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Detention profiteers shut down for the day!

30-11-2007 19:56

How many activists does it take to shut down the UK head offices of a multinational corporation?

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Israeli Military Announces Readiness to Invade Gaza

30-11-2007 19:54

ALERT: Annapolis a Charade: Olmert Plotting Massive Aggression

In Germany, according to historian Richard Evans, in 1931-1932, if enough Germans of conscience had begun to say No -- history would have had an entirely diferent outcome.

If we go any further down this road the tears will be those of conservatives as well as progressives. They will be (Israeli) tears.

The time for weeping has to stop; the time for confronting must begin.

Adapted from "American Tears"

The timing is interesting, given the "Annapolis Conference", which serves to be about PR alone, as Olmert has already ruled out any Negotiations or Compromise in the name of peace.

If you follow the events surrounding Israel's "Disengagement" from Gaza, you will quickly understand that this was the plan all along. While Israel was making a public spectacle of "forcing Jews to leave their homes", it was quietly surrounding the Strip with artillery emplacements, in an operation ominously named "First Rain".

Under this operation, Gaza basically became a "Free-Fire Zone", and several artillery and gunship strikes killed a high number of civilians. Finally, when one of these batteries fired upon and murdered a Palestinian family - picnicking on a beach that had been Segregated "Jews Only" only weeks before, Hamas finally decided to call an end to its unilateral, two-year cease-fire.

(In essence, they took Israel's bait. After all, you can't excuse your Aggression and label it "defense" if you're not being intermittently attacked. Never mind the hypocrisy underlying the entire media's framing of that whole debate ...)

When the Palestinians responded by electing Hamas to power (yes, elected), Israeli Extremists and their Ideological, bought foreign co-conspirators imposed unilateral sanctions on Gaza, a bit of Collective Punishment which increased the hardship of those stuck in the world's largest Concentration Camp.

When they felt Gaza had been substantially weakened, the US and Israel undertook a Coup attempt, using corrupt elements within the Fatah Party, provoking a violent response by Hamas, which expelled the group. Most of the world's media ignored the events leading to this "crisis", and instead only repeated the Propaganda emanating from the US and Israel, which used this to further increase sanctions against Gaza.

Most recently, Israel stepped up its Collective Punishment, except that human rights groups and legal advisors to the Government halted some of its approved measures, because they run contrary to International Humanitarian Law.

This was sold as another "response to rocket attacks" (again highlighting the hypocrisy of the debate's Framing - are the Palestinians allowed to defend themselves from strikes which actually KILL people ... ?), even though high-ranking officials said that this was NOT, in fact, a response to these attacks, but a way to "distance Israel from Gaza's infrastructure".

The real reason for this whole episode, of course, has been to "soften up" the Gaza Strip for a long-planned military attack, a way to undermine the resolve, and hopefully rid this territory of Palestinians altogether.

Olmert signalled long ago that he would not entertain any serious discussions at this summit, essentially selling out the Israeli public's desire for peace.

Now, Israel appears to be preparing to issue the usual 'justifications' for an Act of Aggression they planned long ago, by calling it a response to violence their own behaviour has provoked. The media's silence on these issues in past months signals their readiness to help in this regard.

Seeing the pattern yet?

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Message Board

30-11-2007 18:18

Miss Chin & Calvin
Your being watched!

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Greens sells out: last bastion of non-hierarchical party politics is lost

30-11-2007 17:46

The membership of the Green Party of England and Wales has today voted overwhelming to rewrite its constitution and have a leader and deputy leader, so abandoning all its stated principles of opposition to hierarchical structures.

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"A People Under Fire"

30-11-2007 17:29

Venezuela Bolivariana
VENEZUELA, whose people inherited from Bolívar ideas that transcended their time, now face an international dictatorship a thousand times more powerful than the Spanish colonial power and the newly-formed republic of the United States, which, via Monroe, proclaimed its right to the continent’s natural resources and the sweat of its people.

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This Week In Palestine – Week 48 2007

30-11-2007 17:24

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for November 24th through November 30th 2007.

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E.U. and Global Support for Venezuela's Constitutional Reforms

30-11-2007 16:49

"Over 200 representatives from 13 European countries-including over 150 MPs, MEPs and regional politicians together with representatives of trade unions, national student bodies, women's organizations, peace movements, writers and academics-have backed a statement in support of the Venezuelan government's policies of social progress and democratic inclusion."

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Study reveals negative portrayal of Iran in British media

30-11-2007 16:43

New report findings show anti-Iranian bias in the UK newspaper media

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Virtual Bali to give people a low-carbon way to attend the UN Climate summit

30-11-2007 16:21

Starting this Monday (December 3), 'climate Facebook' will give people around the world a unique chance to participate in the UN Climate Change Conference.

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The Citizenist Impasse: Contribution to a Critique of Citizenism

30-11-2007 16:03

"The Citizenist Impasse: Contribution to a Critique of Citizenism" is an essay, originally penned in French, that works toward criticizing the ideology of citizenism. Previously available only in French, Pygmalion Books in association with NOT BORED! is releasing the first English translation on November 30th, eighth anneversary of the Seattle WTO protests, in order to mark the work's critical perspective of that event insofar as it relates to citizenism.

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Protestors disrupt Parliamentary Committee into 'Future of BAA; 29.11.07

30-11-2007 15:26

Stephen Nelson turns a blind eye to the Tyndall report.
Climate activists opposed to plans for a third runway at Heathrow this afternoon disrupted a Parliamentary inquiry going on inside the House of Commons.
Protestors from climate action group, Plane Stupid, disrupted the proceedings of the Transport Select Committee who were hearing evidence from BAA boss, Steven Nelson and Aviation Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick.

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Did NPR Self-Censor on Annapolis?

30-11-2007 15:12

Posted in light of the weakness of most of the media regarding the event, especially its silence regarding Gaza, and Israel's publicly-stated pre-Annapolis plot to attack Gaza once the meetings have ended.

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Boy 15, found hanged at Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institute

30-11-2007 15:12

Boy 15, found hanged at
Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institute!

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Aaronovitch Apologises for Libellous Accusation of anti-Semitism

30-11-2007 14:32

On July 6th this year, a particularly unpleasant Zionist activist who goes by the name of Mikey Mikey aka Michael Ezra posted a comment on David Aaronovitch’s Times-on-line blog asserting that Tony Greenstein spent his time ‘harassing Jews’ and for the past 30 years had been intimidating Jewish students at NUS Conference.

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Paint Attack at EDO MBM - Fishersgate

30-11-2007 13:54

Paint and bricks thrown onto walls and security cameras at EDO MBM, Fishersgate.

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The Night Shift : A Parable Of Electricity

30-11-2007 13:07

Shutting down coal-fired power stations could be as simple as doing your washing overnight. Making a 90% cut in energy consumption could be just as easy.

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France: repression of the student movement intensifies

30-11-2007 12:45

Student demonstrations and occupations are finding themselves the targets of violence organised or incited by the authorities.

November 30th, 2007 by jef costello

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France: Social Security workers to strike over purchase power

30-11-2007 12:42

Jef Costello

In a week that has seen Sarkozy's approval rating drop below 50% yet another group of workers prepares to fight back against worsening conditions.

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France: Students demonstrate in Paris

30-11-2007 12:40

November 30th, 2007 by jef costello

Some 3000 school and university students marched through the streets of Paris today to show their continuing opposition to the LRU

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Fight Against Virus facility in Camden is back on!

30-11-2007 12:36

Despite the planning chief fro Camden, Mike"ruling out" plans for the world's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility on a Camden council estate- the fight is back on!