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England overtakes Germany (new laws for asylum seekers)

18-08-2002 12:19

In the new laws for asylum seekers there are new steps/aspects in it, so England takes leadership for perhaps worse treatment of asylum seekers in the EU

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Regeneration Rip Off! More astonishing information about what’s really going on

18-08-2002 10:34

On the 25th April 2000 the major Liverpool regeneration agency known as “Liverpool Vision” launched it’s so called masterplan.

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Gas attacks by Iraq did not stop US help during Iraq-Iran War

18-08-2002 09:46

During the Iran-Iraq War, the West sometimes helped Iran and sometimes Iraq (weakening both, while making the arms merchants rich). This story reminds us that Sadddam's gas attacks on Iranians and Kurds didnt matter to the US back then. Bear this in mind when you next see TonyB/CondiRice talking about evil Saddam who must go!

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GAGGED! Local newspaper the Liverpool Echo is taken to high court to stop story

18-08-2002 09:27

What’s really going on with the Cream nightclub? Does it have any connections with the Liverpool City Council led “Rope Walks” regeneration agency, which is still under investigation by the European fraud squad OLAF? Has Cream received regeneration grants from Rope Walks? Is the old boys network protecting this club from a massive fraud investigation?

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Quote of the Day

18-08-2002 07:17

Profound words of wisdom from one of our most beloved rich pig leaders.

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Don't read "Bravo Russia!"

18-08-2002 03:15

Jean's at it again! This particular posting is particularly nasty, it requests QuickTime updates and other weird shit.

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Solidarity with Holly and Jessica

18-08-2002 01:57

Some common humanity with the families of Jessica and Holly

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another one bites the dust

18-08-2002 00:16

Of course anything that doesn't accord with the world view presented by your teacher at school, your parent, your college lecturer,your newspaper. your television programme, all this conditioning. And what does the press have to say - the government information. And the alternatve press? the same thing

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The Origin of Life - an Islamic Perspective

17-08-2002 23:54

Science must increase our faith. It is wrong for anyone to close their eyes to what is right in front of them. For a Muslim the evidence of dinosaurs and fossils is not a threat to our beliefs. Rather, it is a confirmation of the power of Allah.
Adapted from the Book: What Islam is All About By Yahiya Emerick

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Human Rights Abuses of Post-September 11 Detainees

17-08-2002 22:47

Human Rights Watch releases report on post-September 11 abuses of human rights detainees.

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Full Spectrum Dominance

17-08-2002 21:37

Crazy skies, here's why....

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militant manifesto

17-08-2002 18:26

militant discours - a text from berlin

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17-08-2002 17:40

ATHENS - 11.08.02

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Death by crucifixion or hanging

17-08-2002 16:13

Eighty eight people including two children sentenced to death by crucifixion or hanging

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The Nature of Class in British Society

17-08-2002 14:44

The success of the socialist movement will be counted on how well it resolves the central dilemma of modern British society

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Two British Troops Killed in Kabul by doped up U.S. Marines, No Enemy Fire

17-08-2002 12:14

KABUL (Reuters) - Two British soldiers have been killed by a few doped up U.S. Marines in a shooting incident at Kabul airport, a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) patrolling the Afghan capital said on Saturday.

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Robert Fisk: Be very afraid - Bush Productions is preparing to go into action

17-08-2002 12:12

They are setting up the Arab world. We are being prepared for an epic supported by Hollywood and a plot of lies

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Cuban dissident: "the most democratic socialism in the world"

17-08-2002 11:28

I have every reason to affirm that this is the most democratic socialism in the world

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BBC: Following Cuba's example

17-08-2002 11:10

HAVANA -- Communism in the sun could be seen as picking radishes on a farm co-operative in Cuba.

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Benefit night for Ahmed

17-08-2002 08:59

A benefit night at The Radical Dairy, 47 Kynaston Rd Stoke Newington. Saturday 24 August. Cafe (food served 9Pm ish) and DJs.

Ahmed was arrested in Strasborg a month ago and has been held in solitary confinement ever since.