4 Essential Ways To Save The Earth : Part 4

23-06-2006 23:29

Many human and civil rights activists see the law as a key part of the tools of an oppressive state. This was particularly prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s in Europe and the USA, and is still the case in many parts of the world. At best it may be seen as a two-edged sword with, on the one hand Official Secrets laws protecting the state, and on the other Data Protection laws protecting the individual, for instance. But in the right hands and in the right circumstances the law can be used to amazing effect, and not just in the ways you might expect.

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Matilda in Court: some feedback from the case

23-06-2006 23:24

On Thursday 22nd June Yorkshire Forward took 30 persons unknown who had established a social centre in 111 Matilda Street to the County Court for Trespass. In hearing the case you actually dared to hope at one point that there might be some kind of outcome in Matilda's favour. But as ever the judge sided with the property owners regardless of the arguments put forward and legal technicalities raised. I wasn't able to get notes down of all the arguments made, but hopefully the bits I can recall will give you a small flavour of the case.

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Dear Jan Wilson,

23-06-2006 21:52

Dear Jan Wilson,

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The death of a terrorist

23-06-2006 20:54

Zarqawi's death -- This essay speculates that Bush may NOT have wanted Zarqawi killed at this time

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Its good night from Matilda

23-06-2006 20:42

Its Goodnight Matilda well not just yet!

Hello here is what has been asked of from the representatives of Yorkshire forward

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Anti-nuclear photographic exhibition In Manchester next week

23-06-2006 19:57

A photographic exhibition about nuclear power and nuclear waste opens next week at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.

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23-06-2006 19:53

People are on the move around the world. In response to the globalisation of capitalist relations that bring poverty, starvation and war; in response to the world getting smaller; in response to the adverse affects of climate change, in response to our needs.