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Paulson and Cheney Subpoenaed by Tribunal (is this true ! ? please confirm !)

08-01-2007 14:22

Saturday 30 December 2006 20:05

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Please Boycott our Police State

08-01-2007 13:10

The US Customs will demand that you submit to full fingerprinting like any other criminal upon your arrival in our country. Stay away!

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New London Food Not Bombs Group

08-01-2007 12:59

A new Food Not Bombs group is being started in the London area, and are looking for more people to be involved in the project. We will be holding our FIRST MEETING tommorrow (Tueday 9/1/07) at the Rising Sun pub, Torrington Place (nearest tube - Goodge Street) at 2.10pm

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'Injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist' Courts in Hull and E. Riding....

08-01-2007 12:45

In response to the recent 'injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist'
Courts in the East Riding and Hull Locality by the claimant East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who the Judge (HHJ Grenfell), at Kingston Upon Hull Combined Courts totally abused my basic human rights and 'ignored' all submissions within my case.

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Fortnightly rubbish collection creating a plague of rats

08-01-2007 12:04

Across the country, fortnightly rubbish collection is creating a plague of rats.

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Save Radley Lakes

08-01-2007 10:55

Massive local opposition to the destruction of the last two remaining lakes at Radley has been ignored by power company RWE npower, and the decision to fill these lakes with toxic ash has been rail-roaded through by Oxfordshire County Council.
A squatted field centre has been opened on the lakeside to stop this envieonmental disaster, and they go to court on Wednesday 10th January to fight their eviction. Show your support!

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Israel has plans for nuclear attack on Iran

08-01-2007 09:43

A report in yesterday’s London-based Sunday Times revealed that the Israeli military has been training to use tactical nuclear weapons against Iran’s uranium enrichment plant at Natanz and other nuclear facilities. Based on several Israeli military sources, the article said two air force squadrons were involved, with the preparations being overseen by air force commander Major General Eliezer Shkedi.

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B&K Beagle Shippers - Yusen

08-01-2007 05:18

"We do not expect that the actions of NARN will have any major impact on our company
in 2007" - B&K Spokesperson to Yorkshire Post (03/01/07)

Similar comments were made by Hillgrove, Consort Beagles and Newchurch Farm; all
with the same idea - that they will not be closed down.

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08-01-2007 01:30

The (unused) rushed delivery of 30 ‘bunker busters’ (tactical nuclear weapons) to Israel by the USA during the South Lebanon conflict seemed unwarranted at the time but today the murky machinations of the ultra-right forces of Zionism and the Washington neo-cons, become clear. The PNAC agenda (specifically Middle East domination) also adds credence to what would seem to be a delay in plans; due principally to Israel’s unsuccessful foray against Iranian backed Hezbollah, in South Lebanon.

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Welcome Energy Crisis

08-01-2007 00:29

15 points to break with oil addiction

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Blair meets the public (well not really).

07-01-2007 22:29

'Sorry madam, you are only a member of the public...'
On Friday Tony Blair PM used his first day back at work to visit the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green. Prior to this he had just completed his tour of has-been manufactured pop stars mansions with a stay at the luxury residence of one of the Bee Gees. This followed his recent holiday in August at the seaside mansion of heterosexual rock god Sir Cliff Richard. So much for ‘Cool Britania’…….

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Leeds Critical Mass

07-01-2007 21:59

November's ride saw two arrests, let's make January the biggest yet.

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Green Hero : Erv Klaas, Ames, USA

07-01-2007 20:00

Erv Klaas
Green Seniors is pleased to recognize the environmental work of Erwin “Erv” Klaas, our featured Green Hero. Erv is Professor Emeritus of Animal Ecology at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. To the people of Ames, he is known as the person who spearheaded the effort that safeguarded our city water supply and created a beautiful city park for all to enjoy.

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Close Guantanamo Vigil U..S Embassy 4-6pm Thurs Jan 11th

07-01-2007 18:43

Thursday January 11th. is the 5th. anniversary of the U.S. Prison on Guantanamo receiving its first prisoner.

Thursday January 11th. 2007 will see an international day of action to Shut Down
Guantanamo stretching from Washington DC to Guantanamo Bay to Sydney to London!

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Zionist Squatter Lieberman: "We're European Imperialists, too!"

07-01-2007 18:31

Zionist Minister of Strategic Threats Avdigor Lieberman has intensified a diplomatic campaign of collaboration and complicity with European Imperialists. He hopes to gain assurances that Europe will come to Apartheid Israel's defense after the Zionist colony finally decides to bomb Iran.

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Fourth Anglo-Afghan War Shows Signs of Ending Similarly to the First Three

07-01-2007 18:24

Michael Smith reports today in Britain's Murdoch-owned Sunday Times about the increasing difficulty of Britain's occupying army's to recapture and hold once-controlled territory in southern Afghanistan, the first 'Central Front' for Uncle Sam's WarOn Terrorists.

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Pirates of Compassion Sail into Hostile Waters

07-01-2007 15:59

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Farley Mowat is now officially a pirate vessel !

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9/11 - Triple Cross - review

07-01-2007 15:58

Triple Cross
Most of the journalistic foundation for the 9/11 truth movement is a vast mosaic of articles, each containing one or more significant fragments, and most have been written by journalists who had no particular dedication or greater awareness of 9/11. Those who have written in depth about 9/11 have used this mosaic (and of course have been aided considerably by resources like Paul Thompson's Complete 9/11 Timeline), but few actually do on-the-ground journalism. Peter Lance is one of the few investigative journalists who has dedicated himself to the historical thicket of 9/11. In addition to using the mosaic, he travels to interview people, develops contacts inside the key agencies, gets his hands on damning FBI 302 documents, and bothers people who deserve to be bothered. For the last four years, he has obsessed on 9/11 and many of its deep-political tendrils, producing the equivalent of dozens of rich, original articles.

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America's Germ Warfare Capabilities developed in secret in US Corporate Labs

07-01-2007 15:07

The costliest, most grandiose research scheme ever attempted having germ warfare capability is going forward under President Bush and in apparent defiance of international treaties such as the Geneva Convention of 1925 that bans biological agents.

And this program, involving some of the world's deadliest and most loathsome pathogens, many of which could trigger plagues and epidemics, is being conducted largely in secret without adequate oversight and in flagrant contempt of NIH's own rules.

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Project Censored: US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights

07-01-2007 15:04

Project Censored Releases a New study on the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons.