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Report: Experts Continue to Expose the 9/11 Fraud

Ken Reiner | 24.06.2006 03:58 | Repression | World

Even the mainstream media has acknowledged the recent growth in serious doubt about the Conspiracy Theory put forth by the War Criminals who LIED their way into a slaughter in Iraq.

They may send their goons to shower Disinformation on the rapidly-growing 911 Truth Movement, but until they can answer its questions, their effort only hilights the emptiness of the Bush/PNAC Regime's fable ...

Experts Continue to Expose the 9/11 Fraud, a report from Ken Reiner

This Saturday, Sunday and Monday, more experts will continue to shatter the official myths surrounding the horrors of Eleventh September 2001, when approximately 3,000 people from more than 80 nations were killed in the explosions at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Top Experts To Expose 9/11 Fraud At L.A. Conference

Two weeks ago, another conference was held.

9/11- Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future

Here is a report from Ken Reiner, one of the participants …

I promised to send you a description of what went on at the 911 conference I attended 2 weeks ago. It was such an overpowering event that I find it difficult, actually impossible to encapsulate it so I will attempt to give you some of my observations and refer you to sources that can provide you with more detailed specifics.

To begin with, this was the fourth of such meetings I attended once I got curious as to the legitimacy of the government's claims that the two tallest, most powerfully built steel structures in the world were knocked down by a group of named Arab terrorists who hijacked four commercial planes, flew them into those buildings, as well as the Pentagon, under the direction of, and financed by an Usama bin Laden of Afghanistan. A "vast group of terrorists" was quickly identified by our government as "Al Qaida" and allegedly consisted of "terrorists" attempting to cause death and destruction to American facilities and people on our homeland. As the events unfolded in Washington and New York, Al Qaida and Usama were positively charged by the government which somehow, suddenly knew, the very next day, who each and every hijacker was and how they accomplished this amazing feat, "totally unexpected", before 9 a.m. on 9/11 by the world's most accomplished spy agency! In later weeks five of the alleged hijackers were found to be alive, in Saudi Arabia, working for other airlines and such. Our government has never changed its story as to the number of hijackers or their names!

Unlike most Americans, I opposed the immediate attack against Afghanistan's Taliban government, officials and citizenry, since there was, at that time, no evidence of anyone's complicity within the Taliban. But I did accept the government's media-backed claims that the stricken two buildings were brought down by the flames from the fires caused by full fuel tanks and that the acts were caused by Arab hijackers. And I expected our government to come up with the promised evidence (which never arrived) supporting its picture of violent, suicidal Muslims outraged by Americans violating their sacred sites, striking back at what they perceived as the centers of power supporting USA domination. Our Pentagon and the World Trade Centers, both emblematic of our power.

By late 2003, after seeing, on the internet, questions of the validity of our government's claims that 9/11 was the basis for both pre-emptive attacks, on Afghanistan then Iraq, and hearing that there were no Arabs on any of the passenger manifests; that the usually instant Air Force probe of flights going astray was never performed until much too late (could there have been a "stand-down”?); that tremendous Put options were placed on American and United Airlines stock yielding millions of dollars of profits to insiders who seemingly knew which Airlines were going to lose their aircraft, (none of which was ever investigated by the government, I became increasingly suspicious of the government's stories.

My concerns were heightened when I learned of the government's disposal of, or secreting away, all evidentiary material of the attacks, even including all of the steel of the buildings, the black boxes and cockpit recordings during flight, the capture and never released photographs taken near the Pentagon from adjacent buildings and TV security monitors. And of course the obviously false claims of Iraq's possession of WMD's which were soon used to viciously attack that country, using depleted uranium, an internationally banned toxic weapon, causing untold death and destruction to innocent Iraqi's, demonstrated that everything the government has claimed turned out to be lies.

With such powerful suspicions I decided to attend the first sceptics meeting in San Francisco, and from the information gleaned there, attended the follow-up meetings in Toronto, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and finally Chicago, each time learning of more significant facts which left me to conclude that, beyond all doubt, key members within our own government and key agencies created, even if they may not have performed, the planned and tactically perpetrated psy-op operation of 9/11, to be able to claim that our nation had been attacked on its own soil by Muslim hijackers who succeeded in the destruction of our highest towers and the cold-blooded murder of thousands of innocent victims within them, as well as flying a plane into the Pentagon, the heart of our military defense institution, along with a plane destined to destroy the Whitehouse or Congress which was "luckily" thwarted by the intervention of some very brave American hero's. Yes, that was and is the government story, steadfastly repeated for almost 5 years, despite all sorts of contradictory facts that have emerged, almost from the outset, that shows the impossibility of that story being true.

The meetings in Chicago were attended by over 600 highly enthused citizens, determined to review all the facts exposing the government's fraudulent claims which it has used to create a spurious "war-time presidency" and the funnelling of hundreds of billions of dollars to major corporate interests and crony's in particular. There were over 50 knowledgeable presenters of various expertise's (I was one of them; all listed alphabetically below) who spoke to many workshops over two days, and the interest and attendance at all of the events is a testament to the success so many investigators have achieved in locating scientific evidence that completely destroys the mythological, official story which corporate media, and virtually all of our corporate controlled legislators have attempted to get the public to buy, using such means as the so called "Bi-partisan 911 Independent Commission of Inquiry" which even published a book supporting the myth while avoiding answering virtually all of the most pertinent questions that the families of the victims have been trying to get answers to ever since that infamous date in history.

Well, most of those absurdities were exposed on the weekend of June 2nd by some of the most competent investigators in this country as well as from Canada, Italy and Great Britain. As a result, almost half of all Americans have concluded that the criminals who were responsible for the 911 psy-op show need to be properly investigated and criminally charged with responsibility for the murders and damages that our government engaged in to create the "New Pearl Harbor" that the "Project for a New American Century", the program developed by the neocons running the U.S. government since Bush took office in 2001, set forth as their own Mein Kampf program. Their program consists of continuing warfare for as long as it takes for the New World Order of international corporate dominance to be achieved over every nation and over all of humanity, and most important, over U.S. citizenry who are not within the corporate elite.

The corporate media will say that the information disproving the government's story is by a bunch of conspiracy theorists who don't know what the facts are. Well, look for yourself at the presenters at the Chicago meeting, listed below. There are highly qualified engineers, scientists, psychologists, audiovisual experts and others, gathering photo-evidence, all exposing the real truth of 9/11 vs. the government's lies.

For example, taking just one individual's scientific analysis, that of Professor Steve Jones of Brigham Young University; a distinguished scientist, co-founder of and intimately knowledgeable about what it takes to cause the instantaneous failure of powerful steel structures such as happened on 9/11/01 to three powerful steel towers that fell in freefall format; all in less than 10 seconds each. His presentation at the conference included motion picture views of molten steel dripping from upper stories of the towers, at temperatures impossible to achieve without strategically placed explosive materials such as thermite. Masses of such molten steel were still liquid and glowing bright red, weeks after 9/11, and he presented photos showing that to all those able to hear his presentation. Open ; see for yourself. And open each link within it to see how powerful is his proof that whoever brought the THREE towers down, including the one that wasn't even hit by a plane, spent a long time in preparation for this choreographed event destined to terrify, along with the subsequent Anthrax mailings, and confuse the majority of Americans seeing it on CNN and other corporate media. Or go to for an even broader look at sources.

When you look at the list of presenters realize that you are looking at an array of some of the bravest Paul Revere's in America today. The U.S. government has gone to great lengths in creating Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, the various foreign rendition sites to let everyone know what dissident fate may very well be, once martial law is declared in this country and all civil rights are disappeared, as well as troublemakers like those trying to expose the criminals behind 9/11. As we know, Halliburton has been authorized to set up, and is now building, concentration camps throughout the USA ("in case we're invaded by Mexicans, or perhaps “terrorists”. Duh).

Anyone opposing this government's actions must realize the consequences are beyond all imagination, as have so many of our government acts been already. More and more we see, only corporate interests are protected by the current Supreme Court, so humans beware, for soon a microchip will be required for every human on earth unless we ALL speak up now and demand an immediate end to the corporate forces in Washington, all operating under the Republican and Democratic party banners, stripping us of our privacy as well as all of our rights. Remember what our forefathers, attempting to achieve independence from British rule said: We'd better hang together or we'll hang separately. That was never truer than it is today and the time for action to break up the RepubliCrat duopoly America is NOW. If we don't, we are lost!

For a list of Speakers at the Conference, please go to and click Speakers Archive

Another great report on the Chicago 9/ meetings of June 2nd 3rd and 4th: GATHERING TO DEMAND THE TRUTH ABOUT 911

That meeting was so inspiring that another one with many of the same keynote speakers will be taking place here in Los Angeles this Saturday and Sunday. It was only announced a week or so ago and is now completely sold out! The interest is escalating rapidly as more and more internet-savvy people learn what the mass media is still trying to keep secret, that 9/11 was definitely an inside job. Professor Steve Jones of Brigham Young University has just released his report that proves beyond a shadow of doubt how the towers were imploded; it was by use of thermate, thermite combined with sulfur that the job was done just as the world's eyes were glued to their TV screens in perhaps the most dynamic of all psy-op displays just preceding the lies about Bin Laden, Al Qaida, Mohammed Atta and the rest of the Arabic patsies suddenly emanated from the media and government forces.

For more on this new revelation, proving the lies of the bipartisan 911 Commission that were published a year ago, and ably refuted by theologian David Ray Griffin open this link:

Although the Saturday-Sunday event is sold out another event at which most
of that event's keynote speakers will attend will take place Monday evening. The cost is nominal: a contribution of $20.00 is requested and to learn more about it contact the sponsor's website: I expect to attend that event as well as the weekend meetings, having bought tickets in advance.

Ken Reiner

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Ken Reiner