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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt. 6

15-10-2004 19:43

Photos of graffiti from around Oxford city, part 6 of a series

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It is the G8 in Scotland...

15-10-2004 19:36

It is the G8 in Scotland,
We are staying in an illegal squat,
There are 3 days of protest left,
The police have given us 24 hours to leave,
Then they will come to get us out,
At the moment the police are not stoping people from going in or out,
What do we do?

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Women's day.

15-10-2004 19:26

On Thursday 14 October, at the European Social Forum there was a Women's day, which was organised by Global Women's Strike (See There purpose was to give a voice to women who are normally silenced and marginalised by our society and also by mainstream feminist movements - African women, disabled women, asylum seekers and refugees, prisoners and the mentally ill.

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Any Information on the Demo in London on Sunday 17th?

15-10-2004 19:07

Any Information on the Demo in London on Sunday?

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Justice for the Canary Wharf cleaners!

15-10-2004 18:56

Samba band craziness
Led by the Samba band, a group of protesters turned up at Canary Wharf today to shout their support for a fair wage for the workers in the Canary Wharf buildings. An injunction had been obtained in the days leading up to the protest by the owners of the Canary Wharf complex to prevent the protest taking place. This may have diminished the numbers in attendance but it did not make the issue, or the protest, go away... As a spokesman for the Transport and General Workers Union said before the protest: "Canary Wharf is home to some of the most successful and powerful banks in the world. But it is content to let its contract cleaners be paid poverty wages, no sick pay, 15 days holiday and no pension. This demonstration will allow workers to show their support for Wharf cleaners."

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Insurrectionary Imagination experimenting in London

15-10-2004 18:36

London, Friday 15 Oct. People from the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination did 5 actions this afternoon. Vacuumcleaner dropped into the indymedia center with the news:

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ESF sees launch of 'Power To The People'

15-10-2004 18:03, an independant website designed to empower you to hold those in power to account is being launched during the ESF this weekend. Focusing primarily with MP Accountability, it also deals with Corporations and the Corporate Media.

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message from the APEIS (french unemployed)

15-10-2004 17:55

Where are those for whom we‚re supposed to change the world ?

In Porto Alegre, at the World Social Forum , the representative of DAL
(right to housing campaign), and those of each of the three
organisations of the French jobless , that is to say APEIS, AC !, MNCP,
were refused official recognition and could not take part.

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Rising Tide Critical Mass

15-10-2004 17:34

Penguin loosing ice, as we go underwater
The rising tide critical mass went on tour of the G8 climate crimals. Cyclists, many dressed for the weather of 2015 let alone 2004, were joined by samba.

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UutRage!-Email protest re:hatesinger Sizzla concerts.

15-10-2004 16:42

OutRage! Email campaign against hatesinger Sizzla.

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Proutist Universal Protests its Banning by the London ESF

15-10-2004 15:56

ESF banned Proutist Universal, falsely claiming that the organisation is in conflict with WSF principles. Prout, the Progressive Utilisation Theory, is a socio-economic alternative to capitalism. Noam Chomsky and Pres. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela among many others has praised the model.

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Some impressions of the ESF

15-10-2004 15:27

Some impressions of the ESF
Some impressions of the ESF

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Is the American election redundant?

15-10-2004 14:59

From a global perspective, the America election, is not a dead heat, it is totally one sided. I am an outside observer, living in Canada; America is and Americans are my long-standing neighbors, old friends and allies. I speak to each American individually, as well as all others as we are all descendents of what ultimately presides.
Most Americans need to get something straight before this election, but your closed media will not likely publish this within its narrow perception.

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Fairford coach kidnap hearing - the pictures

15-10-2004 14:39

Pictures from samba action outside royal courts of justice before second day of Fairford coach kidnap hearing.

for accompanying text

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15-10-2004 14:32


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fairford coach kidnap hearing - samba action, police harrassment and arrest

15-10-2004 13:59

fairford coach kidnap court hearing - samba action; police harrassment of 'suspect d' on a list of political targets; Helen Steel arrested and taken to charing cross nick.

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First pictures from London Rising Tide critical mass

15-10-2004 13:53

Some of the brilliantly inventive costumes
London Rising Tide critical mass theme is London in 2050 when sea levels may be a tad higher than at present.

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Bouganville Benfit - second hand sale - Leeds

15-10-2004 13:24

We are putting on a second hand sale as a benfit for SSP (Solidarity South Pacific)'s support for the eco-revolution on Bougainvile. Amongst other things this support will include a shipment of medical aid early next year.