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The politics of hedonism (part two the story of Wally Hope)

20-06-2003 13:07

This is over 2000 word best print of and read over a joint or cup of tea
posted by mozaz:

In this cell that is ours, there is no pity.
no sunrise on the cold plain that is our soul,
no beckoning to a warm horizon.
All beauty eludes us and we wait.

No answer is in itself an answer.

Oriental proverb.

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Starbucks v HaidaBucks

20-06-2003 13:02

The jackboots of corporate globalisation are crushing the little guy.

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20-06-2003 12:59

Is Google all it appears to be?

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Tel Aviv bust stop (by Latuff)

20-06-2003 12:58

Bus stop
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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The politics of hedonism (alice nutter)

20-06-2003 12:39

The constant tension between drug culture and radical politics and the moments when the two seemingly opposite poles feed and rejuvenate each other.

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Argentina Autonomist Project - Piquetera Tour

20-06-2003 12:28

Over the last two years an incredible wave of social protest and action has engulfed Argentina. And yet, little is heard about this in the United States or in Europe. To correct this, the Argentina Autonomist Project (AAP) was formed. The Piquetera Tour is now touring the UK. It is well worth seeing.

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now look here

20-06-2003 12:20

an image of pure joy

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Two US soldiers wounded in Iraq by RPG

20-06-2003 12:03

Two US soldiers wounded in Falluja Iraq after a rocket-propelled grenade strikes an electric transformer, amid a "spiralling series of attacks".

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pics of Lausanne demo 31.5.

20-06-2003 11:26

The red zone at the lakeside- fenced off, but also containers, military & police
In Evian, there was the G8 meeting, and also lots of protesters made it to different locations round the lake. Here are some pics from Lausanne 31.5.2003, particularly from
the 6pm demo trying to invade the yellow zone.

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Galloway documents were forged

20-06-2003 11:04

2nd rate forgeries exposed.

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Pictures and report from Geneva protest (Oxford GR)

20-06-2003 10:52

Link to pictures and report from Geneva protest against the G8.

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GM Crops 'May Push Poorest Farmers Into Debt'

20-06-2003 09:14

Genetically modified crops will not tackle world hunger and could threaten the livelihoods of Third World farmers, a new study has said.
The report is published today by the charity ActionAid, before the start of the Government's long-awaited debate on GM next week.

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Genetically Matched Birth Sparks Ethical Deba

20-06-2003 09:02

A British woman has given birth to a son after receiving fertility treatment in the United States to ensure the baby was genetically matched to help cure an older brother who suffers from a rare form of anemia.

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Grenade attack on Americans reported in Iraq

20-06-2003 08:58

Americans reportedly attacked with grenades in "restive" Iraqi town of Falluja overnight. The Americans "indiscriminately" fired back. It is not clear whether there were casualties.

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Puppet Show (video)

20-06-2003 03:47

Filmed by a short person who turned up late.

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English Summary of Thessaloniki 2003, #1

20-06-2003 00:10

En. summaries of the Thessaloniki 2003 events will be posted here over the next few days. Only the news items per se, from the Athens Indy newswire, will be posted – for there are also a great many other articles and reports in the newswire already, as well as many photographs that can be seen. Apologies for any news items overlooked – it is not at all intentional and is to be very regretted. - sc

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Peace in the Park

20-06-2003 00:00

Peace in the Park Flyer Front
Peace in the Park is a one day festival in Sheffield City Centre on Saturday 21st June. The event will take place on Devonshire Green, Division Street, from Midday until 8pm. The festival is one of peace and solidarity with the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, as well as everyone struggling for a life and future that is their own.

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The SHORTWAVE REPORT 6/20/03 ¡Listen Globally!

19-06-2003 23:53

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.2MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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Thessaloniki 2003: text from occupation

19-06-2003 22:06


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Mayday London b/w pics

19-06-2003 22:06

Mermaid of London: the tide is rising!
Black and White pictures of London MayDay