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Student demonstrations: Advice for those wanted by Police.

04-01-2011 23:42

There are reports of individuals who the police are searching for in order to make an arrest. Some people may believe they do not have much chance of escaping arrest due to the amount of details the police have on you (such as your name) and may not want to go underground and are therefore considering handing themselves in. The writers of this article (All Colours Are Beautiful) would like to share this advice:

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Biodiversity: Peak Nature?

04-01-2011 23:32

The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts. —Aldo Leopol

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Sheffield Council chief execs resist calls for pay cut

04-01-2011 23:28

Council Chief Exec John Mothersole, who earns £184,500 per year.
Communities minister Eric Pickles is said to be furious that almost all top earning council bosses, including Sheffield council’s Chief Executive, have ignored his order to take a pay cut.

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Amazon oil companies info needed

04-01-2011 21:31

Does any one have information on the activities of esso,exxon,bp and shell,in the brazilian and other countries amazon region.

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Benefit from subsidy to the Vatican by UK taxpayers: the ministry's own words

04-01-2011 20:13

In their own dry words, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office explain a €761,000 a year embassy to a pope in a tax haven.
"There is no public interest test to apply" about staff wages.

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What’s Behind the War on WikiLeaks and "miirrors."

04-01-2011 19:50

"Though mothers are not the most impartial observers, what Assange’s mother told an Australian newspaper had the ring of truth. "Living by what you believe in and standing up for something is a good thing," she said. "He sees what he is doing as a good thing in the world, fighting baddies, if you like."
That may sound a bit quixotic, but Assange and his associates appear the opposite of benighted. Still, with the Pentagon PR man Geoff Morrell and even Attorney General Eric Holder making thinly disguised threats of extrajudicial steps, it is not totally farfetched to worry about Assange’s personal safely.

Again, the media is the key. No one said it better than Monseñor Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who just before he was assassinated 25 years ago, warned, "The corruption of the press is part of our sad reality, and it reveals the complicity of the oligarchy."

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The Deadly Experiment – Israel’s Murderous Testing Ground for ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons

04-01-2011 19:45

Tear gas fired from a vehicle mounted launcher in Bil'in

“The Israeli government and its army have been for years now using the West Bank and Gaza as their testing ground. The Palestinians are their guinea pigs. The Israeli army uses tear gas that would probably be banned in any other countries in the world. They shoot tear gas, directly at protesters, once again, an illegal act. But a very rewarding one. Israel’s security industry is booming. It’s never been this good. Countries all over the world are buying Israel’s expertise in security, crowd control and weaponry every day. Israeli soldiers are training other countries commandos all over the planet”[1]

From the blog, Bil’in: A Village of Palestine, 02/01/11

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Sheridan and the Prostitution of Scots Law

04-01-2011 19:33

Indymedia UK have republished an Indymedia Scotland article on the conviction of Tommy Sheridan here:
It is telling to see the IMCista CH and other here side with the police, Rupert Murdoch and the SSP against Tommy Sheridan. That says more about that site's morals and allegiances than Sheridan's. In reality, a great injustice and diminution of everyone's rights has just went uncommented except by genuinely independent thinkers.

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Resist the ‘Non Lethal’ Weapons industry - Call to target BAE and CSI

04-01-2011 18:39

On 31st December 2010, Jawaher Abu Rahma died after inhaling massive
amounts of CS gas being used against demonstrators at an anti apartheid
wall demonstration in Bil In. She is one of over 20 people in the West
Bank who have died as part of the popular struggle against the wal and
settlements since 2005, many at the hands of supposedly ‘non
lethal’ weapons.

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Writer's Talk: Lynsey Hanley

04-01-2011 17:27

Author and journalist Lynsey Hanley was born and raised just outside of Birmingham on what was then the largest council estate in Europe. Her first book Estates: an intimate history, published by Granta (2007), recounts the rise of social housing a century ago and its decline in the 1960s and ‘70s. Join us for a relaxed evening during which Hanley will read from and discuss Estates as well as expand upon her wider research into economic, social and spatial segregation, and the role played by education in social mobility.
Author and journalist Lynsey Hanley was born and raised just outside of Birmingham on what was then the largest council estate in Europe. Her first book Estates: an intimate history, published by Granta (2007), recounts the rise of social housing a century ago and its decline in the 1960s and ‘70s. Estates is both a compelling social study and an intimate, humorous memoir charting Hanley’s own negotiation of the British class system.

Join us for a relaxed evening during which Hanley will read from and discuss Estates as well as expand upon her wider research into economic, social and spatial segregation, and the role played by education in social mobility.

This event has been programmed in response to Spike Island's upcoming exhibition, Maelfa by artist Sean Edwards. In Maelfa, a mixed media installation, Edwards has made a direct study of a 1970s municipal shopping centre on the outskirts of Cardiff, focusing on its disappearing communities and failed utopian aspirations as well as his own autobiographical relationship to this apparently marginal site.

Lysney Hanley is based in London and is currently working on her second book. As well as being an Honorary Research Fellow at Lancaster University, she is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Demos advisory council. She contributes commentary pieces, arts features and book reviews to the Guardian and the New Statesman, and has written for the Observer, the Times Literary Supplement,Prospect, RSA Journal, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, and the Sunday Times. She also regularly appears on broadcast media including BBC2’s Newsnight and most recently presented three episodes of Wall in the Mind on BBC Radio 4 exploring the contemporary class divide in Britain.

Tickets are £4 full, £2 concession (Spike Island studioholders, Spike Associates, students, over-60s and disabled people). Please reserve your place by calling 0117 9292266 or emailing and pay on the door.

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11 January:Beyond Words: Silent Witness To Injustice (London)

04-01-2011 17:20

Nine years since Guantánamo Bay opened, please join us in protest against this unspeakable injustice, and the deafening silence of the international community.

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Activists 2 - EDF 0

04-01-2011 17:17

Sizewell Blockade day one of a four day trial- Activist 2- EDF 0

For the second time in Lowestoft Magistrate courts- in court three, activists who blockaded Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk walk free.

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Huhne must tackle broadcasting bias

04-01-2011 16:40

News broadcasters have virtually stopped referring to scientific predictions that global warming will lead to disaster. However, they are continually reporting predictions about the future which assume that global warming will have no impact in 2050 and beyond. In effect, people are being told that Global Warming is not a problem.

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Palestine Today 01 04 2011

04-01-2011 16:29

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, January 4 2011.

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Police and mainstream media selective accounts of Prince Charles incident

04-01-2011 15:38

The police and mainstream media are still trying to spin this and looking for people to pick on

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HSBC 3 Defence Campaign

04-01-2011 14:55

What is the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign?

A defence campaign has been launched in Newcastle to oppose the charges against demonstrators who came out alongside hundreds of others on 18 December 2010 to protest against government cuts to education and other public services, benefits and jobs. The campaign also stands in solidarity with all the other demonstrators being criminalised for taking part in actions against the cuts.

A full report and videos of the protests on the 18th December, and one of the arrests, is here.

Mark Pearson explained why it is so important that all those arrested on such political charges are defended:

‘The banks are robbing the world and getting away with it, yet the police are trying to make it an offence to peacefully enter a bank and express opposition. The government and police have made it clear whose side they are on: they will do everything in their power to protect the banks and businesses, while savagely attacking our living standards and our freedom to protest. We have to stand together and fight back.’

Join the campaign to defend Mark and Patrick from these phoney charges, which are a blatant attack on all of our democratic rights and a political defence of the banks and big business by the police. The HSBC 2 Defence Campaign is demanding that the charges be dropped immediately and the bail conditions lifted. Join the solidarity demonstration outside Newcastle Magistrates Court, on Market Street at 9.30am on Friday 7 January, and contact or 07858 346276 for details of other actions and ways you can support the campaign.

Justice for the HSBC 2! Stop the Cuts! We won’t pay for the capitalist crisis!

**UPDATE: Whilst doing a routine political stall on 22 December a third activist, Toby Hobbs, was arrested in relation to the 18 December protests, on ‘suspicion of assualting a police officer’. After having his details taken and being held in a cold cell for hours, Toby and his solicitor were shown the police’s supposed ‘evidence’ of the assault – a youtube video of the protests which showed no such thing! Toby has not been charged, but is on bail and has to return to the police station on 3rd February. This is political policing, to pick activists up on spurious charges, gather information, attempt to intimidate them, and then release them without charge. Activists in Newcastle are determined to oppose this kind of policing every step of the way. The HSBC 2 is now the HSBC 3, and we are asking everyone who is available to come to Market Street Police Station at 8.45am on 3rd February to show solidarity for Toby. Following his release, Toby commented:

‘It’s clear that this kind of unjust arrest will be happening more and more as resistance against the cuts increases. This kind of intimidation, and intelligence gathering just increases the commitment of protestors, as it just exposes the oppressive lengths which are needed to protect the capitalist system.’

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Pass it on....

04-01-2011 11:51

Skills Share Day

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Dale Farm: Defence Planing

04-01-2011 11:48

BRIGHTON will be the location tomorrow evening (5 Jan)
for the latest in a series of public meetings being held
to consolidate opposition to the Tory-inspired plan for
Britain's biggest anti-Gypsy clearance operation

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Wikileaks: Israel Plans Total War on Lebanon, Gaza

04-01-2011 10:46

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has summarized an Israeli military briefing by Israeli Chief of Staff Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi of a US congressional delegation a little over a year ago and concludes that

"‘ The memo on the talks between Ashkenazi and [Congressman Ike] Skelton, as well as numerous other documents from the same period of time, to which Aftenposten has gained access, leave a clear message: The Israeli military is forging ahead at full speed with preparations for a new war in the Middle East."

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An Open Letter to Those Inciting Murder (WikiLeaks)

04-01-2011 00:25

An Open Letter to:

Those Inciting Murder upon Julian Assange and/or Members of His Family