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It is the G8 in Scotland...

levin | 15.10.2004 19:36 | G8 2005 | European Social Forum

It is the G8 in Scotland,
We are staying in an illegal squat,
There are 3 days of protest left,
The police have given us 24 hours to leave,
Then they will come to get us out,
At the moment the police are not stoping people from going in or out,
What do we do?

So the scenario was set at the “Consensus in large groups” workshop at the "Beyond ESF" autonomous space on Friday afternoon.

From that scenario "Seeds for Change" led a role-play workshop on resolving such problems in large groups by consensus using spokescouncils. With the walls covered in charts about consensus principles, prerequisites and shared assumptions, among many other charts, the people divided in groups, and nominated “spokes” to come together and present their views before reporting back to their groups, and repeating the process.

So did we go or did we resist the police?

In this short one and a half hour introduction to consensus we didn't resolve the conflicting opinions and ideals, but we did learn about the tools and preparations useful in making these and more mundane decisions by consensus in large groups.

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