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Report/ Photos - London Solidarity with Bradley Manning & Julian Assange, RAP TV

19-10-2012 16:01

Report/ Photos - London Solidarity with Bradley Manning & Julian Assange, RAP TV "Assange V Murdoch", Ft Meade Manning Report

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Dale Farm activists take ‘Fight for Sites’ to Pickles’ doorstep

19-10-2012 15:49

Traveller rights activists targeted Eric Pickles’ Department of Communities and Local Government in a protest today to mark the one year anniversary of the eviction of Dale Farm.
 250 activists, many of whom resisted the eviction at Dale Farm last October, and former Dale Farm residents descended on the government building in an attempt to ‘evict Eric Pickles’.

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Taking Radical Banners & Flags to #Oct20

19-10-2012 14:07

Taking Radical Banners & Flags to #Oct20?!

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Oct20 - How The Cops Know Everyone's Names Already

19-10-2012 13:26

The police already know the names, and, in many cases also the faces of most of the people they feel are likely to kick-off tomorrow, because someone very helpfully posted the details of over 5,000 named radicals in the "invited" list for the Radical Workers Bloc page on Facebook.

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say helo wave goodbye to the level

19-10-2012 13:07

thanx to a support group called FRIENDS OF THE LEVEL brighton council and their gangster jobs for the yuppie boys mates hav now taken the last bit of common land for miles around under the guise of IMPROVEMENTS. even the great storm couldnt destroy the level but its gone now and thats a mega sad day for the common people of our county and town..the bulldozers are allready in and the kids are gone ..thankyou friends of the babylon level you hav served your masters purpose well. hope your payoff is good...hope dwindles these days..but with hope left a little..maybe one day soon we take over..sieze the bulldozers load sum members of friends of level into the scoop and bulldoze their yuppie shit bak down and reclaim our common land a treasury for all to sit and sow..

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Cardiff Family Brutally Arrested and Face Illegal Deportation

19-10-2012 11:16

Cardiff, Wales....
A UK Border Agency immigration raid, Dont let them spilt up the El-Attar family!

In the early hours of Yesterday morning, Fariman Saleh and her two children we're brutally dragged from their beds, handcuffed and taken to Heathrow Airport to be deported, All infront of the eyes of her eldest daughter, Shrouk El-Attar.

Video of raid:

The Family were due to appear before a Judge in November to decide on their Asylum Seeker application and status.
The incident has sparked outrage and massive response in the community at the actions of the UK Boarder Agency in Cardiff and other areas, and have spoken out against the families right to a fair trial and to stop a potentially illegal deportation.

Hundreds of people have contacted their MP's, Local News Desks, created Viral videos, Signed Petitions and created a facebook page in a bid to hopefully stop the deportation proceedings
It is a Human Right to stand a fair trial. The events of yesterday morning deprived Mrs Saleh and her children of that right, dignity, and worst of all treated brutally and unremorsefully by the state she sought refuge, safety and Sanctuary in.

If deported tomorrow, The Family may face 'honour-killing',
torture, rape and even death. They are in grave danger.

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BNP continue to implode

19-10-2012 11:08

With a little effort we can bury Griffin for good

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100,000s expected at TUC march – know your rights

19-10-2012 10:58

With 100,000s expected to march as part of the TUC mobilisation on Saturday, it is important that people know their rights and what to do in case of arrest.

We recommend that you take a minute to look at our bust card, which can be found in the resources section on the left-hand side of our website or in this post.

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OxIMC film night for November: Even the Rain

19-10-2012 09:16

We're back in on Sunday 4th November with the Spanish language film También la Lluvia (Even the Rain) a film from 2010 and set in Bolivia and based on a screenplay by Paul Laverty and directed by Iciar Bollain. From 7pm we'll be showing the latest citizen journalist film shorts from the streets of Europe depicting the people's struggle against the 'austerity measures' and sinking economies.

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Drowning Dog and Malatesta plus Redbeard play Birmingham Benefit

19-10-2012 08:45

As part of their UK tour, Drowning Dog & Malatesta are playing a benefit for Literal X, an anarchist rapper from Greece. Also featuring Redbeard from Birmingham.

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Guerilla Democracy

19-10-2012 06:32

Guerilla Democracy
Matt Taylor, a Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner candidate, introduces a new concept into politics called 'Guerilla Democracy.'

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West Yorkshire Solidarity With Prisoner John Bowden

19-10-2012 06:23

“The only sure tactic when prisoners resist and fight back is solidarity.”
John Bowden in ‘Tear Down The Walls’

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TUC March preparation...

19-10-2012 06:04

There's going to be a lot of raids before the march, so keep one step ahead...

Also since the last big student march in November last year snatch squads are back to normal...

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Stay Safe: Stay Anonymous! #2: Masking Up

19-10-2012 06:01

This is possibly the easiest form of FITwatching that can be done. It is 100% legal (although you need to read the Legal Information at the bottom of this post), keeps you off a database and, when done en masse, creates a sea of obscured faces that are much harder to identify. This is something everyone should be doing on demonstrations, particularly in London – a city smothered by blanket surveillance.
However, there are a few things we should bear in mind when engaging in this form of FITwatching:

When, Where, Who, Why…

  • If travelling alone or with a small group of friends (an ‘affinity group’), move quickly and smoothly round the streets to find the demonstration. It is not advisable to mask up before reaching a crowd, as this draws attention to you. However, you should use your initiative – if the cops are already making moves towards you, you might want to mask up.
  • Once there, mask up in a nice spot in the crowd, an enclosed doorway or other public-accessible space; toilets, alleyways etc. away from the obvious glare of the police, journalists, CCTV or other people who might (intentionally or otherwise) be documenting your movements and jeopardising your anonymity.
  • If there is civil disobedience, direct action or crowd responses to aggressive policing taking place, then make sure you mask up if you haven’t already. These are crucial moments when intelligence gathering cops of all stripes will be on the prowl and the best moment to disrupt their activities.
  • If the FIT shove a camera in your face, it goes without saying you should do whatever you can to obscure it. It is, after all, your legal right to individually refuse FIT photography/filming. If you have a mask, put it on. Ideally, you won’t let it get to this far without masking up, but it’s never too late.
  • Just because you aren’t going to do anything unlawful when you leave the house that day, doesn’t mean you don’t need to defend your anonymity. With draconian powers handed to the police on a plate for their arbitrary use, you never know when you might get your collar felt. Better safe than sorry.

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Amnesty International Denounces Torture in California Prisons

19-10-2012 04:35

Two weeks after the release of Amnesty Intl’s new report on the use of prolonged solitary confinement inside California’s ‘Security Housing Units’ (SHUs), entitled "The Edge of Endurance: Conditions in California’s Security Housing Units," prisoners initiated another hunger strike, with 500 participants statewide. In this new interview, Tessa Murphy speaks about her visit to California SHUs and Amnesty's report based on the visit. Our introduction features key excerpts from Amnesty's report detailing how Amnesty thinks the CA authorities have not done enough in response the the 2011 hunger strike.

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Cardiff Poor People's Campaign Meeting

19-10-2012 01:24

7 pm, Thursday 1 November, Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place (opp. Student Union)

Keynote Speaker - LINDELA FIGLAN,
Chair of Abhlali baseMjondolo (South African Shack Dwellers Movement)

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LaDIYfest Sheffield Weekender - 2nd-4th November

18-10-2012 19:46

Sheffield’s anti-capitalist, feminist festival LaDIYfest returns for its second year this November, taking over venues across the city for a weekend of practical activities, discussion workshops, spoken word and live music. Events run from 2nd – 4th November with all funds raised going to local women’s charities.

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Don’t be on a database

18-10-2012 17:51

Netpol have today launched a campaign to limit the gathering of data by the police on political protest. The campaign, don’t be on a database, gives good reasons why protesters should assert their legal rights to keep their personal details private.

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65yr-old dies during today's protests in Athens

18-10-2012 15:38

65-year old protester Xenophon Lougaris dies during today’s General Strike demonstration in Athens; heart failure following tear gas inhaling flagged as most probable cause of death

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Calais: Manifestation Against Police Harrassment!

18-10-2012 13:28

On Saturday 13th Oct a demonstration of 300 people took over the streets in Calais to denounce the relentless harassment and attacks against ‘exiles’ of Calais; refugees, migrants, people with and without papers.

Starting outside the clothes distribution area we took the roads through town, creating a resounding carnival of drums and shouting through the pouring rain, occupying a main roundabout in town before blaring noise outside the town hall using whatever means – drums, bins, horns, whistles, sirens and bellowing chants. Undocumented kids battled over the megaphone and a make-shift samba band got people bouncing on their feet. Banners in Arabic, Pastu, Farsi, Tigrinya, Polish, Latvian, English, French… decorated amongst the crowd and sprawled across walls and buildings as we passed. The demo ended outside Salam, the food distribution area, with more drumming, shouting and dancing in the street.

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