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29-05-2003 05:53

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Iraqis Riot, Shoot Down U.S. Helicopter

29-05-2003 04:41

An American helicopter is shot down and an Iraqui police station is blown up as anti-American sentiments continue to be expressed in Iraq.

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AUDIO - Rent De-Regulation in NYC

29-05-2003 04:05

Privatization rears its head in ways that aren't often noticed... Listen to the Interview at

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French banker caught laundering dirty money in China

28-05-2003 23:16

An internal memo revealed that the French bank, Societe Generale, was fully aware of the illegal activity and allowed the laundering to continue.

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Aberdeen Army Careers Office incident

28-05-2003 23:01

Aberdeen Army Careers Office incident

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synarchist history

28-05-2003 22:45

this si the best read i've had in ages...

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Coca-Cola Boycott

28-05-2003 22:35

Global Boycott in response to Coca-cola's Corporate Slaughter.
2 text articles covering the situation in Colombia (article 1)

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palestine benefits

28-05-2003 21:40

2 nights 4 Palestine...

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Geneva boarded up ahead of g8 protests

28-05-2003 19:46

Geneva is tense, but also a little amused, as preparations for protests against the g8 summit increase.

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Eyewitness account of YesterdaysJenin Invasion

28-05-2003 18:55

ISM activist Ewa reports from

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28-05-2003 18:38

a second bloc is being opened in lausanne, strictly non-violent. here is their call, please spread it around:

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It's confirmated the blocking of the border in Mont Blanc

28-05-2003 18:33

It's confirmated the blocking of the border in Mont Blanc

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Lausanne Anti-G8

28-05-2003 17:12

Latest update on Lausanne anti-G8

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Bush Puts Theft Of Iraqi Oil Above US LAW

28-05-2003 15:09

Bush protecting the spoils of war from his number one enemy, Justice.

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G8 in Evian/ Issues, Links, Demos

28-05-2003 14:36

A pre-event roundup of background, demos, places, taken from indymedia radio london on Plus first report from Lausanne.

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British Soliders refused to fight

28-05-2003 13:51

Any one got any information

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DEMONSTRATE at "buy land in Israel Exhibition

28-05-2003 12:33

Stop this vile exhibition

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Irish Radio Debates

28-05-2003 12:08

from NewsTalk 106 FM in Dublin (article 1)

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More Tragedy In Narmada, India

28-05-2003 11:40

May 22, 2003

Shobha Wagh, a woman with grit and silent determination.

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Sign for animal protection

28-05-2003 11:06

Please take part in our campaign for the inclusion of animal protection in the European Constitution.