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Sign for peace

08-05-2003 07:42

On-line petition for an Emergency United Nations Resolution on Iraq

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Frontlines articles on Colombia, Argentina, US, Iraq, Scotland...

08-05-2003 04:06

Frontlines newspaper world news bulletin Nr. 15

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Palestinian baby killed by Zionists

08-05-2003 03:43

Palestinian baby killed by Zionists

An 18-month-old Palestinian boy died yesterday after being shot in the neck as Israeli forces guarding a Jewish settlement opened fire on a southern Gaza refugee camp, Palestinian security and medical officials said.

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Recent Developments Concerning the International Solidarity Movement

08-05-2003 01:20

New Profile, a Movement for the Civil-ization of Israeli society, hopes to continue to circulate the following ISM information in order to bring awareness and attention to what is taking place in Israel and in the Occupied Territories.

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Iraq News from Caoihme Butterly

08-05-2003 00:19

Caoihme is an Irish human rights activist living in Bahgdad and working with Voices in the Wilderness. And her writing Rocks xxx

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London Social Forum Plenary meeting tomorrow

07-05-2003 23:51

The London Social Forum meets tomorrow (Thurs 8th) at 6pm, Room H101, London School of Economics (LSE). Please use the Old Building entrance. Go to the 2nd floor, then cross over to Connaught House, room H101. For a map for directions, go to:

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Merseyside Police - Getting away with murder?

07-05-2003 22:17

Merseyside Police - Getting away with murder?
Merseyside Police - Getting away with murder?

Today Merseyside Police Chiefs were told by the CPS that police marksmen would not face criminal proceedings for the shooting of Andrew Kernan outside his home in Liverpool.

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9/11. Success story of the century ?

07-05-2003 21:22

could 9/11 be the Arabs greatest victory ?

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from inside the strand cordon

07-05-2003 19:54

two videos of minor incidents at 6:30 -6:50 ie before the deadline for dispersal the second one city police go in is interesting showing clearly heavy handed approach to a near zero threat (article 1)

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"Defective or Manipulated," Says U.S. Senator About WMD Intelligence

07-05-2003 19:29

Outspoken comments from segments of the U.S. government have been casting doubts on the Bush administration's evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction…….

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Untying the Saudi-U.S. knot marks end of historic ties

07-05-2003 19:25

Many Saudis see Rumsfeld's visit as a historic parting of the ways for two traditional allies. "The Americans now have Iraq and no longer need us," says Abdul-Muhsin Al Mualaa, a businessman. "It is as if the ground has fallen [from] under our feet."

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RTS May Day 5th May

07-05-2003 18:20

Video RTS May Day 5th May
Video plus Stils of the Rts May Day Street Party in Dublin, Monday 5th May. Wonderful day had by all. (article 1)

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The legal proceeding of the murder of Carlo Giuliani at G8 2001 has been closed

07-05-2003 17:13

There won't be any trial for Mario Placanica, the policeman who shot dead Carlo Giuliani, the young protestor killed in Genova during g8 2001.The tribunal of Genova said the proceeding is closed and the cop innocent.

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"You bring your kite, I'll bring the uzis".

07-05-2003 15:58

Easter, South Australia 2003 and hundreds of people from around the country converge on Baxter one of Australia's most notorious immigration detention centres. Some protesters had travelled almost 2500 km/1600 miles to be at Baxter and in solidarity with refugees and their fellow human rights activists from around the nation.

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The Rational Destruction of Yugoslavia

07-05-2003 15:55

Now that the United States has completed a so-called humanitarian intervention in Iraq, I believe it is very informative to look back at the previous one in Yugoslavia. A brilliant analysis by noted author and political scientist Michael Parenti.

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UK Social Forum

07-05-2003 15:40

Are you organising a Social Forum - type event in the UK? Share your experiences and contacts...

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Britons and other Europeans should stop their colonialist behaviour

07-05-2003 13:48

Unless Cyprus reaches a political settlement soon, we might reach the stage where northern Cyprus will resemble countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia: i.e. where the majority of land, acquired illegally, will be in the hands of a new-breed of European colonists.

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Wheely Good Sound System

07-05-2003 12:11

Wheely Good Sound System
A web page showing how to build your own wheely bin sound system is up now at
Great idea to add mobile music to your protestival :)

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07-05-2003 10:47

do something...NOW

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The End of the NHS!

07-05-2003 10:09

Blairs plan to create a two tier NHS