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Sheffield Students Occupy Hicks Building UPDATE | 18.03.2009 09:28 | Sheffield

There is a meeting as i write, over 30 staled the night,, Talks ongoin regards where next etc..

Press Release

*Sheffield’s Occupation threatened by University management; Big drive
planned for 9am Wednesday*

The occupying students at the University of Sheffield have spent the day
publicising their occupation, and gaining wider popular support from fellow
students. Petitions have been handed round on the university campus,
revealing high levels of support for the occupiers and their demands.
Numerous messages of solidarity have been received by the occupiers from
groups worldwide. Student groups from British Universities, and many
lecturers have also expressed their support for the action.

After submitting their renewed demands to the University the previous
evening, the students awaited the University’s response, hoping to enter
into negotiations and end the occupation as soon as possible. A letter was
delivered to the occupied space from the university management, making clear
that they were unwilling to negotiate with the students over their demands.
The University justified this decision by claiming that the occupation was a
disruption to education; yet the occupiers had made every effort to ensure
that lectures and seminars could go ahead during the occupation, and were
willing to move between lecture theatres to accommodate this. The decision
to disrupt education was clearly that of the university and not of the
occupiers. Indeed, the occupying students successfully communicated with a
member of staff due to lecture in the occupied space, and a two hour
scheduled seminar took place in Hicks lecture theatre five. Emails detailing
the occupiers willingness to accommodate lectures have been sent to all
lecturers due to teach in the occupied space.

In the early evening another letter was presented to the students, this time
from solicitors acting on behalf of the University, threatening the
occupiers with a court injunction ordering them to vacate the premises by
9am Wednesday morning. At this stage the occupiers have no intention of
submitting to these unjustified threats which are based on unreasonable

Despite attempts by the University to sabotage the occupation, support for
the action has increased amongst the wider student body. Many students not
already involved in the occupation are planning to descend on the Hicks
Building at 9am Wednesday morning to protest against the University’s harsh
treatment of the occupiers and their unwillingness to negotiate on

Notes for editors:

- The occupiers can be contacted by emailing

- The website of the occupation is

- Student occupations have varied in length; some, such as Manchester,
have lasted for weeks whereas others, such as Bradford, have lasted only 24

- Details of other student occupations can be found by visiting
- e-mail:
- Homepage:



18.03.2009 11:28

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