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First Ukrainian infoshop opened in Kyiv

Gaston | 12.09.2004 13:40 | World

Ukrainian activists of different kind opened on 10th of September the first ever infoshop in Kyiv. This is an invitation to cooperate!

The very idea of infoshop was around in non-authoritarian groups of Kyiv literally for years. This time via convergence of the activists from different backgrounds it was made possible in just couple of weeks.

Working group of infoshop consists of people from anarchist web-portal, participants of non-governmental “Institute “Republic””, which can be described as a part of non-parliamentary Ukrainian opposition, and various activists.

At the moment one can have a look and/or take (better – if giving some donation for infoshop to survive) various newspapers, leaflets, stickers, some music, books and videos in several languages. Mostly the production is of anarchist, (counter-)cultural, feminist, anti-capitalist and environmentalist kind; there are some things on the side of non-party Ukrainian oppositional groups.

Infoshop is opened for cooperation with different groups. Obviously, no racist, sexist, xenophobic and far-right shit is tolerated.

Working group contact:

Web-sites (at the moment, no English :-( ):

Phone number:

Location (if you happen to be here):
Institute “Republic”, Kyiv, Gorkogo str., 12b (in the very centre of the city). Opening hours: 1pm-7pm (sometimes – except Sat. and Sun.)

- e-mail: