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Protestors assaulted in Oxford

Speaker | 11.09.2004 16:58 | Animal Liberation | Oxford

Builders throw noxious substance, hospitalizing two. Oxford University attempt to ban protest with injunction.

On Thursday, around 30 protestors against Oxford Universities new animal labs assembled as usual on South Parks Road, for their peaceful demo. Despite the builders removing the previous contractor's equipment trying to drown them out, they made themselves heard as usual. Obviously that was not good enough, as one of the builder through something over the wall blocking of the site. It was a white noxious substance which burned the skin and marked clothes.

It narrowly missed a 4 year old child, but two older women were not so lucky, and had to go to hospital for treatment, as the substance irritated eyed and skin.

The police arrested one worker on the site, who has been released on police bail.

Meanwhile, yet another in the infamous series of injunctions brought under the Protection of Harassment Act is going to come to court this Tuesday, in an attempt by Oxford University to trample over the right to protest. It seems they are against free expression, and claim that the protestors are being violent - funny, we dont see any Oxford Uni workers getting hospitalised...

Contact Oxford University at

University Offices
University of Oxford
Wellington Square
Oxford OX1 2JD

Telephone: 01865 270 000 / 008
Fax: 01865 280 569

End the violence. Protect your Rights. The time to take Action is now...



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