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rampART events 9th-15th August

09-08-2004 11:51

This week the rampART centre is host to 'Venezuela Week of Solidarity'...

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Sheffield's regeneration: there is an alternative

09-08-2004 11:35

A New Master Plan for Sheffield, called "Creative Sheffield", is being hailed as the way forward for the City by Labour, Lib Dem and Tory Councillors. Bernard Little argues that there is an alternative...

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The "Official" Operative Clique For The Next 9/11?

09-08-2004 10:29

Surveying the recent headlines, Kupferberg surmises that an "official narrative" is already being put in place for potential use in advance of a 9/11 Follow-Up Attack.

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Dissent! Network of Resistance against the G8 Gathering 17 - 19 September

09-08-2004 09:06

The next ‘Dissent! A Network of Resistance: Against the G8’ Gathering is to be held in Edinburgh 17th-19th September 2004. Come along and get involved. This is your networking tool.....

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International Criminal Court inaction re Iraq

09-08-2004 05:38

This is an open letter to the President of the International Criminal Court, asking why his court has done exactly nothing about investigating war crimes that may have been committed by the heads of state of Australia and Britain, in Iraq

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The heat is on Venezuela

09-08-2004 01:07

On Sunday 15th, Venezuelans are to decide if their President will remain in office during a recall referendum called by the US backed organized opposition. The stakes are hight and interior minister Lucas Rincon has expressed concerns about possible terrorist acts that sectors of the opposition could be preparing to try to trigger a "Madrid effect" that could alter the outcome of the referendum...

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"Chávez must die like a dog, because he deserves it"

09-08-2004 00:52

the anti-chávez camp aren't going to be winning many votes with a platform of "a transition period of two or three years to lay the foundations for a state where the rule of law prevails" ie a military dictatorship. great slogan: "vote to end voting" or something like that...

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Loathed by the rich - why Hugo Chávez is heading for a stunning victory

09-08-2004 00:45

excellent piece from chávez' biographer; anyone interested in venezuela should read 'in the shadow of the liberator'

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George Bush exposed

08-08-2004 23:21

This is my small gift back to England, after all, they exported the best of their talent to the U.S. Here is George Bush with his pants down.

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Greece wins the Olympic Gold Medal for Shame

08-08-2004 23:09


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Social progress in Hackney

08-08-2004 19:36

A clean up of the streets is now in progress.

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My experience of arrest

08-08-2004 17:49

I have been asked to write this contribution to show the world what is taking place in Britain today.

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The Western and the Apartheid walls (by Latuff)

08-08-2004 17:06

The difference between the Walls...
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of Neturei Karta.

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Autonomus lab -eviction resistance and rebellion success

08-08-2004 15:56

last tuesday came our first group confrontation with the status quo. didnt expect the TSG to turn up, but they came and went away, and we stay, with ourselves and the comunity.close call it turns out, and we won.
here a couple of reports from some of us.
come visit and improve.... some time.

resist and rebel x

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Any interesting vegan cooks welcomed for Europen Creative Forum

08-08-2004 14:05

European Creative Forum welcomes anyone interested in helping with serving food:

The event will be next weekend at 142 LeaBridge Road.

We need:

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Seminar on CSR shows the importance of monitoring companies

08-08-2004 12:37

NGO representatives come together to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility
On July 27th Red Puentes organized a seminar at the Americas Social Forum in Quito, Ecuador. Red Puentes is a network of 25 NGOs and trade union organizations that seeks to promote the development of a culture and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin American countries from the perspective, vision, rights and necessities of these societies.

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08-08-2004 12:23

A critical legal analysis of the BOC injunction has been carried out

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Gerry Gable: "A lot of anti-semitism is driven by the left"

08-08-2004 11:57

Gable said: 'A lot of anti-semitism is driven by the left. There are elements who take up a position on Israel and Palestine which in reality puts them in league with anti-semites.'

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US olympic parasites worried about anti-american sentiment in Greece

08-08-2004 11:33

"Look, they blew up a police station in Athens a few weeks ago," he said. "I loved the way the mayor of Athens dealt with that. 'Ah, it's not important. These are just local terrorists. They're just, like, nonviolent anarchists. They call in advance. They never hurt anybody. This is not something you should take seriously.'

"And I'm thinking, 'Thank goodness they're nonviolent anarchists.' They blew up a police station! This is not like the 7-Eleven with a little security camera in the corner. This is a police station! So, fine, these people aren't going to do anything, but isn't that kind of a lesson?