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Breaking News - Jean Charles de Menezes

02-08-2007 14:11

Jean Charles - shot dead by armed police
The official report from the IPCC has confirmed that the senior counter-terrorism police officer, Andy Hayman, misled the Met Commissioner over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005.

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Yet another front-group joins the BNP's fast-growing collection

02-08-2007 13:48

That makes twenty-five, no twenty-six, no twenty-seven etc etc

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Beatles Festival

02-08-2007 13:44

The Mathew Street Festival,were the Beatles started out in the Cavern is no more.

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Bristol Climate Camp Transport/ Public Meeting

02-08-2007 12:59

Bristol stuff

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Campsfield Detentainees Confront Home Office Officals

02-08-2007 12:35

Following Tuesday night's large, disciplined yard-protest and Wednesday morning's hunger strike, two Home Office representatives were called to Campsfield on Wednesday afternoon to hear the detainees' grievances. The pair, including the Assistant Director of Escorting Services at the Borders and Immigration Authority (Philip Schoelenberger?) were confronted by an angry, articulate, multi-national delegation of 22 detainees in a meeting that lasted 2 and a half hours.

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Wildcat Posties in West of Scotland

01-08-2007 22:45

In amongst the planned strikes in Royal Mail this week, posties in & around Glasgow have been taking spontaneous (“wildcat”) action over the last few days. Things are apparently hotting up, with one source saying that management are “stirring things up a bit to divide the workforce”.

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Justice and the Cambodian Knot

01-08-2007 22:40

The wheels of international justice are turning so slowly in Cambodia the leaders of Pol Pot’s genocidal regime in the 1970s are in danger of dying of old age before a court hears the evidence against them.
Unlike other parts of the world - the Balkans for example - the baffling delay in bringing to justice the last of the still alive Khmer Rouge ogres is partly the result of reluctance by an international community whose own conscience over the Cambodian Killing Fields is far from lily-white and partly the fault of a Cambodian government anxious to sweep this murderous chapter of its past under the table without delving too deeply into who was guilty, who was not and who collaborated.

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The Bottled Water Lie (it's just tap water)

01-08-2007 20:48

As Soft Drink Giant Admits Product is Tap Water, New Scrutiny Falls on the Economic and Environmental Costs of a Billion Dollar Industry

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Rossport Activist slams new Irish government announcment as a "Sad Spectacle"

01-08-2007 20:30

Eamon Ryan, minister for Natural Resources, when he supported the Rossport Five
One of the main arguments against the Shell scheme in Mayo has always been that the people of Ireland would see little or no benefit from the exploitation of their resources. Today the new Green Party Minister announced that new terms will apply to licences for the oil and gas of the west coast. However the natural resources are still, in effect, being given away to Shell and other companies...

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Iraq “Violence has destroyed my family”

01-08-2007 19:40

"People in Iraq are living in constant fear of violence, unemployment, hunger and displacement."

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Crops destroyed by Global Warming

01-08-2007 18:12

Global warming is the most serious threat facing planet.

We have an opportunity, and an obligation, to lead in solving this global crisis by investing in clean and safe electricity, efficient buildings and a less polluting transportation system.

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BAA injunction judge is also a potential defendant

01-08-2007 17:48

John Stewart and Leo Murray outside the High Court today
BAA added a new own goal to its string of recent cock ups, when it emerged the judge hearing their case today was not only a member of the RSPB but also a benefactor of both The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and The National Trust. She declared her interest as part of the opening session.

All three organisations' members risk criminal prosecution if they breach terms of an injunction being sought by BAA in court today.

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Second round of Iran-US talks: Cheney camp pushes for war

01-08-2007 17:00

The alarming and unanimous passage with 97 votes to zero by the US Congress of an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill drafted by the leading proponent of war with Iran, Sen Lieberman, on 11th July, which accuses Iran of "intolerable acts of hostility towards the US" and demands the US government to take "Immediate action" can be regarded as the prelude to a declaration of war

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BAA Injunction: What Happened At Court Today

01-08-2007 16:36

Please note: this is an article written after telephone contact with people outside the court. Please see the other report here.

The High Court in London was the scenery of some funny encounters today as BAA put forward their case for an injunction they served individuals from certain anti-airport groups earlier last week. We'll spare you all the boring details, so let's jump to the exciting bits. Basically, the whole thing was badly put together from BAA's side. Timothy Lawson Cruttenden (TLC) was representing BAA in this case, interestingly enough the same lawyers firm that tried to slap injunctions on protesters at Brighton's weapons manufacturers EDO. This eventually failed miserably...

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The Idol Market or Ten Dogmas of Neoliberalism

01-08-2007 15:54

Neoliberalism refuses any social or ecological limitation and has all the attributes of a dogmatic religion. For neoliberalism, there is only an ethic of individuals, not a social ethic that judges according to a standard of social justice. It is convinced that interventionism is of the devil and that the good can only occur in the form of the market and never in the form of social justice.

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Wildcat Strikes Spread Through Royal Mail

01-08-2007 15:48

As a result of drivers refusing to cross pickets set up by their striking colleagues as part of the CWU rolling strikes, suspensions are leading to solidarity walkouts.

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Weekend demo outside 'London Muslim Centre' for victims - 'First Solution'

01-08-2007 15:01

Which was set up at the start of July [2007] to take action to get the money back to the people who have been robbed via ‘First Solution’ is now holding the first demonstration outside the London Muslim Centre this weekend.

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Bush-Brown summit: Tensions but no policy shift by Britain

01-08-2007 13:43

There is a scene in the film Love Actually when the newly elected Prime Minister played by Hugh Grant finally takes a stand against the president of the United States after repeatedly attempting to get him to change policy direction. The denouement takes place at a press conference, in which Grant makes a cringe-worthy defence of Britain as a “small country” but a “great one” before telling the president, “I fear that this has become a bad relationship...a friend who bullies us is no longer a friend.”

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Australian government issues new “terrorist” smears against Haneef

01-08-2007 13:40

Using its usual mixture of unsubstantiated smear and innuendo, the Howard government is ratcheting up its witch-hunt against Mohamed Haneef, determined to shore up its “war on terror” despite the collapse of the criminal case against the young Muslim doctor.

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Only a few lapses by the self-styled champion of causes

01-08-2007 13:05

The latest edition of 'Private Eye' carries an extended version of what last week appeared in the local paper for Bethnal Green and Bow. The Advertiser. A very positive appreciation of Mr. Galloway in his House of Commons speech in which he managed to fob off all charges against him that the Committee on Standards in the Commons had made against him. Is 'Private Eye' perhaps related to the East London Advertiser...? Should we not be told?