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University research findings called into question over Tesco funding

15-12-2009 14:44

Research undertaken at the University of Manchester has concluded that loyalty bonuses are a more effective way of motivating customers to re-use plastic bags than to charge for them. However, the independence of this research has been thrown into doubt, raising questions over the £25 million donation received from Tesco by the Sustainable Consumption Institute.

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Around the Campaigns Tuesday 15th December 2009

15-12-2009 13:57

- "The forced return to Kosovo of people who have found shelter in European states should be halted", said the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights publishing today a letter to the Chancellor of Germany, Dr. Angela Merkel. He notes that Kosovo lacks infrastructures allowing refugees' sustainable reintegration.

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Young mother commits suicide and kills her son after months of poverty

15-12-2009 13:44

Earlier this month, a London Coroner’s Court heard that on June 13 this year, Christelle Pardo leapt from the sixth-floor balcony of her sister’s flat in Hackney, east London, holding her five-month-old son Kayjah in her arms. She did so after months of dire poverty. Both mother and son were killed.

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Mass arrests in Copenhagen

15-12-2009 13:42

Tens of thousands of demonstrators who assembled in Copenhagen on Saturday to peacefully demand serious measures by the United Nations Climate Conference (COP15) to address the global warming crisis were confronted by masses of riot police, who cordoned off a section of the march and arbitrarily arrested nearly 1,000 people.

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Tragedy for Western Sahara

15-12-2009 13:40

An extended version of the article published in the Guardian yesterday

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National Campaign 'Bankrupt The BNP' Makes Waves

15-12-2009 13:19

BNP Freepost closed

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ITALY announces fascist illiberal measures: new rules on marches and web sites

15-12-2009 13:18

the proposals under consideration Thursday of the CDM
Casini disputes that: "No to illiberal measures, laws are already there"

Maroni: "New rules on marches and sites" The proposals under consideration Thursday of the CDM
ROME - On Thursday, the Council of Ministers will consider new, stricter rules on demonstrations and on the Internet. This was announced by Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, speaking of "the most appropriate and urgent measures" to which it is conceivable that the government act by decree. The holder of the Interior Ministry has also informed that the Executive is considering the possibility of extending the rules to public demonstrations against the violence in stadiums.

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Tea, biscuits and ethnic cleansing - inside the Jewish National Fund conference

15-12-2009 12:39

Last Sunday we (two members of the Inetrnational Solidarity Movement London) obtained tickets to the JNF conference, which Israeli war criminal Tzipi Livni was due to address. She didnt show up and we heckled the Israeli ambassador instead but in the meantime gained a rare insight into the inner workings of the zionist machine. here is what we saw

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Mass demo, Danish Embassy, Thursday 17 Dec 4pm!

15-12-2009 12:30

There will be a mass demonstration outside the Danish Embassy in London in solidarity with those unlawfully arrested and detained in Copenhagen during the Climate Summit protests. On Thursdat the 17 December at 4pm. The address of the embassy is :- 5 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SR. Nearest tube Knightsbridge.

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Activist Robbers hold up International Chamber of Commerce

15-12-2009 11:48

Activists blocking the entrance to the ICC with bike locks and superglue
Yesterday three activists dressed as robbers have blocked the entrance to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The protesters, who attached themselves using superglue and bikelocks, say that the ICC are undermining a fair and effective climate deal at the current UN climate change talks in Copenhagen.

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Hashmat Tookhi Belongs To Birmingham!!

15-12-2009 11:39

Please take action to stop a Birmingham man being deported to Afghanistan TODAY!

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UK to Palestine Convoy crosses Turkish border

15-12-2009 11:26

Report from 80 strong vehicle convoy heading for Gaza with aid

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Climate protestors scale Canadian embassy and deface flag

15-12-2009 11:06

Photo and video opportunity from 8am: The Canadian High Commission, 1Grosvenor Square CLIMATE PROTESTORS SCALE CANADIAN EMBASSY AND DEFACE FLAG

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Black Cat Centre evicion - updated info and callout - support needed!

15-12-2009 09:48

the black cat
Hi all. The last post was written fairly hurridley, and missed some info, so here is an updated callout for help resisting the eviction of Baths only occupied social centre.

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Report from Cop-enhagen

15-12-2009 09:37

The signs up all over the airport and various places elsewhere in town are calling it Hopenhagen, but everybody I know is calling it Cop-enhagen, which seems far more appropriate. The international media has been giving this lots of coverage, and rightly so. Of course much of the media is unable to walk and chew gum at the same time, so other things, such as the reason the protests are happening in the first place, can get lost.

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Mass Arrest In Christiania Raid - COP15

15-12-2009 02:00

Between 200-300 people have been arrested in this evening's Raid on Christiania.

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The Times: Secret document exposes Iran's nuclear trigger

15-12-2009 01:01

Times, 14 December 2009

“Leaked memo shows regime intent on building atomic bomb”

“It looks like the smoking gun. This is smoking uranium.”

“Israel must decide within months on military strike.”

With the December 14th issue of ‘The Times’, the British media’s four-year-long propaganda campaign against Iran enters its final stage.

In fact, the tone and scope of this latest coverage is almost identical to those we were bombarded with in the months preceding the invasion of Iraq.

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The RSA (The Royal Society for the Arts)'fosters resilient communities'.

15-12-2009 00:31

The Royal Society for the Arts (the RSA, correctly title 'The Royal Society for the encouragment of the Arts, Manufacture and Commerce') fosters 'resilient communities'. The Lancashire Resilience Forum is a private body, does not come under Freedom of Information, yet is chaired by the Superintendent of Police.