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World Wide Petition against the Escalation in Iraq

04-11-2004 08:52

Please sign the petition and help to spread the word:

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Australian leaders____ congratulate Bush? Shit!

04-11-2004 05:49

Well Shitliffter without International Law the community won't come together especially with the Coalition of the Killing's war doctrine based on pre-emptive strikes on foreign nations and in light of the subsequent unauthorised occupations of those countries and in terms of the dead.

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04-11-2004 02:43

Hello from Seattle!
We are not going to take another four years of President Bush without the letting the world know this country is not united, but deeply divided and Mr. Bush does not have a mandate to continue his war in Iraq.

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Why Kerry Lost

04-11-2004 02:12

History will record that John Kerry lost the election on the day he voted the Constitution-shredding blank check for Bush’s war on Iraq.

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Republican America! Republican Forever!

04-11-2004 01:07

A Letter to America

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US Empire Votes For Pre-Emptive War!

03-11-2004 23:26

Either that or the majority of the USA are simply barbarians who are prepared to kill, maim, mistreat and torture anyone who has the other two thirds of the oil and resources they need to maintain their status quo, greed, and ignorance towards the rest of the world including International law and human rights standards.

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São Paulo, Brazil homeless squat 7 buildings in mass action.

03-11-2004 21:59

In São Paulo, the biggest city in South America, 3000 homeless people squat buildings simultaneously across the city. The homeless movement (sem teto) in Brazil is a big and growing movement because of the desperation and housing crisis. These actions are risky because the police are very violent. The police can evict without a court order in the first 48 hours only so the occupation needs to be very well organised.

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Police sulk over being found guilty of shooting wrong man!

03-11-2004 20:13

Armed police officers who refused to carry guns after two colleagues were suspended have ended their protest....

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ESF according to those who attended

03-11-2004 18:13

The media seemed to have certain preconceptions about the ESF participants. Having personally experienced the ESF we felt the picture painted by mainstream media was inaccurate and set out to find out for ourselves just what kind of people were here and what they’re reasons for coming here were. The article is a summary of the interviews done at the ESF.

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Shit. Kerry concedes, BUSH WINS

03-11-2004 17:17

(CBS/AP) Sen. John Kerry called President Bush on Wednesday to concede the presidential race, CBS News has learned.

The Massachusetts senator planned a concession speech for 1 p.m. ET at Boston's Faneuil Hall, and the president was expected to accept victory at around 3 p.m. Supporters of the president were to gather at the headquarters where the close call in Ohio delayed a celebration overnight.

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Photos of Foreign Office anti war action

03-11-2004 16:50

Anti war slogans and fake blood over foreign office
These some photos concerning an anti war protest this morning outside the Foreign Office.

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Mad Pride release new CD in time or Xmas!

03-11-2004 16:49

Mad Pride are proud to release our fourth CD - the artist DJ Unfit For Work - the debut album - "still alive LAMF".

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Police investigate hatelyrics/Sizzla cancelled.

03-11-2004 16:16

Police launch further investigations into Jamaican reggae singers hate lyrics as

artist Sizzla has concerts cancelled.

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Murdered gay man- Parade on 5 Novembner

03-11-2004 16:05

After the murder of gay man David Morley last Sat night a parade will take place this
Friday evening.

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some useful links to clarify

03-11-2004 15:51

some useful links to clarify our position

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"Global Funeral March" [anti-BUSH Protest]... Thursday 4th November

03-11-2004 15:51

Spread the word...

6.00 pm Thursday
Near Holborn tube.
March to US Embassy!

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Election stolen again: We offer our apologies and embarrassment to the world

03-11-2004 15:37

We offer our apologies and embarrassment to the world.

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Wanna be in a Mcdonalds Advert?

03-11-2004 14:39

Mcdonalds are casting a new advert in London. The horror...

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Sheffield Indymedia's 3 day film fest

03-11-2004 13:47

Sheffield Indymedia's alternative film festival will run for 3 days and includes a range of new and topical films including the northern premiere of XXI Century.

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Close Campsfield 11th Anniversary Demo Planned

03-11-2004 13:19

A demonstration is planned for Saturday the 27th of November to call for the closure of Campsfield House in Oxfordshire, one of the centres where refugees are imprisoned while their claims are being read. It commiserates 11 years of the centre's existence and pledges contnued support for the people held inside.