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15-04-2004 18:54

Positive Images in a Negative World

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How blogs are changing electoral politics

15-04-2004 17:38

What do George W. Bush, John Kerry, and Paul Martin have in common? The answer: campaign blogs. But just how effective are they? Journalists and politicians who blog sound off:

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The real rulers of the world

15-04-2004 17:28

Whio do you think runs the world ?

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Argentina's bitter harvest (what GM soya has done for Argentina)

15-04-2004 17:23

repost of an article from New Scientist on the impact of GM soya on farmers in Argentina

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Occupants of 16 Upper Leeson Street in Court next Monday morning

15-04-2004 16:28

Attached as PDF

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Food firms reject GM ingredients as tougher GM food labels come into force

15-04-2004 16:23

The UK's biggest food companies will continue to reject GM ingredients
in their products when tougher GM labelling laws are introduced on
Sunday 18th April.

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Binsey, Oxford. Historic site under threat of development by Oxford college

15-04-2004 16:16

Christ Church College is pushing development plans to build houses that are 'not practical for an affordable housing scheme' in a location that is both Green Belt and a Conservation Area. Binsey was where Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland, Gerald Manley Hopkins wrote about the Binsey Poplars and a historic site of pilgrimage for St Frideswide, patron saint of Oxford.

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Make the city pretty. Manc Mayday meeting 2morrow

15-04-2004 15:51

For people not going to Dublin who think glitter is good.

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Is this why Indycymru was removed from the list of IMCs?

15-04-2004 14:49

I have been doing a little research in the Indymedia e-mail list archives to find out why Indycymru was removed from the list of IMCs without explanation.

Read on.

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Biggest Seal Hunt in 50 Years Draws Protest

15-04-2004 14:49

Biggest Seal Hunt in 50 Years Draws Protest

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Collective Action: Histories of North American Activist Movements

15-04-2004 14:33

FROM THE INDYPENDENT: Activists keep reinventing the wheel, but there is a rich history of struggle, victories and failures to learn from. This installment of "The Real Quick Reading List" looks over some of the best histories of the North American left.

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15-04-2004 14:10

Fed up with negative images...

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What Bush was doing on 9/11 - a fascinating timeline

15-04-2004 12:44

An Interesting Day:
President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11
By Allan Wood and Paul Thompson
May 9, 2003
"It was an interesting day." - President Bush, recalling 9/11 [White House, 1/5/02]

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[Biddu] People Continue To Confront Military And Bulldozers

15-04-2004 12:18

1) People continue to confront military and bulldozers
2) The continued harassment of Kafr Ein_TAKE ACTION
3) Aid to Gaza petition _ TAKE ACTION


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Freedom Summer Palestine 2004

15-04-2004 12:10

Join the Palestinian people & the

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Get Sainsbury!

15-04-2004 11:56

What a Twat!
Lord Sainsbury of Turville, unelected minister for trade and industry, on the Sci-Bio Committee, responsible for national bio-tech policy, despite massive interests in the industry.

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From tyranny to democracy?

15-04-2004 10:32

Since 9th April 2003 some 5383 people have been killed in Iraq, including 1200 people alone in Fallujaha over the last week.586 coalition troops have also been killed leaving many embitted back home.But is this the reaction Mr Blair and Mr Bush expected from the liberated people of Iraq? But of cause the perpetrators of these killings, if we are to believe Blair and Bush, are terrorists from outside of Iraq taking advantage of the situation.However neither leader can explain that out of the 8500 people detained only 150 of them are actually none Iraqi.

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Despairing GM firms halt crop trials

15-04-2004 10:12

repost of article from todays Guardian on GM crop trials in the UK,2763,1192043,00.html

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15-04-2004 09:04

They want a media war....