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Economic Slash and Burn: Greece’s Deadly Austerity Measures

07-05-2010 17:39

"As the bloody drama was unfolding outside the Greek Parliament, various hands signed the papers that cut pensions and initiated tax hikes on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol. Civil service entitlements have been cut and pensions in the public sector frozen. The cuts are meant to trim a ballooning debt and save about $US45 billion over three years. But they have propelled the worst riots in years. And that, given the famous Greek record on street protest, is saying something. Not since 1991, where five people died in riots directed against the education bill, has Greece seen this."

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People's Jury Condemns Arms Manufacturer

07-05-2010 17:14

Marching along Victoria St
Around 30 protesters, many dressed as Judges in wigs and gowns, carried a 12 foot high effigy of Dick Olver the chairman of BAE the world's second largest arms producer, to protest outside the BAE AGM taking place in the QEII Centre, London, UK. 05/05/2010 Photos Copyright (C) Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Democracy Camp on Election Day

07-05-2010 17:04

Capitalism Isn't working
On Election Day, the Democracy Camp in Parliament Square turned out to be surprisingly controversial with bitter arguments with long-term peace protester Brian Haw and supporters.A march to the Westminster media village attracted police attention but the media didn't seem greatly interested. London, UK. 06/05/2010 Photos copyright (C) 2010 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Contact Greens of Gloucestershire to get them to stop selling NAZI flags!

07-05-2010 15:44

Please ring / email or write to get these assholes to stop selling fash memorabilia.

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Black Cat Centre (Bath) Illegally Evicted

07-05-2010 14:55

The Black Cat, Bath, has sadly been evicted this morning from the Porter Butt building on London Road.

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Voting in Britain for war. Take your pick

07-05-2010 14:29

Edwardian notions of war are again being promoted in western democracies, along with the militarising of history, journalism and parliamentary politics. In Britain, the three main candidiates for prime minister are declared warmakers; and yet popular feeling is very different.

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Forthcoming Nottingham Animal Rights Events

07-05-2010 13:33

Now that the cruel circuses are moving on to new locations, Nottingham Animal Rights campaigners continue with core campaigns, including Proctor and Gamble, greyhound racing, KFC and plans for new vivisection labs in Leicester.

On a more positive note workdays continue at Brinsley Animal Rescue, and Veggies continues with the spreading of Vegan goodness at an alternative housing event in Leeds.

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UKBA sinks to new depths of inhumanity

07-05-2010 13:09

Nadia Arzane and Bashir Foris, Separated!

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Dissident Island Radio Tonight - May 7th

07-05-2010 12:41

Sea Shepherd // Merthyr to Mayo bikeride // EDO Decommissioners trial // WAG election analysis // Jammy Bastard

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Election Results - Bristol Members of Parliment

07-05-2010 12:26

untitled.jpgThe MP election results are in, local council ones not due in till later this morning. One change - a Tory win, one new constituency and the Tories took that and the BNP did badly.

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Athens: Lawyers, pensioners, activists attacked by cops

07-05-2010 12:20

Greek cops beat up pensioners
Cops in Athens, Greece beat up old women, well-known lawyers, and activists

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Never Again For Anyone: Auschwitz survivor talks on Palestine/Israel

07-05-2010 11:45

We say, "Never again!" For anyone. Never again for the people of Gaza. Never again for all those struggling against dehumanization, racism and genocide everywhere, every day.

Hajo Meyer survived Auschwitz, Haidar Eid is surviving Gaza, both are united for Palestinian freedom. Speaking at University of London - full report video/mp3/photos

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Film Night in Southampton this Sunday

07-05-2010 11:04

Subvert The City Arts Collective presents a double feature film night raising money for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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"our grandparents did not vote for fascists, they shot them".

07-05-2010 11:03

So we were told the Working Class would blame the immigrants and that Nazi Boy Griffin would win a seat. Whatever you think of Hope Not Hate, I disagree with Billy Brag but, week in, week out they were there on the streets and this has no doubt made sure Nazi Boy Griffin did not gain.

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BNP Fail In Morley But Gain Ultra-Youth Vote

07-05-2010 10:42

Not so popular in Aberdeen
This is a repost of an article I found on Northern Indymedia and liked. The original can be seen at

With the votes of the people who chose to engage with the electoral system rolling in, and the inevitable clouds looming on the horizon, here is my perspective on being in a polling booth for the very first time: assisting my employer to exercise her right of choice to vote. On one hand a strange experience for myself as an anarchist, and on the other a sobering reflection of the problems we have yet to face.

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Ballot booth sticker

07-05-2010 10:41

ballot booth
Feeling conflicted by the I'm an anarchist/but the chartists and suffragettes, dichotomy?- balence it out a bit with stickers.

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Anarchists in Hereford Egg the fash and disrupt the ballot count!

07-05-2010 09:20

Hereford anarchists where the main feature on local radio last night after they disrupted the ballot count to offer out the BNP candidate! one activists fully masked up and carrying an red and black flag entered the room full of hundreds of people shouting "come out John oliver you facist scumbag" and "show yourself you filthy nazi" only moments before Chris Gower the local organiser had glitter thrown in his face and the candidate John Oliver Recieved a egg to the front of his suit and a good kick to the back of his legs.
No parasan!
No Arrests Made!

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LAW & ORDER in Athens..

07-05-2010 08:06

they try to create unrest .. in peaceful demos..
Greek cops attacked a peaceful demonstration and a social centre for immigrants' rights at Tsamadou 13 street in Exarcheia, Athens, a self-organisation social centre at Zaimi street, and people's homes around the Exarcheia district.

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They've Won!

07-05-2010 07:42

No surprises as capitalism scores a massive victory in the 2010 elections