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Wal Mart up to it's anti-union tricks again?

solidarity | 24.06.2006 16:03 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

An article has appeared in the Sunderland Echo where workers were being photographed entering the Washington depot. The article suggests that it was the GMB doing this, which they deny... as we know the surveillence and intimidation of workers when the Union is about is classic WalMart.

Strongly anti-union WalMart has a track record of installing survillence to watch their staff as soon as they think there are workers who dare to think they should work in solidarity.

In Washington the implication is that the GMB is keeping watch for scabs. The Union has had to warn temping agencies about breaking the strike, as the mega-corp (which has been condemed for breaking the law and lying about it in court in the US) has made it clear they will try and break the strike. However, as previous form goes this is bound to be the intimidatory work of some of WalMarts professional anti-union team.



Some Things Walmart never told me

25.06.2006 05:57

From Past Form:

It would seem that any high level WALMART "Human Resources" Manager having entered the country in the recent past has done so with the intention of breaking the law by interfering in the legal Process of Striking. This is not a statement taking side. And it is a view held widely

It is not taking sides or encouraging ank kind of doings on either side to suggest the Union Busting that there is so much evidence for is actually bad for business. Shareholders, not traditionally the bastion of Workers Rights, are beginning to question the sense of Union Bashing with resolutions at shareholders Meetings.

This has led to WALMART being reported upon quite critically - using information from Freedom Of Information sources to compile a report

The accountants for WALMART are Ernst & Young LLP as the independent accountants of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. As part of the accountants duty of care and due dilligence in signing off accounts, the Accountants need to be assured that the Management have proceeded with due care. Should the aggressive Union Busting activities of WALMART be leading to reduction in profits then there might be professional reservations expressed. Persons at Ernst and Young who might benefit from Shareholder concerns are listed below. Mister Nigel Jones might be particularly concerned to Audit the Change in sales from the start of the strike. A complex area requiring the expensive services of qualified Auditors. In order for WALMART to make any clear assertions about Union Activity, Shareholders would do well to demand the independent analystical commentary of the Auditors.

(Only Shareholders could complain - although members of the Public could politely express concern.)

Address: 1 More London Place, London, SE1 2AF
Telephone: 020 7951 2000 Fax: 020 7951 1345
Main Contact: Mr Nick Land (Chairman)

Mr Nick Land (Chairman)

Mr Nigel Jones (National Head of Audit Services)

Mr Aidan O’Carroll (National Head of Tax Services)

Mr Nick Pasricha (Managing Partner, Client Service)

Mr Simon Perry (National Head of Transaction Advisory Services)

For Those not wishing to have any truck with Accountants and that sort of folk, you could contact Walmartwatch

And ask about their need to make links with ASDA employees in the UK. From such a site you download and read the "Managers Guide to Remaining Union Free" - Which is clearly a document inciting conspiracy to break the law in respect of the right to free association.

And the things that Walmart never told me? Firstly that my Union Membership some five years ago (before I went all middle class) within an entirely different organisation was relevant to my current employment. I thought not and chose to leave.

A Disgusted Former Employee


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