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Nadine Saawka

07-11-2006 22:46

Nadine Saawka of Notting Hill Housing Trust, Grove House, 27 Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith, London W6 0JL

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I want to play with the cluster bombs.

07-11-2006 22:00

As every kid does.

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GAGGED! #14 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

07-11-2006 21:54

*** quick reminder - we've got our first benefit gig on friday - ***

GAGGED! #14 November 06 anti-copyright
South Wales Anarchist Newsletter • • PO Box 70, Newport NP20 5XX 
It looks alot prettier on pdf!! -

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Benefit Gig for Mumia Abu Jamal - 24 years on death row

07-11-2006 21:16

former Black Panther - award winning journalist - the 'voice of the voiceless' - framed on false charges of killing a copy - on death row 24 years. INNOCENT man!

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Top Nepalese Maoist To Speak In London

07-11-2006 21:08

3 meetings are taking place from Friday to Monday this week. Comrade Suresh a leader of the revolution in Nepal and a member of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) will be speaking.

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Plans to reinstate Iraq's Baathists

07-11-2006 19:59

AFP have reported today that Iraqi leaders have agreed a draft law to allow former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party back into government jobs, a top official said on Monday.

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07-11-2006 19:58

It is possible to reverse engineer the plots by the positions that puppet "lobby groups" or factions are put into. The world needs the people of integrity from the entire of the spectrum (within + without congress) to get up to speed with some of the scams of the past - to see the effect they have had ,yes, to stop them - but also to see what good things might have worked without those criminal distortions

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Hertford Magistrates criticise Police

07-11-2006 17:37

On Monday (6th Nov), an animal rights protestor was up before the magistrates of Hertford for a breach of section 14 of the Public Order Act. Basically he had not done as an officer had told him during a demonstration at GSK’s site in Ware, Hertfordshire on 16th June, 2006. There were two sec.14 notices in question and while the protestor was found guilty of breaking the second, the magistrates called the first one, relating to a protest at GSK’s massive site at Stevenage, “unlawful and misconceived”.

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Wolfowitz in London next Monday morning

07-11-2006 17:23

Paul Wolfowitz, neo-con co-architect of the Iraq invasion and presidenbt of the World Bank will be in London next Monday, and the Bank's European office has requested a meeting with UK development NGOs for 10.30 am. Venue not known as yet....

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Fined £800 for using a megaphone??!!

07-11-2006 17:17

Date: 6 November 2006
SHAC activist found guilty of public order offence

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07-11-2006 17:04


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07-11-2006 16:24


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Berlin Humboldt University Bans 9/11 Film

07-11-2006 16:08
The film "Loose Change" has been downloaded over 70 million on Google Video and is thus the first international blockbuster.A free presentation of this film for the general public was planned for November 3, 2006 in the Film Theater of the Humboldt University;

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Britain to US: we don't want Guantánamo nine back

07-11-2006 15:16

Save Omar!
The United States has offered to return nearly all British residents held at Guantánamo Bay after months of secret talks in Washington, the Guardian has learned.,,1886236,00.html

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Travel agents disrupted in Reading!

07-11-2006 14:12

As part of yesterdays day-of-action against short-haul flights, called for by Plane Stupid, there were direct-actions and protest against travel agents in Reading.

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Urgent action to protect babies in the Philippines

07-11-2006 14:12

This is an alert sent to Baby Milk Action supporters announcing a campaign launched today to help protect babies and mothers in the Philippines from the aggressive marketing of baby foods. Efforts to regulate the baby food companies to stop breastfeeding from being undermined and to ensure breastmilk substitutes are used safely if necessary are being threatened by legal action from US companies and pressure on the President from the US Chamber of Commerce.

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And Plane Stupid strike Cambridge

07-11-2006 09:34

Following the call by direct action group Plane Stupid for a National Day of Action against short haul flights, activists in Cambridge have also taken to the streets..

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99 yellow balloons in Gothenburg, a follow up of Saturday’s climate action

07-11-2006 09:10

enough for about 3 miles
After our successful balloon action on Saturday we in Gothenburg’s FoE decided to strike while the irons hot and give our local liberal rag another chance of a climate change story.

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Greater Manchester Plane Stupid Day of Action

07-11-2006 08:56

Another action took place in Greater Manchester today, in the busy high street of the well off area, Altrincham.

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They have biometrics in Poland already...!

07-11-2006 02:22

I just visited Poland and they have biometrics already
(I did not manage to get a photo of a one)