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Peace in the Park

Sheffield IMC | 20.06.2003 00:00 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Sheffield

Peace in the Park is a one day festival in Sheffield City Centre on Saturday 21st June. The event will take place on Devonshire Green, Division Street, from Midday until 8pm. The festival is one of peace and solidarity with the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, as well as everyone struggling for a life and future that is their own.

Peace in the Park Flyer Front
Peace in the Park Flyer Front

Peace in the Park Flyer Back
Peace in the Park Flyer Back

The event is being organised by a variety of groups from Sheffield including Hunters Bar Against the War, Headcharge, Sheffield Stop the War Coalition, Ju-ju Club, Sandman Magazine, Trouble, Trollyd and others.

Outdoor stage organised by Sandman with live music/spoken word - an eclectic mix: from indie, through ska and world beats to poetry.

More info on the Peace in the Park web site:

Also the final programme has been posted:

To the Sheffield Against War announcement email list:

Also there might be a Sheffield Indymedia stall there!

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