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UK army garrison town residents stage 9/11 protest for peace and global justice.

Colchester Peace Campaign | 12.09.2004 15:45 | Anti-militarism | Cambridge

Around 60 residents of the army garrison town of Colchester in Essex staged a Sept 11th vigil for Peace and Global Justice today (11-09-04). The supporters of Colchester Peace Campaign gathered at the town centre war memorial and held up a large banner demanding an 'end to the cycle of violence' and called on the troops to be brought home.
Opposed to Bush and Blair's war, state terrorism and imperialist occupation, instead campaigners spoke of how lasting peace and security could only come from a more just and equal world.

They placed memorials to the thousands killed in new york on sept 11th 2001, as well as the thousands more killed in the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Another memorial marked the recent passing of the grim milestone of 1000 US military personnel killed mainataining the war and occupation. The shocking revelation that more than 30,000 Iraqi civilians may have been killed in this same period was also featured. Also mentioned and remembered were the victims of the Sept 11th 1973 CIA sponsored coup and Pinochet dicatorship in Chile.

This also marked three years since the birth of Colchester Peace Campaign, a group which has mobilised thousands over this period.

Amongst the next steps camapigners discused were building attendance at the forthcoming European Social Forum, raising money for childrens medical aid in Falluja, and working with military families and ex-servicemen against the war.

Colchester Peace Campaign
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