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Liars Thieves & Killers: 4 Years of GW Bush

13-09-2004 03:00

Bush does not admit mistakes and take responsibility for his actions. In fact, Bush has a pattern of not taking personal responsibility for his actions, inaction and mistakes. Real leaders take responsibility for there actions. It has been alleged that Bush skipped out on his National Guard service, used illegal drugs and was pulled over for a DUI. Bush has refused to answer questions about the alleged previous drug use but its time the American people got an answer...

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Don't Panic! North korea hit by Nuke?

13-09-2004 01:39

well has it or hasn't it?

this needs some verification

do you think mainstream media will tell you?

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Global warning video

13-09-2004 00:28

A video warning...

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Hijacking Catastrophe: 911, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire (video)

12-09-2004 19:37

Documentary detailing the rise of the Neo-Con agenda and the pall of fear cast over the United States as the Neo-Cons advance American Empire abroad. Features Noam Chomsky, Scott Ritter, Medea Benjamin, Chalmers Johnson, Norman Mailer and more. 70 minutes Real media.

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Powell described neo-cons in the Bush administration as 'fucking crazies"

12-09-2004 18:45

US Sect'y of State Colin Powell described neo-conservatives in the Bush administration as 'fucking crazies', and speaking of fucking crazies: Blair's Iraq Envoy: Al-Qaeda Duped Allies Into Waging War Plus More

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Memories of Slaughter

12-09-2004 18:09

Massacres for cheap BP Oil
In 1988, soon after signing a ceasefire with Iraq, the Iranian government decided to crush all political opposition and purge its prisons of troublesome elements. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a secret ruling advising the execution of "fighters against God" and all leftists as "apostates from Islam."

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UK army garrison town residents stage 9/11 protest for peace and global justice.

12-09-2004 15:45

Around 60 residents of the army garrison town of Colchester in Essex staged a Sept 11th vigil for Peace and Global Justice today (11-09-04). The supporters of Colchester Peace Campaign gathered at the town centre war memorial and held up a large banner demanding an 'end to the cycle of violence' and called on the troops to be brought home.

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M&S Picket Attacked By Fascists

12-09-2004 15:44

The weekly picket of Marks and Spencer in solidarity with Palestine has again been attacked by organised fascists. British and Israeli Zionists opportunistically used the anniversary of the 11th September tragedy to assault the democratic rights of anti-apartheid activists by "kicking" our peaceful protest "off the streets of Manchester". The racists, that include members of Israel's ruling Likud party as well as known British right-wing thugs, numbered more than seventy.

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Breaking News from Afghanistan

12-09-2004 15:27

I live and work in Kabul, Afghanistan but come from Oxford. Below is breaking news from Afghanistan 19.54 12.9.04

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First Ukrainian infoshop opened in Kyiv

12-09-2004 13:40

Ukrainian activists of different kind opened on 10th of September the first ever infoshop in Kyiv. This is an invitation to cooperate!

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Global Warning

12-09-2004 12:25

Happened to notice a strange looking bunch of people acting in a suspicious fashion so think that they may be terrorists or something I hung around and took photos. Looks like I was right, they clear were terrorists, trying to terrorise innocent motorists with scary messages about global warming...

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Local Campaigns cost arms manufacturer £20 000 in one Week

12-09-2004 11:57

Smash EDO camp successful in causing financial damage to arms manufacturers

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Gush Shalom update

12-09-2004 11:50

"God Wills It!"
Uri Avnery

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Embassy of Ireland Picket

12-09-2004 10:54

Stuck in Ireland for trespass

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Bush is celebrating 9/11 (by Latuff)

11-09-2004 21:32

September 11
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Education or Exploitation? Lancaster activists disrupt conference.

11-09-2004 19:01

On Friday 10th September eight activists paid a visit to a
Corporate Venture Conference (
being hosted by Lancaster University Management School

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Voluntary & Community Sector Open Source 'Meze' Day - wed

11-09-2004 16:59

Loads of good people presenting stuff and speaking:

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Protestors assaulted in Oxford

11-09-2004 16:58

Builders throw noxious substance, hospitalizing two. Oxford University attempt to ban protest with injunction.

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In Iraq On 11th September, 2004.

11-09-2004 15:55

In the last 3 years the direct pain that was felt in the United States has been exported to other parts of the world. The total number of deceased on the day of the attacks on New York, Washington and Pensylvania fell just short of 3000. In Iraq today the figure for the dead is not counted - but is widely believed to be in the tens of thousands. Now over 1000 US troops have also been killed. The resistance to the "Occupation" is increasing. The question must be asked over and over - When will it stop?

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ECF Peace Not War, free festival, report & photos

11-09-2004 15:46

Well, after weeks of preparation, the 6th ECF Visions of Another World event is in full swing after a rowsing launch by Rhythms of Resistance...