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N.S.W. Government Medical Officer of HealthQuest Terminated

Robert O'Connell | 09.04.2008 12:59 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

HealthQuest is the N.S.W. Government Medical Office which has been for years accused of serious human rights violations. Activists believe doctors at HealthQuest have 'certified insane' many public service whistleblowers in order to sack them for allegedly being unable to carry out their duties. The most notorious of the HealthQuest doctors was an English G.P., Dr Helia Gapper, who was forced to resign in the late 1990s after negative publicity. It is not known whether she has returned to England and is practising under another name.

Now the current chief medical officer, Dr Peter Dodwell, has had his employment terminated, as of March 2008, following an investigation by the former Deputy Commissioner of Police. He is now under investigation by police and the Medical Board over matters involving his communications with government agencies.

Dr Dodwell was born in New Zealand, a country which is known as one of the least corrupt in the world. He was an aviation medicine specialist who gained qualifications in Public Health. Before his move to New South Wales, his record was impeccable, as far as we are able to ascertain.

He was appointed to HealthQuest as chief medical officer in 2004, replacing Dr Armand Casolin.

HealthQuest has been involved in a large number of scandals over the years involving public service whistleblowers who have been referred to HealthQuest which was used to bypass industrial laws and anti discrimination legislation so that their employment could be terminated. Once they were labelled with a bogus mental illness, their evidence would not be believed, should there ever be an inquiry into the corruption they had reported.

The N.S.W. government, run by the Labor Party, is said to be the most corrupt ever seen in Australia with bribery scandals recently coming to light in Wollongong and other places.

British nationals planning a working holiday in Australia would do well to take note that N.S.W. is known as the 'corrupt state'. Better states in which to work would be Queensland, Western Australia or the Northern Territory, where freedom is still held in high regard.

Robert O'Connell
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