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Tara Tara Urgent call for action Vigil attacked.

08-05-2008 19:03

Tara solidarity vigil camp on tara hill attempted eviction.

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Two New Publications From Infoshop

08-05-2008 18:12 and the Alternative Media Project are pleased to announce the availability of two new digital publications. The first issue of our
bi-monthly newsletter titled "Revolution" is available as a PDF file that can be read online or printed out.

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Intifada Coming Up?

08-05-2008 17:58

Palestinian intifada and civil war with Israel on the outside bombing in. Fatah to hold onto what little power it has left through guns and tyranny. Israel's 60th anniversary exploited for popular support of militarism.

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General Petraeus: Zionism’s Military Poodle: From Surge to Purge to Dirge

08-05-2008 17:19

The advance of Petraeus is a victory of the Zionist Power Configuration in its quest for American military leaders willing to pursue Israel’s agenda of sanctions and war against Iran. That is why the ZPC was a factor in the ousting of Admiral William Fallon, and why the main propaganda bulletin (the Daily Alert) of the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations worked for and hailed his promotion to military overseer of the Middle East wars.

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Pandemic response plan: let the elderly, the sick, and the poor die

08-05-2008 16:20

The Bush-Cheney administration’s Department of Homeland Security, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have collectively set guidelines that recommend in the event of a "pandemic" or mass crisis that the elderly, the sick, the severely injured, and the poor will be denied life-saving medical treatment.

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Israel, Syria, and Lebanon Prepare the "Home Fronts"

08-05-2008 16:05

The Levant could be the starting point of a major international conflict
with global ramifications and which could quickly spin out of control. Such
a conflict could even involve the use of Israeli or American nuclear weapons
against Iran and Syria. Syria has additionally declared that it is preparing
for an inevitable war with Israel despite the fact that it believes that the
chances of a war in 2008 are slim.

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SOCPA: Greater London Authority's consultation response

08-05-2008 15:11

Key quotes:
"there have been three public gatherings on Parliament Square Garden with approval from the GLA since the introduction of SOCPA from 1 August 2005 until 30 November 2007."

"It may be appropriate to develop criteria to distinguish between assemblies and marches to focus on timing, scale, size, and information on organisers requesting permissions, for example."

"The impact on the Authority’s ability to manage the permanent protests and camping around Parliament Square has required a significant resource investment to prevent low level disorder issues"

"Trafalgar Square has a long and established historical tradition as a place to protest as opposed to Parliament Square, which does not have the same historical or symbolic character."

"if a protest takes place it will inevitably limit the public uses of the square, and the protests should be limited in duration."

Next Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting:
11th May 2-4pm
London School of Economics Connaught House
Room H101

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Palestine Today 050808

08-05-2008 15:00

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday May 8th 2008.

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Andi Ali A target of hate

08-05-2008 14:39

How the BNP lunched a campaign to harass Andi Ali at work, because of his academic research on the BNP

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Oil prospecting in Sussex and Hampshire

08-05-2008 13:17

The prospects of $200 a barrel oil in the near future is making oil prospecting in Sussex and Hampshire look ever more likely. Residents nearby the proposed Northern petroleum sites at Hedge End, Hampshire and Forestside, West Sussex are anxiously awaiting the decisions of council planning officers. The sites are believed to contain several hundred million barrels of oil.

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Norway Starts Whale Hunting Season

08-05-2008 12:54

Norwegian Whaling Vessel Willassen Senior sunk in 2007

The Norwegians murdered their first whale of the season this week-end. They slaughtered a calf. The Norwegian pirate whalers have set a quota of 1,052 whales for 2008. This despite the fact that the International Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that Minke whale populations are only half of what was previously thought.

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Calling all hackers

08-05-2008 12:52

Action Against Business Crime (AABC) is the national organisation for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs). We are a partnership between the British Retail Consortium and the Home Office to expand the work and impact of BCRPs. AABC provides a national focus for efforts of Business Crime Partnerships working to reduce crime against business across the country.

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May'68 season in at 88, Lothian Road, Edinburgh this weekend

08-05-2008 10:08

Historical films about the leftist riots in May 1968 are shown in the Edinburgh Filmhouse this weekend.

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Edinburgh Film Festival announces programme

08-05-2008 10:07

The Edinburgh Film Festival takes place this year from 18th till 29th of June. Politically interesting films are also offered, like on Israel/Palestine and the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse.

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SOCPA: Westminster Council's consultation response

08-05-2008 10:05

Key quotes:
"The City Council would propose that consideration be given to prohibiting the use of loudspeakers in Parliament Square and excluding the local authority’s power to grant consent."

"The City Council would propose that the police should consult the City Council before granting consent for a demonstration and for them to be required to have regard to any representations made."

"Parliament Square is one of the most prestigious, visited and photographed squares in the world and is a place the City Council is rightly proud of. The City Council recognises all individuals’ right to peaceful protect, but the extent and manner of such protest can often have a disproportionate detrimental effect on amenity. The south side of Parliament Square is often an eyesore; a blot on the landscape."

Next Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting:
11th May 2-4pm
London School of Economics Connaught House
Room H101

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May Day Demo Manchester

08-05-2008 09:16

Manchester No Border attends May Day demo

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Newcastle green festival 7/8 june

08-05-2008 09:10

Free green festival newcastle upon tyne,leases park 7/8 june.
no corperate sponsers,no cars,reclaim your planet
12pm till 6pm with after parties round the city

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FIT tactics to be extended to "problem estates"

08-05-2008 09:04

Jacqui Smith today urges police forces to adopt FIT harassment tactics against "anti-social" youths.

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Activists from Indymedia-Ecuador arrested without charges!

08-05-2008 05:34

Four independent media activists from Indymedia-Ecuador have been arrested without charges, making the reason for arrest obviously political - and (as such) in violation of human rights and of article 24(4) of the Ecuadorian constitution. It is an attack on the freedom of speech in Ecuador - as in so many other places in the new world order and permanent global state of exception. Spread the word, show your support and keep struggling for human rights and the freedom to speak your mind! Press release in Spanish below...

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Human Rights Crime in Gaza

07-05-2008 20:21

As these articles prove, the world knows precisely what is going on in Gaza.

By any name you call it, Gaza is a territory under Israeli siege, Collective Punishment which is causing incredible hardship, and death, for Gazan Palestinians.

Every country in the world should immediately, stop any and all aid to Israel until this siege stops.

As Jewish groups increasingly speak out against Israel and Zionist Extremism, the pressure to reverse the pressure applied by the 'Israel Lobby', which falsely claims to speak for the greater Jewish community, increases, as does the possibility of international action on Israeli Apartheid.