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S. Korean anti-globalization protest get violent bottles rock bash cops

14-06-2004 09:15

yesterday I heard on the bbc a snipid about a anti-globalization protest in S.Korea
that got pretty heated from the brief discription I got off the radio. found no trace of the story on any web site. Has anyone heard anything more on this action in S korea?
Is there any chance that there will be a indymedia in S. Korea any time soon?

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14-06-2004 09:11 is an open publishing platform that invites YOU to post non-mainstream political and social news, opinion, and comment on local and global issues.

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Simultaneous Policy tactical voting campaign claims first victory

14-06-2004 09:03

Simultaneous Policy Adopters undertake to vote for any candidate at elections, within reason, who signs a pledge to implement policies developed by the people of the world to tackle global problems. Six candidates did so during the European Parliament election. One was elected in the first victory for the SP tactical voting strategy.

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Torture Incorporated: Oliver North Joins the Party

14-06-2004 05:28

Many more US defense contractors, placement firms involved in recruiting and placing paramilitary interrogators.

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joint Colombia-Venezuela-Cuba solidarity rally this thursday

14-06-2004 01:13

this thursday, three latin american solidarity groups will be co-organising a joint rally in solidarity with the people of colombia, venezuela and cuba. come along and find out for yourself how the US is militarily intervening in the region and preparing for a wider war, specifically between the ultra-right government of colombia and the ultra-left government of venezuela. (and for those who think that all governments are just as bad, remember, pinochet killed all the anarchists too...)o

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Activists at Gleneagles protest against G8 summit 2005

13-06-2004 23:08

protest at Gleneagles train station
1. The leaders of the eight richest nations despite being of various political shades come together in a unified effort to serve the rich against the people of their own countries as well as the people of the world.

2. So a strong message of disapproval and dissent must be sent to the G8 leaders but if they do insist on coming, the offense must not be compounded by infringment of the liberties and rights of the people.

3. But if these gangsters do get to meet to fine-tune their strategy of exploitation, we can assure you that the downtrotten and oppressed will gather to show their dissent against the current vicious exisiting order and to show their power to reshape society to be more just.

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Yet more Cowley Road Carnival photos!

13-06-2004 22:40

Lining the streets
A couple more photos from today's Carnival, not duplicated elsewhere.

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Barcelona Sin Papeles: art/activism

13-06-2004 21:09

one very long peice of paper with lots and lots of writing on it !
Barcelona, 29th May 2004. People without papers held a public assembly in Plaza Cataluna, to discuss a demonstration and the possibility to occupy churches the next weekend. It was called by the "Assembly for Regularisation without Conditions", an immigrant self organisation. Indymedia Barcelona is reporting about the progress of the movement - and also about the repression against it: 2 Barcelona Churches were occupied and evicted, 25 immigrants are facing eviction, more demos and actions all over Spain are announced.

The picture shows people scribbling their demands on a 25 meter roll of paper cellotaped on the marble stones of Placa Catalunya. The following text describes how this simple action developed.

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August 31: A Day of Direct Action During the Republican National Convention

13-06-2004 20:39

What follows is a call for global action on August 31st during the Republican National Convention that will be occuring in New York City.

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Consumers of the world, unite!: On German Politics

13-06-2004 20:18

"One could say: capitalism is the highest form of communism: Consumers of the world, unite! The standardizxed person is the result, foolish, eating like a pig and eager for applause. The base of all culture is lost: differentiation and tolerance.."

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Dripht's 'Mark Barnsley' available on-line

13-06-2004 17:16

The video of Dripht's single 'Mark Barnsley' is available on-line

Check it out! Go to

'Mark Barnsley' is also available for download in the News and Media/Audio sections of

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More pictures from the carnival

13-06-2004 14:35

Pic 1
Here are more pictures from the carnival!

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my photographs from the Cowley Road Carnival

13-06-2004 14:22

Photographs (available for a limited time) released under GNU Free Documentation Licence.

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13-06-2004 12:54

:More taxes are expected from lower taxes. The circular argument is perfect.. This is the bankruptcy of neoliberalism. The economy grows, unemployment continues and the state becomes more impoverished.. Active working people are not included in this term `the economy'. Their rights and wage3s are even reduced. Isn't there a point where politics is forced to regard neoliberalism as falsified. Today we see clearly the falsification.."

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Pictures from the carnival :-)

13-06-2004 12:47

pic 1
Here are some pictures from the carnival, mainly from the parade. More pictures will be added to this article during the day. :-) Come and enjoy the carnival!

Beauty is in the streets!!! :-)

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13-06-2004 12:35

Jailbait, porno-pop & Abu Ghraib
A featured art project at the Sydney Biennale, Action Half Life, depicts “mock heroic groupings of fresh, young models”, In Abu Ghraib, detainees were ordered to “do jumping jacks and sing The Star-Spangled Banner in the nude …. a father and his grown son were stripped, then forced to stand and stare at each other”, Are artists the best futurists? The consciousness revolution is too important to put in the hands of Uncle Sam.

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Documenting a decade of resistance to the G8 and capital

13-06-2004 11:39

Global Resistance against the G8 since 1994 is documented in the book We are Everywhere

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Oxford indymedia centre at the Cowley Road Carnival

13-06-2004 11:36

Building the media centre
Here are the first pictures coming from the temporary outdoor Oxford indymedia centre, setup for the Cowley Road Carnival... Pictures of the setting up of the centre! :-)

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Talk and Film about the Israeli Wall

13-06-2004 11:08

5.00pm Sunday 13th: Talk & Film about the Israeli Wall @ Occupied Social Centre, Tufnell Pk, with Uri Ayalon, journalist and facilitator in the school of peace in
Neve-Shalom Wahat al-Salam.

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The Nazification of Israel

13-06-2004 09:45

Israel perpetrates the kind of crimes that the Jewish state claims as the raison d'etre of its own creation in 1948.