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attempted citizen's arrest on ken livingstone

09-04-2008 19:26

at 7.15 this evening supporters from brian haw's peace camp attempted to make a citizen's arrest of ken livingstone outside parliament. they were arresting him on suspicion of criminal damage, harrassment, assault, and other charges arising from his authorisation of private security guards and fencing on parliament square during last year to remove parts of the peace camp unlawfully.

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Stop Grouse Shooting on Ilkley Moor - Before it starts

09-04-2008 18:35

Ilkley Moor has been free of guns and shooting for the past decade, but Bradford Council are set to change this and are considering re-issuing licenses for local shoots to use the public-moorland for their disgusting 'sport'.

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Olympic Torch Emits 5,500 Tons of CO2

09-04-2008 17:19

journey of 'eternal flame'

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Exciting Weekend of Student Climate Gatherings

09-04-2008 17:15

The weekend of the 19th to 20th April will see two national student climate gatherings take place at the London Action Resource Centre. The first for Climate Camp, and the second for the Student Climate Project. Please forward this message far and wide and persuade all to come along. You don't have to be a student, and crash space is available!

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Berlin Mayday Radio Jingle!

09-04-2008 16:32

New Berlin Mayday Radio Jingle! For German speakers only, unfortunately!

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Palestine Today 040908

09-04-2008 15:09

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday April 9th, 2008.

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Portuguese Judicial Police classifies anti-GMO action as terrorist act

09-04-2008 15:06

Portuguese judicial police has stated in its contribution to the “EU terrorism situation and trend report” of Eurpol that last summer's partial destruction of a GMO field in south portugal is classified as an act of terrorism.

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Two indigenous radio announcers killed and four injured in ambush in Oaxaca

09-04-2008 14:43

Two announcers of the radio station ´´La Voz que Rompe el Silencio`` (the Voice that Breaks the Silence) were assasinated on April 7th whilst travelling by car to the west of the city of Oaxaca according to the civil society organisation Centro de Apoyo Comunitario Trabajando Unidos (CACTUS - Centre for Community Support Working in Unity).

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Events schedule - Squatting days of action

09-04-2008 14:32

On the 11th and 12th of April, there is a call out for days of action on squatting - raising awareness and celebrating autonomous spaces. This weekend in Nottingham, we will open a squatted space and put on events.

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Harmondsworth: solidarity needed

09-04-2008 13:48

Please write urgently to the Home Secretary and ask others to do the same.

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09-04-2008 13:10

An essay illustrating the undemocratic politics of the UK. The illusion of democracy persists via a largely 2 party system, but this very system is undemocratic in nature and led to the UK's current involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Oxfam scandal

09-04-2008 13:08

Oxfam are trashing perfectly good books that people have donated to them in good faith.

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Redevelopment of Farnborough town centre

09-04-2008 13:06

gaudy hoardings
Is the final phase of the destruction of Farnborough town centre about to take place?

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N.S.W. Government Medical Officer of HealthQuest Terminated

09-04-2008 12:59

HealthQuest is the N.S.W. Government Medical Office which has been for years accused of serious human rights violations. Activists believe doctors at HealthQuest have 'certified insane' many public service whistleblowers in order to sack them for allegedly being unable to carry out their duties. The most notorious of the HealthQuest doctors was an English G.P., Dr Helia Gapper, who was forced to resign in the late 1990s after negative publicity. It is not known whether she has returned to England and is practising under another name.

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Pavilion – the new slum landlords

09-04-2008 12:58

asbestos roofing
It used to be the private landlords that were the Rachman landlords, the ones the tenants feared, now it is housing associations who are managing the slum estates.

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Resilient Communities: A Guide to Disaster Management

09-04-2008 12:43

Resilience: The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy; the ability to absorb shocks.

The following is a proposal to help make communities better able to respond to the coming economic shocks from resource depletion, beginning with Peak Oil, and perhaps also to shocks from other causes (such as the ongoing subprime mortgage and credit collapse). In searching for a name for the strategy, I have settled on the phrase "Resilient Communities," which comes with considerable baggage—useful baggage in this instance. Once I have described and discussed the proposal, I will offer some background materials regarding the terms resilience and resilient communities, mentioning some other projects that have used the same title or that pursue similar goals.

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Community Empowerment

09-04-2008 12:16

Whitehall working through local government are experts at social engineering. They know exactly how we think and what they have to do to convince us of what is best for us. What are they up to and how do they work within our communities to enable them to impose their agendas onto us practically free of any real opposition?

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Dahr Jamail: "Beyond the Green Zone" in Glasgow

09-04-2008 12:00

Acclaimed independent journalist Dahr Jamail, who reported unembedded from Iraq over the last 4 years spoke in Glasgow last night.

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National Demo against New UK Military Academy

09-04-2008 11:10

National Demo against St Athan's UK Military Academy
Assemble at 1.30pm, City Hall, Cardiff
Demonstration at 2pm

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Smash The National Front

09-04-2008 10:39

Protest and make your voice heard and make it known that the NF aren't welcome in Newcastle on Sunday 13th April.