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Bin Laden tape under discussion

15-12-2001 06:03

This tape is under heavy discussion

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KurdMedia.Com/ Puts Pieces of Kurdistan Puzzle Together Via Electronics!

15-12-2001 06:03

Visit today for 1 Hour Forward and distribute widely and often. When controversy gives birth do not refuse to stand it down.

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Outrageous anti-American video released on 3-month anniversary of WTC attacks

15-12-2001 04:38

The Church of Euthanasia has released a four-minute music video titled "I Like to Watch," which explores connections between the voyeuristic news coverage of the September 11 attacks, professional sports, and pornography. The themes are woven together, and shown to be interchangeable forms of mass entertainment.

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Holy Smoke and Mirrors

15-12-2001 03:58

Seen the Matrix? Take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole really goes!

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Upcoming events

15-12-2001 03:34

Come and join us!

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15-12-2001 01:30

update of d14

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US bringing "terror war" to Colombia for oil, coal

14-12-2001 23:51

Two South American nations in particular are currently being prepped for possible military actions: Colombia and Venezuela.

Both countries figure prominently in US energy policy through coal (Colombia) and oil (Venezuela more so than Colombia) reserves.

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"Terrorism" to get Venezuela's oil

14-12-2001 23:49

President George W. Bush's terror war has eyes for South America. The biggest reason: Venezuelan oil.

Figuring heavily into US energy policy is Venezuela, which supplies about 15% of US oil imports

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A revied of Hugo Chávez's regime

14-12-2001 23:17

Hugo Chávez - just another populist dictator?

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14-12-2001 22:56


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The death of a paradigm: Argentina and the crisis of neo-liberalism

14-12-2001 21:49

Argentina is facing an economic, political and social meltdown whose effects could cause further gloom for the global economy. Hundreds of thousands of Argentineans have taken to the streets in protest at a raft of austerity measures demanded by the IMF to prevent the country’s bankruptcy.

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Clapton Square Campaign: Community Not Disunity!of the

14-12-2001 21:17

Clapton Square Campaign: Community Not Disunity!of the
A view of the occupied building and tree house with Community Not Disunity, Carnival of the Opressed and Hackney Not For Sale Banners, following sucessfull eviction resistance today D.14. (article 1)

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The real " incident " of today : 20,000 demonstrators against Europe.

14-12-2001 21:10

At noon today, 20,000 demonstrators walked through the streets of Laeken (Brussels). Coming from the " Petit-Chateau " (litteraly , " the small Castle " :a centre for asylseekers) to go to the " big Castle " (well, almost), the colorful procession marched quietly while having clear and firm demands. But a small group of so-called " Black Blockers " started the few incidents, which were obviously absolutely necessary to justify the encirclement of the arrival point of the demonstration " Tour et Taxis " by the police.

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CLAPTON SQUARE CAMPAIGN: Squatters Stand-off at Social Services

14-12-2001 21:06

CLAPTON SQUARE CAMPAIGN: Squatters Stand-off at Social Services
People successfully resisted an attempted eviction by property developers today (D14) at 30 Clapton Square, Hackney , London E.5.

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more war in the subcontinent?

14-12-2001 18:46

By US and Israeli logic, there should now be a war between the nuclear powers of the India subcontinent. God let's hope they have a calmer view, but with the proto-fascist BJP in power in India, anything is possible. My Moslem friends there are terrified, they too have new terrorism laws that can lock anyone away... and what use is Pakistan to the US once Afghanistan is 'quelled'? Not a good scene...

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International Branch of the Lion of Judah

14-12-2001 18:43

You are a child of God regardless of what you may call yourself Moslem, Hindu, Christian, Jew, New Age, or something else. The International Branch of the Lion of Judah is a name that includes all who believe. Don’t let this be taken in any way that will divide or put any barriers between us. Now is the time we must come together to defeat the forces of evil. We are all fighting the fight against Globalization and the NWO.

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New Kids on the Black Block

14-12-2001 17:44

the latest on d14 from ROR

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Samba All Starz

14-12-2001 17:29

Facing sub-zero temperatures, with no practice, bands from London, Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Gent joined together to form a 40 strong carnival bloc on todays demo.

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'Afghan Plight Night'

14-12-2001 17:11

Cardiff Bothered, a collective of people in South Wales have organised a 12 hour benefit Gig, for 19 January 2002, at Cardiff Coal Exchange

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treet theatre in Thessaloniki

14-12-2001 16:00

no summary