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'Terror Suspects Dad' Wednesday 26th January, 10pm, BBC2

26-01-2005 11:02

Case of Babar Ahmed to be broadcast on national television

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Help light 3,000 virtual Candles online for Tsunami Candlelight Global Vigil

26-01-2005 10:54

H-O-P-E Spelled out at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, with 300 homemade lanterns
We need 3,000 virtual candles lit online at our website with your accompanying words and reflections by Wednesday in time for a giant 1,000 foot wide Candlelight Tsunami Global Vigil for the Global Village.

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GM action: Sainsbury's visited

26-01-2005 10:45

There was a night-time visit to Sainsbury's, part of continuing activity against bio-technology.

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CIPO-RFM (Mexico): Latest info on repression

26-01-2005 10:02

Press release explaining who and what The Consejo IndÌgena Popular de Oaxaca ìRicardo Flores MagÛnî CIPO-RFM is, along with current and uptodate information about Raul Gatica, whos life is currently in danger due to the mexican governments desire to silence our voice. See also our wbsight:

What we desire besides spreading general awareness about our movement, is contacts in other nations, in NGOs, activist groups, solidarity networks, and media to put immediate pressure on the Mexican government in case of an
imminent human rights crises. So tell a friend, write a song, call your MP, please help us build a support network for this very important movement.
We would like to have you on our list of contacts to keep you informed of any developments and to have as an emergency contact for urgent information.

Luke Woodyard (
CIPO - RFM (English corespondent)

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A Taste of Palestine III

26-01-2005 08:54

Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and the Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association are holding an evening of Palestinian food, music, poetry and story-telling, to raise funds to bring children from the Al Amari refugee camp near Ramallah, to Oxford this summer.

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Art of War : The Titanic

26-01-2005 04:09

Neocons at the Helm

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Glasgow Anarchist Dayschool 29/01/05

26-01-2005 02:03

Anarchist Dayschool happening in Glasgow

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Eyewitness Report from Fallujah by an Iraqi Doctor - urgent

26-01-2005 01:44

Pic from Fallujah
This came from Dr Salam T Ismael, General secretary, Doctors for Iraq Society, who has spent extensive periods of time in Fallujah where much of his tribe lives. Please read what he has to say

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Pictures of NO2ID Public Meeting

26-01-2005 00:24

Setting Up
Tonight's (Tuesday, January 25th)long-planned NO2ID cards public meeting was a huge success, with many hundreds of people turning up, wanting to know more about the proposed National I.D. Card scheme and how they can oppose it.

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Kyoto Climate Demo London (Sat 12th Feb) + Regional Meetings

26-01-2005 00:23

Kyoto Climate March - Sat 12th Feb
Campaign against Climate Change

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Greenwash Guerrillas struggle to stem tide of Shell greenwash

26-01-2005 00:11

Hi-tech Greenwash Guerrillas struggle to stem tide of greenwash oozing from Shell Chairman's Greenpeace Business Lecture, London, 25.1.05

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Tree Protest Cardiff

25-01-2005 23:45

Bovis are trying to knock down a wild area in Cardiff to build more luxury homes and wipe out a colony of slow worms. Grangetown residents have their first campaign meeting.

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Tat List for Linslade

25-01-2005 21:51

Tat needed at Linslade - But most importantly people who can stay for a night or two...even longer if you can

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Reclaim The Streets: San Diego Against Bush J20

25-01-2005 21:17

Thought you folks would like to see this :-)

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Wireless World: Tracking pets with RFIDs

25-01-2005 21:12

Great story about tracking pets using RFIDs.

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Blairs Housing Crisis

25-01-2005 19:18

Livingstones Extended Congestions Charge proposals and Prescotts buttressing of private building companies aim to achieve what? The Japanese expereience where millions will leave in shoeboxes...

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Palestinian musicians and dancers stranded at border

25-01-2005 18:04

Major cultural event scuppered by border restrictions

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Spicer quits SOAS talk

25-01-2005 18:03

The mercenary due to speak on Thursday at SOAS has quit. This maybe because it was publicized in a piece in the Guardian today, as well as in schnews wasnt worth his while...

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"shadows of occupation": third film from Palestine

25-01-2005 17:41

Shadows of Occupation [2005; 3min]

"Balata camp children prepare a shadow puppet theatre production. During the performance, the characters of their imagination move from the screen onto the streets."
Download it now from