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carnival procession

26-06-2003 20:31

cowley road carnival
images from a very colourful day in the sun

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The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse within Human Society

26-06-2003 20:30

The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse within Human Society

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A bastard's manifesto: A call for corporate perestroika

26-06-2003 20:18

Corporations are really all about colonialism, and the hyperinflation of their power through a top-heavy distribution of wealth must eventually tip over if our species is truly humane and democratic.

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Cowley Road Carnival 2003

26-06-2003 20:09

Cowley Road Carnival 2003 took place in Oxford on Sunday 15 June.

a perfect day
colour, music, dancing, food, fun in the sun
a diverse day in a diverse place

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A Report from Thessaloniki (1)

26-06-2003 20:06

The international demonstration against fortress Europe and the EU of neoliberal capitalism and war taking place in Thessaloniki on Saturday 21/6/03 ended up fragmented, divided and under police repression. Anarchists and riot police were in direct confrontation for hours. The other blocks demonstrated peacefully and ended the night with a music festival. No solidarity towards the besieged black block was given.

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26-06-2003 19:40

The Human Emancipation Movement is ready to come out.

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oxford brookes stop the war society

26-06-2003 19:32

oxford brookes stundent union executive agrees to affiliate the Oxford Brookes Stop the War society.

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227 Years of Bloody Freedom on July 4th

26-06-2003 18:25

Americans ignore their bloody history of war but only they can
stop the madness.

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UK Social Forum?

26-06-2003 16:28

Do you want to know about upcoming Social Forum events in your area? Do you have news on new events?

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Prosecution back down - charges dropped against Anna & David!

26-06-2003 15:08

Two oxford activists had their charges of highway obstruction
dropped this afternoon.

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indymedia and the actavist geto

26-06-2003 14:56

Is indymedi being taken over by getto dwellers (:

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26-06-2003 14:54

The "nonviolent" Dalai Lama sucked up to the US and endorsed the bombing of Afghanistan while others protested. Now he has earned the fruit of his bad karma.

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poodle ought to go down in flames

26-06-2003 14:36

flaming liars should be put down
why is Blair committing more men and women to die in a quagmire?

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Thessaloniki Update from alter ee

26-06-2003 13:45

Wednesday June 25.

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Hear Palestine: News Of The Military Occupation

26-06-2003 12:12


Wednesday, 25 June 2003

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The Ordeal Of A Guantanamo Prisoner

26-06-2003 11:37

US justice for one Afghani

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Emotional rollercoaster at Oxford Magistrates Court

26-06-2003 10:51

There was celebration and confusion at Oxford Magistrates Court this morning when an
Oxford activist appeared on a charge of criminal damage.

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Menwith Hill Planned Protests in Local Media

26-06-2003 10:51

BLACK tie and ball gowns are the recommended dress for a Gatecrasher's Ball, an Independence Day protest planned for the United States signals intelligence station at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate.

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Get yer hankies out: Dennis Thatcher is Dead

26-06-2003 10:31

Husband of the most evil person in Britain has shuffled off this mortal coil