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US officials are lying about suicide attempts at Guantanamo prison

17-08-2003 16:29

what is really going on in guantanamo bay and why aren't we being given access to the truth?

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Local Soldier E-mails From Iraq, Asking For Help

17-08-2003 16:25

what the american soldiers are going through in their fight for iraqi freedom

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apologies to john heartfield

17-08-2003 15:10

operation enduring nightmare

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Tul-Chasg air Saddam Hussein mu dheireadh

17-08-2003 11:25

An tròth mu dheireadh a bha cogadh sa Chamas, chuir mise 'na aghaidh, mar a rinn mòran de na bha ag amharc orra fhèin mar dhaoine 'adhartach' (a bhith a' gabhail coingheall den fhacal a bhios a' dol air an sgiath chlì).

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Iomairt is Impidh - Gaelic campaign news

17-08-2003 11:10

Gearr-chunntas air iomairtean as leth na Gaidhlig bhon a bhuidheann CLI. Summary of campaigns on behalf of Gaelic in which Cli are involved.

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Hospital Admissions Up By 10%!

17-08-2003 04:24

Municipal Coffers Are Drained By Sports Franchise As Medical Center Is Forced To Close Clinics!

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Cows with guns - Cows v. MacShit - Shockwave

16-08-2003 23:58

The end of the herd mentality

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Scotland DSEiI contact

16-08-2003 22:38

Actions againts DSEI, Europe's largest arms fair, will be taking place from 6th - 12th September 2003. There is now a Scottish contact for the event.

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Interview with American Dissident, Sherman Austin

16-08-2003 21:26

On August 4th, U.S. District Court Judge Steven V. Wilson, a Reagan appointee, sentenced 20-year-old Southern California anarchist Sherman Austin to a year in federal prison, three years of probation and a $2,000 fine. Austin is the webmaster of the anarchist website Nearly two years ago on January 24, 2002, federal law enforcement agents raided Austin's Sherman Oaks, CA home and seized all his computers and other possessions.

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Gillette abandon use of smart-chips following protests

16-08-2003 17:47

Gillette have abandoned the use of RFID smart-chips in products following a recent trial of the technology in Tescos supermarket in Cambridge, which attracted protests by local residents.

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Please support Anti Coca-Cola campaign benefit

16-08-2003 17:02

Anti Coca-Cola benefit party
Saturday 16th August 10pm-7am
£3 entry
Eton Mission Social Club, 91 Eastway, Hackney Wick, London

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Quick net activism!

16-08-2003 16:48

Very quick net activism in support of peace and justice sites, just click below, it takes only a few seconds!

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Farnborough town centre

16-08-2003 12:37

The Secretary of State for Transport is poised to sign a stopping up order for a large area of highway in Farnborough town centre.

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US electicity cuts

16-08-2003 07:35

Were the recent electricity cuts in the USA the work of hackers?

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Support the troops - bring them home

16-08-2003 01:30

Time to get tearful

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Did Bush and Cheney "Order" the Great Blackout? YOU BET THEY DID!

16-08-2003 01:09

The timing was way too convenient - just days to weeks before crucial votes on Bush's sweeping energy plan and Clear Skies Initiative - both designed to dramatically overempower and expand the fossil-fuel-driven electrical power generating industry. Afterall, if the 9/11 disaster got G.W. the Patriot Acts, why shouldn't a massive power outage get him "Energy Acts"?

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voices in the wilderness

15-08-2003 21:37

The US Justice Department is suing Voices in the Wilderness

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Paradigm of Forced Socioeconomic Underdevelopment

15-08-2003 20:22

This paper addresses the new paradigm of forced socioeconomic underdevelopment and its implications to the so-called Third World Countries, especially Muslim countries. The short review of the situations in Afghanistan and Iraq compelled me to attempt to redefine development as a phenomenon. Therefore, my attempted redefinition is:Development is the totality of one's existence wherein survival is not contingent upon submitting to the imperatives of US's global hegemony.

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A Bright Shining Lie

15-08-2003 18:48

I was inspired to come to Iraq by the experience of reading “A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam.”

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PRESS RELEASE: International Protestors to Target UK Arms Fair

15-08-2003 18:19

15 August 2003, for immediate release

Thousands of people, from all over the world, are expected to travel to London in September to shut down Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi), Europe’s largest arms fair, which is to be held at ExCeL, London Docklands from 9 – 12 September 2003.