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Video of G20 Convergence Centre ٌRaid- Part1

23-04-2009 22:37

Video Video
Here's Part 1 of an overdue video of the police raid of the G20 Convergence Centre in Earl Street, London, on 2nd April 2009. Part 2 will follow soon.

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Help stop deporations to Iraq!

23-04-2009 22:07

My husband arrived here in 2002 refused on every avenue of asylum, we were allowed to marry and given hopes that he would be given a spouse visa only to be refused today, and told that Mohammed, my 3 year old son and I should all return to Iraq

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Third autopsy into G20 victim Ian Tomlinson’s death

23-04-2009 19:03

A third autopsy has been held to establish the cause of the death of Ian Tomlinson, the 47-year-old father of nine who collapsed and died after police attacked protesters at the G20 summit of world leaders in London earlier this month.

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British chancellor releases austerity budget in worst crisis since WWII

23-04-2009 19:01

Chancellor Alistair Darling, despite his continued attempts to minimize the problems, has admitted that Britain faces the worst recession in 60 years. He has responded with an austerity budget targeting working people.

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George Galloway, MP: Building 7 collapse "practically impossible"

23-04-2009 18:02

Audio George Galloway
Edited audio from George Galloways friday and saturday radio show in which he makes it quite clear that he disagrees with the official conspiracy theory surrounding the events of 9/11 and asks people to investigate further.

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The JCHR is asking for fresher evidence on the policing of protests

23-04-2009 17:42

Why not send to them over 5,000?

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Radio reports from RavensAit Island

23-04-2009 17:05

Two Audio reports from the visionOntv studio.

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Lappersfort- police out of control in Brugge

23-04-2009 16:06

Following the ambush & arrest of 3 lappersfort occupiers on the night of 21st April (for original article go to, the Brugge police yesterday conducted a raid on the house of a local sympathiser.

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Palestinian Today 042309

23-04-2009 15:19


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday April 23ed 2009.

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st georges day bnp

23-04-2009 14:39

a few members of the bnp party (15) approx,were out with a stall on church street today to commemorate the st geoges day in the city. As well as atempting to lay a wreath in the st georges plateau where the council held a festival.
they were opposed by local antifacsist and 1 arrest has so far been made and an injury to master race type.ahh!

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Violent Arrest of Activist at Anti-NF Demonstration in Newcastle

23-04-2009 13:12

An activist was violently arrested this morning whilst attempting to protest against the National Front

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Obama misses the point

23-04-2009 13:11

Terror works...

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Urgent help needed!

23-04-2009 13:08

Today during a counter demonstration against the NF one of our comrades was brutally dragged off by police. She wasn't told the reasons for her arrest but dragged away by two policemen who violently dragged her to the ground. We are now outside of Etal Lane police station protesting against this violent arrest.
The police have to learn that they WILL be held accountable for acts of violence & brutality which recently resulted in the murder of Ian Tomlinson

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Thatcher to receive Honoris Causa Doctorate in Poland!!!

23-04-2009 12:25

Margareth Thatcher is to receive Honoris Causa Doctorate at the University of Lodz, Poland.

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*Call Out* Temporary School of Thought June 22nd-28th

23-04-2009 11:57

Announcing the 2nd Term of The Temporary School of Thought, a week long freeschool to be held in London in the last week of June.

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Detailed account of last nights attack on Willie Corduff of Rosport 5

23-04-2009 11:53

-- Goldman Environmental Prize winner was trying to block work on pipeline --

-- Shell still has no planning permission for this section of pipeline --

Mayo farmer and anti-Shell protester Willie Corduff is recovering in hospital after being badly beaten by at least six men in balaclavas and dark clothing at the site where Shell is attempting to lay an onshore, high-pressure pipeline

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Shell move into Glengad and protester beaten by 10 masked men during protest

23-04-2009 11:49

Shell's illegal Glengad compound was dismantled last night and Goldman winner, Willie Corduff was assaulted by masked Shell security during truck protest.

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Mass Street Party, Bank of England, Friday May 1st 5:04pm

23-04-2009 11:38

The Space Hijackers will be organising a mass street party at the Bank of England on Firday, May the first at four minutes past five in the afternoon. A party against police intimidation. Turn up and show the Met police that we are not scared of them and their bully boy tactics. Spread the word!

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CALL OUT: Permaculture! Party! Resistance!

23-04-2009 11:20

Beechwood Hotel/Squat
A day of permaculture workshops, followed by a BBQ and party. Then stay and help us resist the bailiffs.