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RBS in the stocks – Fred Goodwin slimed with green custard

18-03-2009 18:06

Manchester People and Planet placed a mock representative of former RBS bank chief Fred Goodwin in some medieval stocks outside the RBS regional headquarters in Manchester. Members of the public were invited to get their own back on Fred for refusing to give up his £700,000 a year pension despite the financial crisis and irresponsible funding of climate damaging projects such as new coal fired power stations.

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Shell to Sea supporters occupy Shell office in Belmullet in Support of Maura Har

18-03-2009 18:04

Monday, 16th March 2009, seven members of the Rossport Solidarity Camp occupied the Shell office in Belmullet, County Mayo, for over an hour, in support of Maura Harrington. Maura has now been in jail for six days of her thirty day sentence.

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Greek prisoner dies during prisoner transport.

18-03-2009 17:45

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According to various newssite reports,prisoner Katerina Goulioni, prisoner and militant prisoners’ rights activist, has died in police custody this morning.

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Invade Jersey Now! Mark Thomas at the MoD, London

18-03-2009 17:18

Mark Thomas
Around a dozen demonstrators protested outside the Ministry of Defence on Tuesday lunchtime (17 March) calling for a British invasion of Jersey, and the recover of the deeds of the war office from that tax haven. Most of the visitors and workers going in and out of the building refused to take the leaflets Mark Thomas was handing out, though some were amused. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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End Child Poverty - 10 Years

18-03-2009 17:03

Bill boards in Parliament Square
The Campaign to End Child Poverty organised a demonstration in Parliament Square today (17 March) to remind Gordon Brown of his pledges about the eradication of child poverty in the UK. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Right-wing campaign waged against freed Guantánamo detainee

18-03-2009 16:40

Recently released Guantánamo Bay prisoner Binyam Mohamed has given further details of his ordeal at the hands of his interrogators and torturers in Pakistan, Morocco, Afghanistan and the United States base in Cuba. Mohamed was initially arrested in Pakistan in April 2002 and handed over to the US.

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18-03-2009 16:38


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Palestine Today 031809

18-03-2009 16:19


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Wednesday, March 18th, 2009.

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Indigenous Activist Arrested at Calgary Bush Demo

18-03-2009 15:03

Well known Indigenous activist Splitting-the-Sky, a veteran of struggles including, Attica and Gustafsen Lake, was arrested in Calgary during a speaking engagement by former US President George Bush. STS and others arrested were protesting Canada's refusal to enforce war crimes law which compels suspects be barred from entry or held for trial.

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Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington in prison

18-03-2009 12:33

Support political prisoner Maura Harrington

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Palestine Solidarity Initiative Hails Application Fee Victory

18-03-2009 12:10

The Palestine Solidarity Initiative has hailed the School's decision to waive application fees for applicants applying to the School who live under Israeli Occupation. London School of Economics students ended a week-long theatre occupation in January after the School's administration agreed to their demands in full.

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The revolutionary movement in Greece is getting stronger

18-03-2009 10:58

Day after day more people show resistance against our goverment.Every day,specially in Athens,demonstrations are organized.This "small"revolution will not stop.

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U.S. Moment of Truth on Palestinian – Israeli Conflict

18-03-2009 10:30

Obama’s administration, if it doesn’t intend to change course, would do peace and history a great favor by disengagement from the conflict to pave the way for a more balanced international involvement that would base a political settlement thereof on the resolutions of the United Nations legitimacy, if not on justice.

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Things turn nasty for the Tesco 2

18-03-2009 09:48

The 'Tesco 2' Dee Murphy and Greg Wilkinson began a campaign to boycott Israeli produce by going into their local Tesco store filling up a trolley with dates grown on illegal settlements in the West Bank, walking out without paying, tipping the dates on the ground, smearing them with red dye and then waiting for the police to arrest them. Dee was arrested and is due to appear in court in early April. For reasons best known to themselves the police did not arrest Greg at the time, but things have taken an ominous turn. This is the e mail I received from Greg on March 12th

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Sheffield Students Occupy Hicks Building UPDATE

18-03-2009 09:28

There is a meeting as i write, over 30 staled the night,, Talks ongoin regards where next etc..

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Britain’s insane secret terror evidence

18-03-2009 08:17

A month ago, when Britain's Law Lords ruled that three men who have each spent between six and eight years imprisoned without charge or trial, or held without charge or trial under strict bail conditions amounting to house arrest, could be deported to their home countries, even though there was a risk - or, perhaps, even a probability - that they would be tortured or subjected to ill-treatment, the British media briefly woke up to the story. This was almost exclusively because one of the men was Omar Mahmoud Othman (more commonly known as Abu Qatada), a man routinely described as "al-Qaeda's spiritual ambassador in Europe," even though this claim has never been tested in a court of law.

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Vigil at Israeli Embassy Kensington, London, 3-7pm Wednesday

18-03-2009 07:57

Vigil today at the Israeli Embassy in support of the peace activist critically injured while observing a demonstration in the West Bank last Friday.

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G20 in the news

18-03-2009 03:19

Summit police fear attacks on hotels used by the G20 leaders

London police gears up for massive deployment for G20 summit

British police are gearing up for one of the biggest street security deployment for the G20 summit, which will be attended by top leaders from 22 countries, after protesters threatened to bring chaos to London. An estimated 5,000 police force will be deployed for the April 2 G20 summit, with tens of thousands of protesters preparing to descend on the capital and the Excel centre.

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BBC journalists vote to strike over compulsory redundancies

18-03-2009 01:16

News just out - of the poll result.