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NO WAR NO BUSH! Rome, June 4 Photo reportages:

13-06-2004 09:17

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to those that wanted another day of war

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Sea Island G8 arrestees still in custody! How we can help them.

13-06-2004 08:11

Demonstrators break off the March For Palestine and head for Sea Island
On Thursday June 10th 15 people were arrested in Brunswick (GA) after refusing to disperse. The majority of them has not yet been released and they are not receiving medical attention despite injuries due to prolonged sun exposure and other lesions. Others were later arrested at a jail-solidarity demonstration outside the Glynn County detention center on Friday and charged with criminal trespassing.

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"I am not willing to live in this world anymore."

13-06-2004 07:09

Are you?

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Bush's "Right Wing" Media shows its Muscle in its phony Reagan Eulogy!

13-06-2004 02:11

Bush's "Right Wing" Media shows its Muscle in its phony Reagan Eulogy!

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Home festival - Free music Via captain wardrobe

12-06-2004 23:30

It's festy time again instead of posting some strange scary bio-experiment news or police state rant, i want to just give some music to you as a way of thanking all who have posted replies / argued with me on the many varied posts I have made!

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Twenty Four Things We Are Not Told About the Smoke Ban.

12-06-2004 22:10

Twenty-Four things about the fraudulent "smoking" ban situation that your media OR your public officials didn't,and won't tell you. Info here may be helpful to pub proprietors (and their counselors) in opposing any bans. This deal is NOT about our health or health of workers. Ironically, it's about protecting the Cigarette Cartel.

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Anarchist Bookfair

12-06-2004 20:52

Today myself and five other activists from Cambridge Indymedia attended the anarchist bookfair (see for further details) in Norwich.

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Protesting BIO 2004 in San Francisco

12-06-2004 20:48

An account of the June 8th protest at the biotech convention in San Francisco, California

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ANTI BUSH PAN-EUROPEAN NOISE PROTEST on Friday 25 June 2004, 20 hours

12-06-2004 20:38

GRAPHICS - note times wrong, corrected version will be forwarded on Monday
President Bush arrives at Shannon airport, together with Powell and Rice, on Friday 25 June, on an official UE visit to attend an EU-USA summit meeting. The Barcelona Stop the War Coalition (Plataforma Aturem la Guerra), supported by delegates of Irish and European Anti-War groups, calls on all interested groups, associations and individuals to organise and participate in an anti-Bush Pan-European Noise Protest throughout Europe. Agreed time 20.00 (8p.m.)(this would be 21.00 (9p.m.) in central Europe time. Duration 1/2 hour

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Rev Billy Hijack Video

12-06-2004 18:37

Videos of Rev Billy in London.

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why SUVs are so popular

12-06-2004 18:26

Recent resaerch gives new insight into the popularity of SUVs

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Gush Shalom update / 12 June

12-06-2004 18:15

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -


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Anti-G8 Action in Hamburg City Centre

12-06-2004 18:15

Banner drop from "Saturn" department store in solidarity with the actions against the G8 in the USA.

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Ronald Reagan "Gallant Leader" or "Reckless,Murdering Scum-Bag"???

12-06-2004 17:52

Ronald Reagan "Gallant Leader" or "Reckless,Murdering Scum-Bag"???

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Secret plans for Trident replacement

12-06-2004 16:51

(Not-So) Secret plans for Trident replacement

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Bio-Chip Implants

12-06-2004 16:26

A few months ago I posted the article below. It received a mixed reception but some commeted that the idea was the creation of a paranoid conspiracy theorist's mind.

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Nottingham: Another Anti-G8/McDonalds event

12-06-2004 16:05

Nottingham juggled and clowned about outside McDonalds in Clumber Street, Nottingham Centre on Saturday afternoon. Many leaflets about the G8 issues were distributed.

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European march of sans-papiers from Brussels to Paris

12-06-2004 15:36

More than 80 "sans-papiers" from France walk from Brussels (headquarters of the European Union in Belgium) to Matignon (the residence of the French Prime Minister in Paris) to protest against the policies of Fortress Europe and to inform the people they meet on their way about the situation of sans-papiers in Europe.

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Collateral Damage

12-06-2004 15:31